How To Decide On The Choice Of Blinds

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Video: How To Decide On The Choice Of Blinds

Video: How To Decide On The Choice Of Blinds
Video: Tips for choosing the right window blind 2023, June
How To Decide On The Choice Of Blinds
How To Decide On The Choice Of Blinds
  • What materials are used to make blinds
  • Device and design features
  • The main types of blinds
  • A few tips

When buying an apartment or after carrying out repairs, it is often necessary to replace protective curtains on the windows. According to many designers, the best option for a new room design is to install blinds that meet many requirements: practical, a wide selection of colors, the use of a variety of materials for the manufacture of protective sheets and individual elements, a variety of design solutions for fastening devices, ease of maintenance and cleaning, durability exploitation. For the correct installation of blinds, there are companies that provide blinds services, including a design project and all types of work on the installation of structures.

What materials are used to make blinds

Blinds are special devices designed to protect the internal space of premises from sunlight, light from street lamps penetrating through window and door openings, as well as making it impossible for unauthorized persons to view the interior situation from the outside of the building.

For the manufacture of blinds, where the main element is lamellae, the following materials are used:

  • plastic with a different texture, color;
  • aluminum;
  • wood;
  • various lightfast fabrics;
  • jacquard fabric;
  • bamboo.

Plastic is the most common, cheapest and most practical material. It is painted in various colors or, with the help of special technologies, is covered with special drawings of various subjects. The surface of the plastic is well washed from dirt, has a low weight, does not fade in the sun. The disadvantages include insufficient strength, which can lead to damage to the lamella.

Aluminum blindshave high resistance to mechanical stress, are well cleaned of dust, inert to the effects of low and high temperatures and high humidity. With prolonged exposure to sunlight on aluminum lamellas, they are heated with the transfer of part of the heat to the surrounding air, which requires ventilation of the room to reduce the temperature. This type of blinds is recommended for use in educational, preschool and medical institutions.

The wood, I quote, is usually used for blinds, is harvested in the countries of the equatorial belt and is distinguished by its high strength and low weight (cork tree). Wood blinds are the most environmentally friendly, but they are not recommended to be installed in rooms where there is a constant change in temperature and humidity (kitchens, change houses).

Fabric blinds have a variety of colors, are resistant to sunlight. They are lightweight, clean well, but due to the selection of fabrics that are resistant to the sun, they belong to the middle or higher price group.

Blinds using jacquard fabric - the material has a dense, stable structure, impervious to light, environmentally neutral. Recommended for equipping children's institutions.

Bamboo is an exotic, durable material that is resistant to moisture and sun. Easy to clean and wash, meets all environmental standards.

Device and design features

Blinds, depending on the structure used, consists of the main elements:

  • cornice, where the lamella movement control mechanism is installed;
  • rollers connecting the cornice and lamellas;
  • counterweights for vertical lamellae;
  • guides used in roll structures;
  • a pole made of plastic or a chain that allows you to turn the lamellas 180 *;
  • chain of control necessary for displacement of the lamella completely.

The main types of blinds

Industrial enterprises for equipping residential, industrial, administrative, medical institutions from exposure to sunlight and protection from the penetration of unauthorized persons into the premises, blinds are produced using various materials and designs that differ in functionality and ease of use.


Blinds are manufactured using several types of design features:

  • Horizontal.
  • Pleated.
  • Rolled.
  • Arched.
  • Vertical.
  • With interframe installation.
  • Mansard.
  • With photographic coating.
  • Devices equipped with an electric drive.
  • Roman.
  • Special protective ones, each of which has its own characteristics - advantages and disadvantages.
places for blinds
places for blinds

Horizontal - the most common type of blinds, with a lamella strip width from 1 cm to 5 cm. They can be installed inside a window opening or directly on the wall.

Pleated - due to the special design of the protective cloth, they look like accordion bellows. To increase the protective properties, the fabric is pre-treated with a special protective compound.

Roll - installed inside window openings. When opening and twisting, the blade moves along 2 guides. Convenient to use, but difficult to clean and wash the canvas.

Arched - used for installation on arched-type windows with a special modification of the design and shape of the blinds.

Vertical- this type of blind is mainly used for installation in offices. The lamella strip is either 127 mm or 89 mm wide.

Built-in blinds - installed in the space between the panes.

Attic - blinds intended for installation in rooms located in attics and attics.

Photographic - is a technology using the method of applying a drawing or graphic image to the canvas corresponding to a design project.

Multi - textured - blinds of a special design "multilayer" allowing you to create an original design, combining various colors and elements.

Roman blinds, where the canvas, when rolled, forms wide folds. Recommended for use in any premises.

Special protective (roller shutters) - made of aluminum to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into residential or office premises. The protective structure has a more rigid structure, where the lamellas (horizontal) are interconnected by heavy-duty metal cables along four guides. The blinds equipped with an electric drive have a high level of automation with the possibility of being controlled by a remote control.

popular blinds options
popular blinds options

A few tips

Before buying blinds in a retail network, you need to decide on the color, shape, installation and the required size of the outer perimeter of the blind structure.

blinds installation options
blinds installation options

To do this, you must take into account the basic rules:

When installing blinds inside a window reception, the size of the structure should be 2 cm less than the width of the opening, and when installed on a wall - 10 cm more in width and height.

It is better to fasten the cornice to the plastic frame using universal glue, to the wooden one - glue or screws, and to the wall using dowels. Details about the options for mounting blinds.

For the kitchen, it is better to use blinds equipped with lamellas made of non-combustible material (aluminum, fiberglass).

When buying a certain design of blinds, it is imperative to take into account which direction the slats will open, which will greatly simplify the use of the product.

The correct choice of the required model of blinds will help to decorate the apartment in compliance with modern design standards. Find out which blinds are better, aluminum or plastic blinds.


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