Overview Of Templates And Carriages For Cutting Hinges And Locks Into An Interior Door

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Video: Overview Of Templates And Carriages For Cutting Hinges And Locks Into An Interior Door

Video: Overview Of Templates And Carriages For Cutting Hinges And Locks Into An Interior Door
Video: Ryobi Door Hinge Kit Rocks 2023, September
Overview Of Templates And Carriages For Cutting Hinges And Locks Into An Interior Door
Overview Of Templates And Carriages For Cutting Hinges And Locks Into An Interior Door
  • Pavel Soldatov's template for interior door hinges
  • Description of the principle of operation
  • Template for cutting hinges and locks from Farid Kamal
  • Templates from DOOR-TOOL
  • Insert of a lock into an interior door instruction
  • Store contacts
  • Overview of universal milling carriages (UFK)
  • Principle of operation
  • Comparison of inset templates
  • Additional Tips

Recently, new devices have appeared that are gaining popularity, these are universal carriages and a template for cutting hinges and locks. The modern use of a router with templates and carriages is the main method of professional door installers, which allows you to make a high-quality lock insert into an interior door. We will study the main popular models of devices that allow you to accurately and professionally install door hardware. We will conduct a detailed review and comparison of modern devices for fast and high-quality cutting of door hinges and locks with a universal mill.

Let's consider a technique using a template by Pavel Soldatov, Farid Kamal, DOOR-TOOL company and using a universal template with adjustment for inserting hinges and locks, UFK carriages. The article has been prepared for professionals who study modern methods of door installation. A specially selected video for each technology where experts give feedback on the use of templates and UFK carriages in the installation of door blocks. In addition (not as an advertisement), I will provide the addresses of the official representations.

Pavel Soldatov's template for interior door hinges

Let's consider a new template for inserting hinges and locks from Pavel Soldatov version 3.0i. This is a pretty interesting functional model. The device incorporates many years of experience in door installation and months of technical research.

template for paul soldatov's doors
template for paul soldatov's doors

The template allows you to:

  • insert of door hinges of card and hidden type of any size, as well as mortise hinges of the “butterfly” type;
  • insert of door latches and locks of any type and size;
  • insert of striking plates of latches and locks of any type and size;
  • insert of door crossbars of any type and size.

All these operations are performed using a manual router of any brand with a guide (copying) sleeve installed on it, with a diameter difference of 8 mm relative to the mill.

Positioning of the Template on a door leaf or frame is carried out quickly and with high accuracy without the use of measuring and marking tools.

A consistently high accuracy of insertion of door fittings with multiple repetitions is always achieved, regardless of the size of door leaves and frames, as well as errors and ratios of their sizes.

The template is easily and instantly (in seconds) adjusted to fit any type and size of door fittings, and also allows you to quickly adjust the size for each card hinge.

The template is thin, lightweight and durable. It is painted with wear-resistant powder paint, and wooden linings prevent damage to paintwork and other finishing coatings of the processed surfaces of products.

Description of the principle of operation

The basic principle of working with the Template can be reduced to one thing: Put everything all the way and level!

The supporting part of the template is shifted all the way into the clamps' legs, thereby copying the thickness of the door leaf and, when transferred to the box, rests against the sealant, setting an indent from the seal to the edge of the inset of the loop similar in size to the door leaf.

If the thickness of the canvas does not coincide with the size of the quarter under the canvas on the box, then when the template is installed on the box, the support part remains unchanged, and the parallel stop moves to plus or minus until it stops against the edge of the box.

Insertion templates have foolproof protection in the form of a diagonal cut of one corner, so it is impossible to install them differently. Also, on the templates-inserts there are square cutouts in which the flags of the movable parallel stops are included, thus, practically without looking, the size of 200 mm is set from the loop to the outer edges of the parallel stops.

Due to the expansion of the support part of the template and the support parts on the parallel stops, the support area of the entire template increases with increasing thickness of the web.

All parts of the template holder and template inserts are made of 1.5 mm steel and painted with wear-resistant powder paint. At the same time, it is lightweight and durable due to the corner elements in the structure. Insertion templates do not bend during operation, because lie on the supporting protrusions of the parallel stops, and along the perimeter on the remaining parts of the template holder.

stencils of the soldier's insert
stencils of the soldier's insert

It is better to watch a video review of the model and instructions for working with the template from Pavel Soldatov.


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There are no digital markings on the template, so no calculations need to be done. To center the template for inserting locks, their counterparts and crossbars relative to the axial edge of the door leaf, you just need to set an equally symmetrical pattern on the stepped cutouts of each side, simultaneously loosening all four wing nuts on the upper base of the template.

