The Best Water Pressure Reducers For An Apartment And Features Of Choice

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Video: The Best Water Pressure Reducers For An Apartment And Features Of Choice

Video: The Best Water Pressure Reducers For An Apartment And Features Of Choice
Video: Water pressure reducer (regulator) 2023, September
The Best Water Pressure Reducers For An Apartment And Features Of Choice
The Best Water Pressure Reducers For An Apartment And Features Of Choice
  • Design and principle of operation of the device
  • What tasks does the device solve?
  • How to choose a pressure reducing valve
  • Honeywell Water Regulator
  • Pressure regulator RD-15
  • Far water regulator
  • Valtec pressure regulator
  • Material
  • Installation work

They approach the selection and installation of plumbing very carefully. During the installation process, it is worth observing all the requirements that are made by the equipment manufacturers. This will ensure their reliable operation throughout their entire service life. But, unfortunately, sometimes there are factors that can disrupt the operation and integrity of plumbing equipment. A common cause is surges in water pressure. To reduce the risk of its occurrence, experts recommend installing a water pressure regulator in the water supply system in the apartment.


Design and principle of operation of the device

Depending on the design of the device, it is of two types:

  1. Reducer with adjustment of water pressure in the pipeline section to the plumbing fixture. Among themselves, the plumbers call it the “before itself” regulator.
  2. A device for stabilizing the pressure in pipes that are connected to the plumbing outlet. In a simple way, it is called a regulator "from oneself".

It is the water pressure regulator in the apartment that allows you to lower or stabilize the water pressure of utilities in a multi-storey building.

The device of the first type allows you to automatically maintain the pressure in the pipeline. This is achieved by changing the valve size. It remains open until the pressure in the pipe reaches the set level. Such a device is called a proportional gearbox. This is due to the fact that the throughput of the device is directly proportional to the deviations of the set parameters. Often, devices are installed in heating systems and pumping stations.

In household communication systems, it is customary to use gearboxes of the second type. The principle of its operation is somewhat similar to the previous model. It regulates the head by changing the section of the working valve. If the water pressure rises significantly, the overflow valve is partially or completely closed, which allows the pressure to be stabilized and prevent the occurrence of complications associated with this. If, on the contrary, the pressure has dropped, then the valve opens.

water regulator f
water regulator f

The pressure reducer of water in the water supply system of an apartment of the "from oneself" type has a rather simple design, which explains its high reliability in operation. During the work, no drives are involved. The valve is driven by the energy of the fluid flow. So, from the side of the line, the pressure of water acts on the piston, which tends to block it. On the other side there is a spring which ensures that the bolt is in the equilibrium position.

When the pressure rises, the working fluid begins to act on the diaphragm. As a result, the spring is gradually compressed, which leads to a reduction in the distance between the valve and the seat. Subsequently, this cross-section of the orifice decreases, in principle, like the pressure in the line. When the pressure in the intake manifold decreases, it will open the valve and increase the fluid pressure.

The water pressure regulator with regulation is reliable and unpretentious in operation. Thanks to simple settings, it is possible to maintain the specified parameters, without the use of electricity sources and any maintenance.

What tasks does the device solve?

The apartment water pressure regulator solves a number of complex problems. So, it allows:

  1. Protect the pipeline and the plumbing equipment connected to it from a sharp increase in the water pressure in the pipeline. During the operation of utility lines, the water pressure in it can exceed the normal value and even reach the maximum allowable level. Most often, residents of multi-storey buildings suffer from this problem. In such buildings, in order to raise water to the upper floors, it is necessary to significantly increase the fluid pressure. As a result, the integrity of the highway and some expensive plumbing fixtures may be compromised.
  2. Protect plumbing and piping from water hammer, which can also cause significant damage to utilities.
  3. Reduce the inlet head to the set value. If the inlet pressure is slightly higher than the required value, then the plumbing fixtures may not function properly, or even fail. So, for example, an instantaneous water heater has built-in protection that blocks the operation of the device in the event of an incorrect value of the input pressure. Problems can arise with storage boilers. If the safety valve does not work properly, hot water will be discharged in vain. This will lead to an overconsumption of both water itself and electricity.
  4. Reduce water consumption. The pressure affects how much fluid will flow out of the tap in a given time. If you reduce this indicator, then you can save a lot on water. For country houses, this problem is more urgent. After all, reducing fluid consumption will reduce the amount of wastewater. Therefore, the services of sewers will be needed less often.
  5. Reduce the risk of flooding due to line problems. So, if a leak occurs, then water will flow at a low speed, which will reduce the consequences of such a problem.
  6. Reduce noise in water intakes. If the flow of water has a high pressure, then this leads to the generation of noise in mixers and taps. Stabilizing the head allows you to reduce or eliminate noise.

