Construction Of Frame Houses - Advantages And Myths

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Video: Construction Of Frame Houses - Advantages And Myths

Video: Construction Of Frame Houses - Advantages And Myths
Video: Benefits of Building a Timber Frame Home 2023, June
Construction Of Frame Houses - Advantages And Myths
Construction Of Frame Houses - Advantages And Myths
  • Myths about frame houses
  • The advantages of frame houses
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Reviews of the owners of frame houses

Modern frame houses are easily erected structures that usually have one or two floors. This technology has been used for the construction of not only dwellings, but also other multifunctional buildings for five centuries. Since timber frame houses are very popular, there are many myths associated with their construction and operation.

Myths about frame houses

The most common myths about frame structures are as follows:

1. Flammability of the material. Since the construction is based on wood, many people believe that it is easily combustible. However, this opinion is erroneous. The fact is that before using wood in the construction process, it is treated with special impregnations, which make the material almost 100% non-combustible.

In addition, in many cases, gypsum plasterboards are used, which in turn are non-flammable. It turns out that the frame house, like any other, has a high fire resistance and provides the maximum level of safety for residents.

2. Instability of the structure to strong wind. Unlike brick buildings, frame houses are very lightweight, however, this does not make them less stable. It should be noted that low weight is an advantage of the design, as it facilitates the process of transporting materials and their installation.

The frame of the house distributes the load and transfers it to the foundation, therefore, the dwelling can easily withstand not only the effects of wind, but also snow, temperature drops and much more.

3. It is cold in frame houses. Most people believe that since the walls of frame houses are thin, they easily let the cold through, unlike the thick brick walls familiar to everyone. However, this is the other way around, it is another advantage of houses, since a stable temperature regime is established in the room. A one-story frame house can be heated in less than an hour.

4. Prefab houses are expensive. Manufacturers themselves are to blame for this myth. Wanting to give their products uniqueness and exclusivity, they thereby increase the price of products. Among the main reasons for the low cost of frame houses, it is worth noting the ease of transportation and installation, as well as the fact that buyers can independently choose for themselves the material that suits the price. Find out in detail the cost of building a frame house on the website

5. Prefab houses cannot be sold. As a rule, new frame houses are sold on the market, there, however, no one forbids selling the structure again. Such buildings will be an excellent house for a summer residence or housing for another family, since there are all the necessary communications and the like.


6. Non-ecological heaters are used for wooden houses. A wide variety of materials can be used as a heat insulator for a frame dwelling. Customers can choose what is best to apply in a particular case.

7. frame houses do not have an aesthetic appearance. The exterior decoration of structures can be very diverse, therefore, the client independently chooses what look to give his home. Many people use bricks in an attempt to strengthen the house, although this is not at all necessary.

The advantages of frame houses

Frame houses have the following positive qualities: low price; the ability to choose the layout of the house yourself and create a magnificent architectural solution; there is no need to hire many workers; the house does not sit down; the construction of a dwelling is carried out in the shortest possible period of time; you can build a house at any time of the year; a variety of interior and exterior finishes; high level of resistance to environmental conditions; the possibility of easy dismantling if necessary.


The main decisive features and criteria for choosing

  • The cost of building a frame house.
  • Price and equipment of a frame house.
  • Completeness.
  • Price for 1 m2 of the total area of the house.

Energy efficiency - for this indicator, frame construction technology is the undisputed leader among all possible technologies. The cake of the wall of a frame house has a heterogeneous multi-layer structure, at the head of which is high-quality insulation with high-tech heaters based on natural basalt rocks. This type of insulation demonstrates the highest thermal insulation performance throughout the entire service life of a frame house, it does not settle over time, does not deteriorate, does not absorb moisture, and at the same time it is environmentally friendly, has good air permeability, allowing the house to "breathe". Reliable preservation of heat inside the house, high energy efficiency - allow you to save on heating.

Construction speed - a unique technology for the construction of frame houses using Scandinavian, Finnish, North American or Canadian technology allows you to build a house in the shortest possible time, while the speed of construction does not affect the quality of a frame house in any way. For example, let's take the most popular size of a frame house with a total area of about 160 m 2, the linear dimensions of the house are 9x9 m in two full floors or with one and a half floors, a turnkey frame house is built in three months!

Durability - the construction of modern frame houses involves the use of high-quality sawn timber with high-quality processing, which involves both high-quality stitching, for perfect joining of frame parts, and processing with special wood compositions using special technologies that extend the safety of sawn timber, thereby extending the life of the house up to 100 years and more.

Environmental friendliness - during the construction of a frame house, environmentally friendly and safe materials are used, this applies to both the supporting spatial frame itself and insulation, facade decorative finishes, interior finishes and even applied paint and varnish coatings

Versatility - frame technology allows you to be flexible enough and with imagination to approach the design of a frame house, you can choose any architectural style, any design solution can be implemented. The structure of a frame house is a flexible material in the hands of a competent builder and designer!

Frequently asked Questions

Is it worth building a frame house by hand if I am not very experienced in this matter?

- Although the construction of a frame house does not require a lot of knowledge and skills, nevertheless, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is worth entrusting this matter to professionals.

What is the maximum number of storeys of a frame house?

- According to professionals, the most optimal number of floors of a frame house is two floors.

What is the best material to use as insulation for a frame house?

- A wide variety of materials are used to insulate a frame house, but they consider that the best option is wood and mineral wool.

Reviews of the owners of frame houses

Yaroslav: They built a frame house in the country. We are very happy, because it is always cool inside in summer, and in winter there is no need to insulate it, the roof can withstand any amount of snow.

Rita: My husband and I have built a frame house a long time ago. Although I myself did not take part in the construction, nevertheless, I want to note that I am pleased that I can change the external and internal design of the home at my own discretion, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Nikolay: They built a house in winter, or rather an extension to a brick structure, since there was a sorely lack of space. We did the job very quickly. We thought that it would be cool in the frame part of the dwelling, however, the heat is retained as well as in a brick house.

Any design or material has advantages and disadvantages, and when choosing the type of future home, you need to weigh everything well, but you should still rely on reliable facts, and not on rumors that exist among ignorant people.

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