An additional rip fence is included in the kit for inserting the ledger. With him, too, everything is simple.

The insertion of card loops of different sizes (100, 120, 125, 130) is carried out according to one insert template with the correction of each loop in length individually, which is carried out in one simple movement in just one second. The width of the buttonhole can also be set to any width by shifting the parallel stop plus or minus from the zero position, indicated by small holes near the lower stepped cutouts.

The cost of the minimum standard set is 6990 rubles

Undoubtedly, the model of Soldatov's template of high quality, greatly speeds up the installation of doors and various types of hinges and locks. The system of gaps and displacements has been thought over.

Minus. It should be borne in mind that there is a large variety of door fittings for which you need to buy carriages of a copying sleeve and inserts worth from 290 rubles, this will allow you to insert various types of locks and hinges using Pavel Soldatov's template. Accordingly, a set with the most popular inserts will be released at a cost of 25,000 rubles.

Official website for ordering a template

Technical questions can be asked by phone 8 960 370 60 70 Pavel Soldatov e-mail: [email protected]

To order in Regions

DAGESTAN +79640206363 - Artur Gazgeraev
IZHEVSK +79225003646 - Andrey Kuksenok
KAZAN +79274224022 - Marat Sadykov
KIEV +380972694111 - Roman Siritsa
KRASNODAR +79880808528 - Petr Voronkov
MOSCOW +79269888197 - Alexey Ivanov
PENZA +79530251233 - Yuri Misev
SAMARA +79639162063 - Mikhail Feoktistov
ST. PETERSBURG +79312804879 - Vasily Berezin +79219477395 - Mikhail Tatarinov
Tyumen +79028686886 - Sergey Volokovoy
Cheboksary +79196681832 - Vladimir Chukashov
Chechnya +79640206363 - Artur Gazgeraev


Template for cutting hinges and locks from Farid Kamal

The DoorProfi company has quite a lot of universal templates and devices for inserting fittings. Consider the templates for cutting hinges and locks from Farid:

New template (Base No. 7 and updated base "Samotsentr"). one of the latest developments of the DoorProfi company. They require certain knowledge and skills at work. despite the low initial cost, you will need to buy additional inserts.


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OF USED SLEEVE 20 mm 7. MINIMUM SIZE OF SLEEVE (14mm + 10mm cutter), (12mm + 8mm cutter), (10mm + 6mm cutter)

Separately for ordering, there are templates for bushing diameters of 22 mm and 24 mm.

For cutting in all the accessories, you can use ANY trimmer and router, I recommend the makita rt0700 trimmer (edge trimmer). To insert the depth of the lock, a milling cutter with a processing depth of at least 70 mm, such as Makita 2300, is recommended. Also, the milling cutter can also cut in all the fittings, but it is heavy for these works. Therefore, for compactness and lightness, it is better to use a trimmer or small router.

Templates embed 200 positions of fittings for interior doors. For your convenience, you can choose templates by numbers or by sets. Select the base, if any, and the numbers of the inserts that are needed for the insertion.

The address of the DoorProfi store in Moscow, 27 km of the Moscow Ring Road, v. Blizhnye Prudishche, possession 1, building 1. "TC Formula X" in the navigator, dial DoorProfi. Entrance-3, go straight to the elevator, the uppermost floor, from the elevator to the left. Working hours Mon-Fri from 10.00-20.00 Sat from 11.00-17.00 Sunday is a day off. tel: +7 (963) 643-70-31 Mark

DoorProfi. Universal templates for door hardware inserts.

Base number 7 and updated base Samotsentr
Base number 7 and updated base Samotsentr
Base # 7 updated with micro-pads
Base # 7 updated with micro-pads

There are other templates for inserting hinges and locks from Frida Kamal Bose No. 6.


  • Compactness, light weight.
  • Versatility and precision.
  • Good view of the surface.
  • The information content on the template is clear.
  • The dust extraction is very good.

Of the minuses, perhaps the use of org. glass (acrylic) is rubbed off over time, but it's not critical enough to install up to 500 doors, and then buy a new insert.


Templates from DOOR-TOOL

The DOOR TOOL template is a modern door hinge cut-in template that should be in the arsenal of every wooden door installation professional. This tool allows you to work with replaceable inserts for different types of fittings, therefore it is widely in demand for installation work.