Installing a pressure regulator in the pipeline solves many problems. In particular, this concerns the elimination of an increase in fluid pressure, which can lead to the destruction and malfunction of plumbing fixtures, since the mixers in the apartment are designed for pressures up to 5 ATM.

If the pressure exceeds these values, then it is imperative to install a water pressure regulator in the apartment!

How to choose a pressure reducing valve

Next, we will consider how much a water pressure reducer costs, and which manufacturers' products are better to choose - in terms of price and quality.

Honeywell Water Regulator

When choosing a Honeywell water regulator (Honeywell), you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • water pressure regulator device;
  • specifications;
  • material of manufacture of the device.

    Honeywell water regulator
    Honeywell water regulator

The correct combination of all these factors will allow you to choose a device that will ensure the normal operation of engineering communications.

Setting range (bar) 1.5-6.0
Static pressure PN sixteen
Production Germany
Max. medium temperature 70
Pressure reducer Yes
Productivity m3 2.9
Connection diameter (inch) 3/4

Honeywell's water regulators are considered very reliable, but the cost accordingly starts from 1,500 rubles for the D04FM model.


Modern gearboxes are piston and diaphragm. The piston is highly wear resistant. But, despite this, gearboxes of this type are distinguished by low operational reliability. This is due to the nature of water purification and the possibility of corrosion on the elements of the product. So, if small particles of dirt and sand may be present in the liquid, which will lead to jamming of the device. The only way out is a water pressure regulator with a filter.

Pressure regulator RD-15

The RD-15 membrane water pressure regulator has two working chambers, which are separated by a diaphragm. This makes the device easy to maintain and reliable in operation. One chamber is completely sealed to prevent water from entering it. It is here that the main part of the structural elements is located. This circuit of the water pressure regulator protects the device from corrosion and seizure. Correct use of the gearbox and the integrity of the diaphragm ensure a long service life. And the cost is in the range from 300 to 500 rubles and has different versions. It is the most frequently used and has a certificate of conformity.

Parameter name Value
Nominal diameter DN [mm] fifteen
Conditional pressure [MPa] (kgf / cm 2) 1.0 (10)
Regulation area [%] 40
Upper setting limit [MPa] (kgf / cm 2) 0.4 (4)
Conditional throughput [m 3] / h 1.6
Regulator weight [kg] 0.35

Far water regulator

When choosing a water regulator Far or another company, you should pay attention to its technical parameters. This primarily concerns the value of the inlet and outlet pressure. The solution to this problem is quite simple. You need to find out the requirements that apply to the device in a particular pipeline, as well as study the instructions for the water pressure regulator. It is in it that manufacturers indicate the nominal values of the working pressure.

far water regulator
far water regulator
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 16 bar.
  • Adjustable pressure: from 1 to 6 bar.
  • Maximum temperature: 75 ° C.
  • Set pressure: 3 bar.

The operating temperature is also important. So, some models are capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees. Such devices are used only in cold water supply systems. For hot piping, models that operate in the range up to 130 degrees are suitable.

But the cost of the far water regulator already starts from 2500 rubles.


Valtec pressure regulator

Particularly popular are the Italian valves for lowering the pressure in the water supply system Valtec, which are reliable and delight in their price (from 800 rubles). Perhaps this is the middle price segment for water pressure regulators for multi-storey buildings.




Such devices must be made of durable material. If we are talking about alloys, then their composition must contain ligatures that prevent the occurrence of a corrosive process. Experts recommend paying attention to the best water pressure reducers from well-known manufacturers. Of course, such products will cost a lot, but a long service life is guaranteed. There are also GOSTs for valves that reduce water pressure.


Installation work

Installing a water pressure regulator is not an easy task. Therefore, it is best to trust this work to professionals. Of course, if you wish, you can do the installation yourself. But here you will also have to solve such a question as how to adjust the water reducer. For this you will need:

  • reducer;
  • ball-type shut-off valves;
  • coarse filter;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • sealant.

Mounting the gearbox is similar to installing a meter. It is best to mount the device on a horizontal section of the pipeline. The work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Shut off the water.
  2. Install the inlet valve and connect a coarse filter to it.
  3. Install the cold water pressure regulator so that the pressure gauge is visible.
  4. Connect the ball valve.

All connections are sealed with tow. This will prevent leaks and position the devices in the desired position. It remains only to decide how to adjust the water pressure regulator. Everything is pretty simple here. It is necessary to close the outlet valve and supply water. Using a wrench or a screwdriver, adjust the device so that the arrow is at the nominal pressure mark. Often it is 3 ATM. The automatic water pressure regulator in the water supply system is controlled directly during production. Therefore, we can only hope for the quality of the product. Read here how to adjust the water pressure reducer.





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