What Size Of Tiles To Choose For A Bath: Types, Sizes, Shapes

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Video: What Size Of Tiles To Choose For A Bath: Types, Sizes, Shapes

Video: What Size Of Tiles To Choose For A Bath: Types, Sizes, Shapes
Video: How to Choose Tile for Your Space 2023, June
What Size Of Tiles To Choose For A Bath: Types, Sizes, Shapes
What Size Of Tiles To Choose For A Bath: Types, Sizes, Shapes
  • Various shapes and sizes of tiles
  • What to look for when choosing
  • The optimal tile size for DIY laying
  • Features of tiles and their sizes
  • Conclusion

Tiling becomes one of the most standard and at the same time expensive finishing options. But even in spite of its rather high cost, such repairs are very popular. And the first question that arises for many people is "What size of tiles to choose?"

bathroom tile sizes
bathroom tile sizes

The appearance of the room directly depends on the selected size of the material, and in addition, the care of different tiles is also different. For example, choosing large floor tiles will visually increase the space in the room. In addition, using different sizes of finishing material, you can focus on certain areas of the room.

And an important factor is that the type of glue, its consumption and consistency depends on the size of the tile.

Various shapes and sizes of tiles

First of all, it should be determined what tile sizes are at all. For the most part, standard sizes are used (excluding individual projects and designs using irregularly shaped materials).

Such tiles are made square or rectangular, and have the following dimensions:

  1. For square materials: 10 * 10, 15 * 15, 20 * 20, 30 * 30 centimeters.
  2. At the same time for rectangular: 2.5 * 15; 20 * 15; 15 * 75; 20 * 10 and 15 * 10.
tile sizes
tile sizes

Speaking about what the sizes of the facing tiles are, just such standards can be distinguished. Moreover, the thickness for any of the types is 3-4 mm.

Also, you can select a mosaic tile as a separate variety, which is a single surface assembled from small cells. The size of such a cell can vary from 8 millimeters to several centimeters. Moreover, it must be borne in mind that special glue is used for its installation.

It is also necessary to mention the size of the floor tiles. It can be noted here that the size is the same in width and length (but there is also a greater abundance of varieties), but at the same time, it has a higher level of strength, and somewhat greater thickness.

Somewhat less often, the ceiling is tiled, since this material is quite heavy, and can severely injure when peeling off, as well as damage the floor covering.

What to look for when choosing

When it comes to which tile size is best, there are a number of factors to consider, in particular:

  1. Tile laying method (simple parallel to the wall, diagonal or with the creation of patterns).
  2. The use of additional decorative elements (which will make it possible to make a unique design).
  3. The size of the room (since large tiles will visually enlarge the room, while small ones, on the contrary, will give simplicity and elegance).

And this is not the whole range of features that must be taken into account. Also here you can add the use of friezes and borders. In addition, along with the laying method, the direction should also be noted (in the case of rectangular tiles). Thus, by taking a large rectangular tile and laying it vertically, we visually expand the dimensions of the walls, while horizontal laying raises the ceiling.

tile laying methods
tile laying methods

The room in which the installation will be carried out is also becoming an important factor. For example, if we are talking about a kitchen, then the size of the floor tiles, as well as the wall tiles, must be chosen larger, since this is an area with a high risk of contamination, and accordingly, you will have to often clean the joints and grout.

Talking about which tile size to choose for the bathroom, smaller tiles are also recommended here. Quite often, it is the mosaic that is laid.

The advantage of choosing small-sized tiles is that it is easy to create unique patterns, while at the same time adding elegance to the room. But we also note that working with such material is much more difficult than with larger counterparts.

The optimal tile size for DIY laying

The primary task when choosing a size is to match the tile to the purpose and parameters that were discussed earlier. But not everyone can independently decide what size of floor tiles to choose for themselves. And therefore, the most optimal becomes a standard tile measuring from 15 to 30 centimeters, which is the most popular today.

Note that material of this size, still from Soviet times, can be found in almost every kitchen, and in addition, in every bath.

Talking about which tile size is best for a small bathroom, you can go back to the rules of visualization. In particular, if you are not satisfied with the visual perception, then it is recommended to take a large tile, which will help expand the space. But in the case when the small area does not bother, it is recommended to arm yourself with a mosaic and make the room as elegant as possible.

Features of tiles and their sizes

The first thing to consider when choosing the size of the tiles for the floor is the professional skills of the person who will perform the installation work.

As you know, the smaller the tile, the more difficult it is to work with it, which is why, having decided to lay the material yourself, without having the proper experience, it is better to choose a larger tile.

tile sizes
tile sizes

Also, the required surface preparation depends on the size. In particular:

  1. For larger tiles, laying on a dilapidated surface is unacceptable. In this case, cleaning from dilapidated areas, leveling and priming will be required.
  2. At the same time, for a small tile, this is quite acceptable (although undesirable)

Also, with larger materials, the seams will stand out strongly, so any unevenness will become as noticeable as possible.

It is also very important to carefully check the tile markings. Since, in some cases, unscrupulous sellers try to get rid of material residues by combining several types of tiles of different calibers.

In more detail, for those who do not know. The tile is made of clay, since this material shrinks a little during firing, the tiles made in one batch still differ by several millimeters.

That is why they are packed in packages, depending on the caliber, ideally measuring and folding.

When buying several boxes of tiles, you need to carefully approach this issue and pay attention to the calibration, which is indicated on the package.


Thanks to the knowledge gained from the article, you can already safely choose the tile size for your home. But, if you suddenly have any questions, ask them in the comments and our specialists will be happy to answer them. In addition, we suggest watching several videos, which more clearly show and tell everything about the features of various tile sizes.


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