DOOR TOOL Template
DOOR TOOL Template

To cut in loops, you will need the following set of accessories:

  • universal template for inserting DOOR TOOL hinges (one of the models, Mini Plus,, Mini Plus Air,, Max Plus,, Max Plus Air, Telescope or Telescope Air);
  • manual edge router;
  • racks for stable installation of the door leaf in a vertical position;
  • clamps for mounting the template on the door leaf;
  • measuring and marking tool;
  • door card hinges with self-tapping screws for their installation;
  • drill and screwdriver (or screwdriver) for mounting screws.
  • corner chisel.

The hinge cut-in template can be used both for cutting grooves on the door leaf, and for installing the hinge on the door frame.

DOOR TOOL wagon template
DOOR TOOL wagon template

The copy template is a template holder designed for attaching replaceable metal template inserts.

It has an elongated base and two stops that allow you to mark the inset point without a tape measure (the distance from the edge to the inset point is 15-20 cm), which saves time and simplifies the work of the master. In addition, on the sides there are special recesses for secure fixation of the device using clamps.

Please note that for work you need a 16 mm diameter cutter with a 22 mm top bearing (copying ring).

With this set, you can cut door hinges, locks faster and more accurately than with a router with an emphasis. To insert hinges, two bases are usually used, connected by a ruler, the bases have replaceable inserts for different sizes of hinges and locks, it is possible to use one base for insertion, but this is less convenient and requires measurements.

The base is made of acrylic (plexiglas) and 15 mm moisture resistant laminated plywood. The Bases are adjusted very simply by moving the lower stop and the plastic part, the ruler is made in such a way that it is easy to use. The bases are intended for joint use with the router on which the copying ring is installed at the rate of: cutter diameter + 4 mm (example: if the cutter is 14 mm, then the copy ring is 18 mm.)


Insert of a lock into an interior door instruction

The following stages of work are implied:

  • fixing the door in a horizontal position;
  • preparatory work for marking a wooden door. Usually the lock is installed at a height of about 90-110 mm from the floor level, which provides ease of opening;
  • setting the DOOR-TOOL template in accordance with the markup;
  • preparation and installation of a manual router for interior doors;
  • excavation of the keyhole, groove for the bar and other elements, depending on the design of the lock;
  • finishing of grooves (if necessary, wood residues are cleaned with a chisel);
  • installation of accessories.
inserts dor tol
inserts dor tol


  • availability of different template options for different tasks in different price categories;
  • there is a possibility of using with any milling cutters, provided that a cutter with an upper bearing is used;
  • metal inserts.


  • you will have to buy mod inserts for different models of locks and hinges;
  • card loops of 100 mm have different deviations in size, you need to buy different inserts;
  • the cost of the insert is 550 rubles (compared to similar models of competitors from 230 rubles).

The cost of a stencil template starts at 2090 rubles. and telescopic models 8200 rubles. These are quite affordable prices for builders and hobbyists. The price increases with the functionality and applicability of the vacuum cleaner.

hay patterns for hinges and locks
hay patterns for hinges and locks

For work, a universal template for cutting hinges and locks Ш-004 DOOR-TOOL Max Plus is enough and its price is 3300 rubles. The basic kit includes a steel insert for inserting a card door hinge 100 mm, other inserts are sold separately for different sizes. You will have to purchase an individual set of tools for inserting door hardware.


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Store contacts

Where to order or buy templates for cutting loops. Official website address

Store Address. Moscow, 41 km of the Moscow Ring Road, construction fair “Slavyanskiy Mir” (“Mill”), row G-18 / 1-2

Phone 8 (800) 775-40-26 8 (495) 104-40-23

Overview of universal milling carriages (UFK)

UFK 6 for milling cutter
UFK 6 for milling cutter

There are also universal carriages for cutting hinges and locks without the use of copying sleeves for each type of lock and counter plate. The system from MASTER-PROFY is a frame with a carriage that is fixed with clamps to the door and rigidly fixes the base.

There are different models of carriages for the UFK 5, UFK6 milling cutter and the new UFK “PROFI” is more advanced and technologically advanced. Using the universal carriage for cutting hinges and locks, you can cut in absolutely any fittings. The quality of the fittings installation is factory-made with zero error.

ufk hinge insert
ufk hinge insert

The UFK carriage is capable of simultaneously cutting the door hinge into the door and the frame strip, which significantly saves fitting time and increases the accuracy of installation.

crossbar with ufk
crossbar with ufk

A special rail for inserting the deadbolt allows the installation of a milling carriage.

Principle of operation

Place the template for the hand router on the door leaf or frame.

Set the dimensions of the loop or lock on the markings, in width and length.

