How To Install Platbands Correctly Different Ways Of Installing Strips On The Door

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Video: How To Install Platbands Correctly Different Ways Of Installing Strips On The Door

Video: How To Install Platbands Correctly Different Ways Of Installing Strips On The Door
Video: LED Strip Installation Guide | 16.4ft & 32ft 2023, October
How To Install Platbands Correctly Different Ways Of Installing Strips On The Door
How To Install Platbands Correctly Different Ways Of Installing Strips On The Door
  • Where to begin?
  • Installation of platbands
  • Installation rules for platbands
  • Once again about fastening platbands

Door trims are installed with one purpose, to close the gaps formed when the door frame is installed in the opening.

Before finding the answer to the question of how to install platbands on a door, you need to understand the rules for selecting platbands and familiarize yourself with the technology of their installation.

Where to begin?

choice of platbands
choice of platbands

In order to install platbands on the door, you must choose them correctly. To do this, the cashing must be selected according to the width, texture, color.

When choosing the color of the platbands, give preference to the one with which the door leaf is also finished.

When choosing the width, try to choose platbands, the installation of which will harmoniously close all the gaps.

By the way, gaps are always formed when the door frame is installed in the doorway. You can't get away from them. It is impossible to make a frame that fits perfectly in a doorway. More precisely, you can make an exact box and an opening measured to a millimeter, but the costs will be quite high. Is it necessary?

It is cheaper to close the resulting gap with platbands.

Various materials are used for the manufacture of platbands.

Platbands can be made of wood, MDF boards, plastic, covered with veneer or laminated.

Let's try to figure out how to properly install the platbands on the door.

installation of rectangular
installation of rectangular

The installation of cashing begins after the completion of all repairs.

The operation of installing platbands is the finishing one and is performed with or after the installation of skirting boards. It is akin to attaching cornices, in the sense that it is performed after all finishing work is completed.

Installation of platbands

To make the process of installing platbands understandable to everyone, we will divide it into several stages.

Preparatory stage

It is necessary to check the evenness and flatness of the walls adjacent to the doorway. With a large curvature, the walls must be leveled. Moreover, this must be done.

Attention! When leveling the walls, carefully monitor their relative position. The walls must not only be leveled, but also placed in the same plane on both sides of the opening.

Failure to comply with this recommendation leads to small gaps between the platbands and the wall.

Platbands can hide irregularities and cracks up to 3 mm. But it will no longer be possible to close the unevenness differences of more than 3 mm with the help of platbands. Knowing how to secure the cashing correctly, you can hide all the irregularities and gaps.

The use of platbands not only gives the room an aesthetic appearance, but also creates the completeness of the room.

The importance of installing platbands can be compared to installing skirting boards or nailing cornices.

The right tool

miter box
miter box

A few words about the tool used.

When installing platbands, the main problem is the adjustment of the mating parts at the desired angle. Platbands are installed either at a right angle, but most often at an angle of 45 °. It is best to use a miter box.

A miter saw is used to cut the material. It provides a smooth cut of platbands from any material.

But cheap models of machines have a backlash and an error, therefore, it is still preferable to use a miter box for installing platbands with your own hands. Of the auxiliary tools, you will need a pencil, a ruler, a square, a level, a plumb line.

The right choice of material for platbands

material for platbands
material for platbands

When choosing platbands, pay attention to the structure of the material.

The appearance of the platbands must match the pattern on the door. Since various materials are widely used for the manufacture of cashing: wood, plastic, MDF boards, it is not difficult to pick up the trims for the doors.

Installed platbands can be covered with a laminated film from the outside, painted, varnished, glued with veneer.

Platbands are available in various shapes, allowing you to solve extensive design problems.

When buying, it is very important to check the trims for curvature and curvature.

Installation rules for platbands

The rules are given for those who want to know how to properly install the platbands on interior doors.

