Creating A Beautiful Apartment Interior With Stereoscopic 3d Wallpaper

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Video: Creating A Beautiful Apartment Interior With Stereoscopic 3d Wallpaper

Video: Creating A Beautiful Apartment Interior With Stereoscopic 3d Wallpaper
Video: 3d wallpaper in the interior of the room.95 original design ideas. 2023, June
Creating A Beautiful Apartment Interior With Stereoscopic 3d Wallpaper
Creating A Beautiful Apartment Interior With Stereoscopic 3d Wallpaper
  • How to create a beautiful design in an apartment
  • Positive features, disadvantages of 3D wallpaper
  • Varieties of 3D wallpaper
  • Standard
  • Single view
  • Panorama
  • Fluorescent surfaces
  • LED wallpaper
  • Stereoscopic coverage
  • Enchanting - abstraction
  • Three-dimensional wallpaper in the interior of an apartment, house
  • Wallpaper in the kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Hallway
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Children's room
  • Secrets of the selection of three-dimensional wallpaper
  • Caring for three-dimensional wallpaper.
  • Video: how to choose and glue a photo wallpaper

Photo wallpapers have always made the design of the room inimitable with elements of nature and architecture. Nowadays 3D photo wallpapers have become a fashionable trend. This type of coating is striking in its originality, eccentricity and realism.

The pronounced three-dimensional drawing emphasizes the interior of the apartment, creates a unique atmosphere of the room.

Photo wallpaper 3D on the wall are selected according to the factors of the situation. It depends on the placement of windows in the room, the footage of the room, and its individual characteristics.

How to create a beautiful design in an apartment

Photo wallpaper 3D can be with a three-dimensional pattern on the wall, framed, and can be wide-format, placed on several walls.

This type of coating is created from environmentally friendly materials: paper, vinyl, non-woven.

It is believed that 3D wallpaper is glued only to the walls. No, the surface can be:

  • Wall lined with plasterboard.
  • GKL partition;
  • In some cases, the ceiling (children's room) is peeled off with wallpaper and controlled by the remote control;
  • Wardrobe door or dressing room;
  • As an element of a three-dimensional realistic image, wallpaper can be glued to a glass surface.

When choosing a photo wallpaper, you should be very careful. An incorrectly chosen tone due to a beautiful realistic drawing can ruin the entire design of the room.


Positive features, disadvantages of 3D wallpaper

Stereoscopic 3d wallpapers have the main difference - creating a realistic image using three-dimensional space. Each component part of the wallpaper is a living figurine that complements and enlivens the room.

Photo wallpaper 3D has distinctive features:

  1. The coating is made from quality materials that do not contain synthetic or toxic impurities that are dangerous to human or animal health. 3D is allowed to be glued in the children's room or in the kitchen.
  2. Long service life - the wallpaper does not fade when exposed to sunlight, is not afraid of moisture or sudden changes in temperature. For 10 years the wallpaper looks in its original form.
  3. Ease of maintenance - the coating is easy to clean with the addition of conventional detergents.
  4. Interior Design - The exterior transforms a room into a fairy tale. Complements the overall interior, allows you to take a break from heavy thoughts.
  5. Visual increase in space - depending on the picture on the 3D wallpaper, the room becomes visually larger. Space, in some cases, becomes immeasurable.
  6. In some cases, 3D wallpaper is used for space zoning. This is the ideal solution for separating several areas in one room.

Despite the distinctive properties of this decorative finish, the 3D coating has several disadvantages:

  1. Price policy. This wall covering is not a cheap material. For 1 roll you can pay from 500 rubles. up to RUB 2500
  2. The square of the room. Not every room can be glued with such wallpaper. If the bedroom is small, the wallpaper will look three-dimensional, overshadowing the entire space.
  3. Terms of wallpaper production. When ordering wallpaper, the production time is up to 30 days. It all depends on the type, material, texture pattern, printing method.
  4. Lack of recovery option. In case of mechanical damage, the coating cannot be restored.
  5. Nuances in installation. For 3d wallpaper, there should be a perfectly flat surface. In case of roughness or distortion, the wallpaper will lose its relevance. Depending on the type of wallpaper, it is glued. In some cases, 3D wallpaper is glued only by professional craftsmen.
  6. Difficulty buying. This flooring is not sold in conventional wallpaper stores. Basically, wallpapers are ordered in online stores, at professional points of sale of expensive coatings for room decor.

Despite all the drawbacks, 3D wallpapers create a unique design for a room. They can bring the owner into a state of relaxation or thoughtfulness. It all depends on the embossed pattern.

Varieties of 3D wallpaper

3D murals for walls are divided into main types, differing in technical data. And also additional types, which have separate differences from each other.


The coating is somewhat similar to the standard version of the photo wallpaper. The large picture practically does not stand out from the general background, the 3D picture is not composite. Basically, these wallpapers depict geometric shapes, 1 flower in a large size.


Single view

The wallpapers are created according to the dimensions specified in advance by the customer. Each object in the drawing is a complete fragment. This option has 2 subspecies:

  • an image that focuses on yourself. This is a definite overall picture that merges with the overall design of the room;
  • 3D wallpapers are framed, creating a picture separate from the overall design.



This is a large canvas that spreads over several walls, thus creating a single room design. This wallpaper creates an underwater world or thicket of forest, perhaps white sand and blue ocean, or maybe a bamboo grove.


Fluorescent surfaces

In daylight, this wallpaper is no different from a three-dimensional coating, except for a bright pattern. But, with the onset of darkness, the wallpaper changes its appearance. The whole secret is in the backlighting with fluorescent lamps and the paint used. The coating "comes to life", giving the room an extraordinary look.