Attach the router to the special mounting ring.

The carriage is ready for fitting the fittings.

Download instructions for working with UFK

Video review of a new device for cutting hinges and locks of types UFK 5, UFK6 and new items of the carriage UFK "PROFI"


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Pros. Complete versatility of the milling carriage:

  • Simultaneous insertion of hinges into the door leaf and frame.
  • Crossbar inserts and hidden hinges.
  • Cutting in any hinges and locks.
  • The device is also used as a tenon cutter or for milling lugs, quarters, “T” -shaped joints on the dovetail, etc.
  • Works without additional inserts and copy sleeves.
  • Integrated vise mounts
  • Suitable for all router models.
  • Versatility, the router is easily mounted on a special mounting ring.

Absolutely any router is attached to the template for inserting hinges and locks using a special fastening ring that is included in the kit. For other not expensive models, such as Fraser Fiolent, there is an opportunity for 600 rubles. order an adapter plate.

Great weight advantage. It is not necessary to have and constantly buy a large number of inserts and copying sleeves for inserting hinges and locks of various sizes and designs.


  • Weight: 3.9kg
  • milling length X: 225 mm + O cutters
  • Y-axis length: 70mm + O cutters
  • depth of cut: equal to the length of the cutter
  • workpiece coverage: 165 mm

The new and even more improved UFK PROFI model has acquired more functions:

  • The working width has increased to 165 mm.
  • Quick change of the plunge center and clamping center, thanks to this, the working area of the carriage has increased
  • Layout - for easy, accurate and quick template customization.
  • Built-in vice - the carriage takes up less space and is easier to transport.
  • Oversized rubber grips and reinforced construction - custom made.
  • Thanks to 2 movable elements, the technical capabilities have increased 3 times, and the template itself for cutting hinges and locks has become smaller, more compact and more convenient.


  • The cost of the UFK carriage is expensive for a home craftsman.
  • You have to set the dimensions and technological margins every time.
  • It is quite problematic to embed the curly counterparts of the lock to the box to carry out a double calculation.
  • Inability to connect a vacuum cleaner. It is possible to use the standard one for the router, but it is not very convenient.
  • UFK present carriage instability constantly knocked down sampling depth and size.
Uena carriages UFK 6 and pro
Uena carriages UFK 6 and pro


Where to buy stitching templates? I advise you to buy on the official website or from dealers. Poor quality pads appeared.


Tel: +7 (963) 624-54-18

+7 (966) 164-62-62


Moscow region, Zheleznodorozhny st. Ceramic 2, office 425

Dealer selling UFK Profi (universal carriage for milling cutter)

TEL: +7 903 532 99 96

Address: Moscow, Entuziastov highway, 56С 44

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 21:00

Sat-Sun from 11:00 to 19:00

Comparison of inset templates

Pavel soldatov's inserts Template from

Farida Kamal

Price 14 800 rubles - the template is absolutely universal! No inserts and various bushings required 36 466 RUB - a set for popular types of hinges and locks. 80 - inserts + buy copying sleeves for 280 rubles each To install the loop, the template is 10,000 rubles; Locks and hinges in total more than 230 pcs per zoo rub. need copy sleeves The total price for all accessories 68,000 rubles.
Any locks Yes yes - if a suitable insert is available Yes
All loops Yes yes - if a suitable insert is available Yes
Hidden hinges Yes yes - if a suitable insert is available Yes
Rigel Yes no no
Simultaneous cutting of hinges into the canvas and the box Yes no no
Milling damaged Yes no no
Pazov Yes no no
Quarters Yes no no
Dovetail T-joints Yes no no
Suitable for all types of routers Yes Yes Yes
Ease of use and customization to fit the size of the fittings Quick and easy adjustment to any size takes 15 seconds. You have to look for the desired insert, and there are a lot of them Complicated settings need to select the desired insert. There are different template models

Additional Tips

If everything seems difficult, cut in the loops yourself using an available tool. Find out how to attach the door frame to the opening on various types of fasteners.

In addition, we will consider the tools that will be required for a high-quality door installation. It is clear that a good tool means a lot, but how to find a worthy one?

You need to know which router is the best to choose, to carry out a selection of nurseries. Choose the right miter saw for precise trimming of the corners of the box and platbands. For example, I like the store for buying cutters https://www.korvett.ru there is a huge assortment and reasonable prices. We recommend watching a video selection on the topic tool for professional door installation. For an additional recommendation, watch the video on the tools you need to install the doors.


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Please leave your comments on the experience of using templates and carriages when installing doors.


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