When installing platbands, you should ensure the joining of parts without gaps.

rectangular platbands
rectangular platbands

The simplest option is the installation of platbands of a simple rectangular shape.

In the end, all you need to do is ensure that the mating parts dock at right angles.

Most platbands are produced in a more complex shape and fit at an angle of 45 °.

Attention! To ensure the required angle, it is recommended to use a special device called a miter box.

Step-by-step installation of platbands

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to mount the enclosure on interior doors.

First, the platbands are installed on the side from which the door opens towards itself.

  • 1. Take two blanks of side trims, attach them to the box.

  • 2. Mark the bottom cut of the corner on them. It is marked 5 mm above the door frame.

Attention! Remember to correctly mark the left and right cuts.

washed down the platband
washed down the platband
  • 3. Saw down the trims at a 45 ° angle.

  • 4. Install the trims on the door frame. Always check the distance between the trims. It is best to control this size with a specially cut bar of a given length. The distance at the top and bottom of the nailed platbands must be the same.

  • 5. Platbands are fastened with nails, which have bitten off caps, or with special hardened nails. Before attaching the platbands, mark them on the attachment points in increments of 0.5 m.

Attention! Platbands are nailed, stepping back from the edge of the box by 5 mm.

side trims
side trims
  • 6. To ensure better adhesion of the platbands to the door frame, glue should be applied to the inner surface. For these purposes, a transparent silicone sealant is perfect.

  • 7. Now you can proceed to the installation of the upper casing.

Having cut the standard casing blank into two equal parts, saw down one blank from one edge. Place the workpiece on the nailed platband and check the alignment of the sawn corner. Mark the second edge of the workpiece, saw down the corner and insert the trim between the vertical trims.

  • 8. It remains to nail the upper platband to the box using the same technology as the side ones.

  • 9. Go to the other side of the door and carry out the same operations.

We will wipe the places of the deepening of the nails with wax to match the color of the doors.

You have familiarized yourself with the material on how to install platbands on interior doors, understood the principles and sequence of installation, the video will tell you in more detail.

But a few useful tips will not hurt you:

1. There are telescopic platbands, which are fastened using a special slot. The slot is inserted into the groove of the extension or door frame.

2. There are times when the platbands of the same size cannot be used, since the casings cannot be installed in width. In this case, it is not recommended to saw the platbands more than ¾ wide.

3. The upper platband is installed after fixing two vertical platbands.

4. The construction market offers platbands of various shapes: curly, semicircular, carved or drop-shaped.

5. Platbands are produced in standard sizes in cm:

W × T × H; where W-width, T-thickness, H-height. 7 × 1 × 210.

A few words about the capital A

small cap
small cap

capital is a special door platband, the main function of which is to decorate doors.

Such platbands are made of MDF or wood sheets. The installation of a capital makes the doors rich and finished.

Once again about fastening platbands

Above, it was described how to attach the cashing to interior doors, with the help of what related materials. But that's not all.

Platbands can be fastened not only with nails.

For fastening the platbands, liquid nails and self-tapping screws are used. There are also special mounts called "beaks".

The use of finishing nails allows you to subsequently dismantle and replace the platbands. The nails should have a flat, narrow head. The length of the nails should be 1.5 cm longer than the thickness of the casing, as a rule, 4 cm. The step of fastening with nails is recommended equal to 0.5 m.

Liquid nails are the glue used for fixing platbands. The glue is applied to the casing, which is pressed against the door frame, and held for a few seconds. This method of fastening eliminates traces of fastening.

Self-tapping fastening is more reliable. Holes are pre-drilled in the marked platbands, and recesses are drilled under the caps.

Special mounts called "beaks" are easy to use and create a great look.


- select platbands in structure and color, similar to the door leaf;

- the upper platband is installed after fixing the side platbands;

- use nails, glue, screws to fasten the platbands.

How to install platbands on interior doors without nails video

How to install door trim video tips


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