LED wallpaper

This coating is very popular and interesting from the point of view of buyers. LED wallpapers represent a system with diodes. The remote control changes the power of the wallpaper backlight. This makes it possible to change the picture on the surface. The LED system can be controlled by a mobile phone with the app installed. Each time you change the brightness of the lighting fixtures, the tonality of the wallpaper changes. There is no monotony of the image in this.


Stereoscopic coverage

Such wallpapers are mounted in small rooms. This view creates the realism of the presence of any element from the overall picture. The main difference between stereoscopic wallpapers is the visual increase in the room. The host's creativity will be noted first.

Stereoscopic wallpapers have their positive reviews and some disadvantages. An interesting design can amaze guests in the hallway, where not only the hostess will meet, but also the head of a giraffe, for example. But, at the same time, this coating can look ugly in a small room.


Stereoscopic 3D wallpaper is used not only in apartments and houses, but also in cafes, lounges, hotels. Because this type of coating can take a person through the looking glass or to the bottom of the ocean with glowing fish.

Enchanting - abstraction

3D wallpapers are produced not only with various coatings, but also with excellent tonality and images. Abstraction is one of the types of coating images that are in demand among customers. Basically, such a coating is glued in the work area, in the corridor. And also work rooms, receptions in a private clinic. These wallpapers are matched to the finished design. This is an addition to the finished look of the room, so the wallpaper is glued either on 1 wall, or framed like a picture.


Three-dimensional wallpaper in the interior of an apartment, house

The desire to have three-dimensional wallpaper in the design of an apartment is not enough. We need to consider the following questions:

  1. which wallpapers are best for the corridor, and which ones will decorate the head of the bed?
  2. Where to visually increase the room, and where should zoning be done?
  3. What kind of lighting will be in the bathroom, in the kitchen?
  4. The color scheme and tone of the overall interior of the apartment.

Widescreen wallpapers combine several functions at once.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

This room will become more lively and welcoming if wallpaper is glued to the wall along the table top. Based on the colors and shades, the appropriate lighting is selected, as well as other shades in the interior of the kitchen. Wallpaper complements the integrity of the kitchen, and does not stand out as a bright spot. Covering with wallpaper not only walls, but also the facade of furniture serves as an actual design. In combination with 3D floors, this place in the apartment will be a real corner from a fairy tale.


Dining room

Basically this is the place where all family members eat, drink tea, celebrate the holidays. The dining room is combined with the kitchen. Stereoscopic wallpaper for the walls is glued near the table. Even alone, this feeling disappears, the drawing is so realistic.



Basically, this is the darkest room in the apartment. Therefore, here you should select light 3D wallpaper with abstraction or volumetric geometric patterns. This will make the corridor wider. With the right lighting, the room will become light, with clearly selected elements.


Living room

The largest room in the house, apartment. Guests often gather in this room, children play, there is a table with a computer, there is an evening watching a movie or news. One of the options is the zoning of the room using a volumetric pattern, backlighting. 3D wallpaper should match the overall background of the living room.



This room serves for night rest, release from a hard day. At the same time, the interior of the room in the morning should give positive energy that will last all day. Big beautiful flowers or one flower will put your thoughts in order, give you relaxation, and in the morning will charge you with positive energy with its freshness. The realism of the flower at the head of the bed will emphasize the subtleties of the owner's taste and will become a "highlight" in the interior of the bedroom.



Pure water gives bright thoughts, relieves fatigue, energizes. White sandy ocean shore or transparent waterfall on 3D wallpaper will amaze with its beauty and realism.

The apartment has all rooms with a certain daylight. In each room, you should select 3D wallpaper not only by design, but also by tone. If the room is dark, then the light background of the wallpaper will make it spacious and cozy.


Children's room

This room should resemble a beautiful fairy tale. The color palette should not be bright, but saturated with colors, not pastel, but highlighting. It will be a joy for the boy to see a big beautiful plane or the moon. Princess girl from a fairy tale. LED wallpapers are also often glued to the children's room, which become a kind of night light.


Secrets of the selection of three-dimensional wallpaper

To achieve the best result, you must follow some rules:

  1. Small rooms do not need to glue stereoscopic 3D wallpaper for walls. According to designers, they look best from a distance. Alternatively, a road to the lemma or a wooden bridge to the foggy mountains. This will visually enlarge the room, make it light and comfortable.
  2. The use of pastel colors in rooms with dark corners, the room will acquire a certain mystery.
  3. With voluminous and beautiful furniture, 3D wallpaper should not stand out, but complement the interior elements.
  4. Beautiful 3D wallpaper for walls with a glossy surface is not glued against the window. Daylight creates glare on such a surface, spoiling the visualization of the wallpaper pattern.
  5. An option is not uncommon - 3D wallpaper as a continuation of 3D floors. It all depends on the imagination of the owner and hostess. With an individual order of the palette and wallpaper material, a realistic picture is created.

Choosing 3D wallpaper, fantasy develops, a person begins to dream and think outside the box. Therefore, these tips are superficial and generalizing. Each choice is individual.

3d flowers on the wall
3d flowers on the wall

Caring for three-dimensional wallpaper

3D wallpaper does not absorb moisture, so there is no need to be afraid of spoiling the appearance. But, it is also impossible to overdo it. Once a month, it should be wiped with a damp microfiber from dust. In case of heavy contamination, a general cleaning agent is added to the water.

In the kitchen, to remove dust and grease from the wallpaper, you can add kitchen detergent or dishwashing solution to the water.


Do not wash the wallpaper with acid detergents. These are anti-fat, santri and other aggressive preparations for cleaning an apartment.

With the right attitude with the wallpaper, they will retain their original appearance for a long time, will incessantly delight the tenants of the apartment with their originality and creativity.

Video: how to choose and glue a photo wallpaper


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