We Choose The Option Of Heating Water Between The Storage Tank And The Flow

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Video: We Choose The Option Of Heating Water Between The Storage Tank And The Flow

Video: We Choose The Option Of Heating Water Between The Storage Tank And The Flow
Video: Waterfall Flow & Airlocks in Pipes Explained 2023, September
We Choose The Option Of Heating Water Between The Storage Tank And The Flow
We Choose The Option Of Heating Water Between The Storage Tank And The Flow
  • The main types of water heaters
  • Flow-through boilers
  • Storage type electric heaters
  • Combined water heaters
  • Selecting a boiler by the type of heating element
  • Features of the inner coating
  • Varieties of tank shape
  • Vertical or horizontal water heater
  • Installation and connection features

Residents of apartment buildings connected to a centralized hot water supply often face its disconnection. Some buildings, especially older ones, do not have hot water supply at all. Boilers became the salvation in such situations. Their installation does not require additional permits, and they can be placed in any convenient place.

The main types of water heaters

Home water heaters can be gas or electric. The latter were called boilers. They work almost silently, are simple and safe to use, and have a long service life. Gas are more often called columns. During operation, they emit a characteristic sound, and before installation, you need to obtain permits and connect to the gas pipeline.

Electric water heating devices are flowing and storage.

Flow-through boilers

Water heaters of this type are compact and have a high heating rate. Water from the system enters the device on the heating element, heats up and goes hot to the tap. Due to the high power, the heating element increases the temperature of the liquid instantly.

A flow-through water heater is more often installed in apartments with frequent disconnection of centralized water supply or in houses where it is not provided. The power of the unit is sufficient to supply warm water from one tap. The inclusion of two water intake points at the same time may cause insufficient warm water supply.

Manufacturers produce devices with a capacity of 3-27 kW. Apartments with voltage in one phase can be equipped with a boiler up to 8 kW. The device can heat up to 6 liters of water in one minute. Homes with 380V three-phase voltage can be equipped with more powerful appliances.


The advantages of flow-through apparatus are:

  • small size;
  • minimum time for heating water;
  • electricity is consumed only when the tap is on.

Storage type electric heaters

The storage water heater is large in comparison with flow-through devices, since it is equipped with a tank for storing heated water. It is fed through the mixer after mixing with cold water. Gradually, the water can cool down and be consumed. Lowering the temperature in the tank automatically turns on the device for heating water. The volume of the storage unit can be from 10 to 200 liters. The installation site is chosen on a wall (for wall models) or on the floor.


It is worth choosing the volume of the tank based on the number of family members:

  • 50-80 liters can be purchased for a family of 3. The volume is sufficient for washing dishes and taking a shower. Heating the water to the maximum temperature will allow you to take a full bath.
  • 80-100 liters is a good option for a family of 4. The cost of such a device is higher than that of 50 liter models, and it takes more time for full heating.
  • A large family should choose 100-150 liters. The amount of warm water is enough for washing, bathing and showering.
  • Units with a storage tank of more than 150 liters are most often installed in private houses. They must be placed on the floor, as the mount may not be able to support such a volume by weight.

The choice of a storage boiler should start with the determination of the volume. Insufficient will cause inconvenience, and too large - to warm up for a long time, that is, waste a lot of electrical energy.

The advantages of storage units are:

  • economical power consumption (1.5-3 kW);
  • the ability to connect to a 220 V network;
  • one device is enough to provide all points with warm water;
  • durable use.

Combined water heaters

The devices successfully combine the advantages of using the previous two types. The weight of such models does not exceed 6 kg, and the volume of the tank reaches 30 liters. The devices can function in two modes. The range of such goods is not very large.

Selecting a boiler by the type of heating element

The water in the boiler is heated with a heating element. Less common are models with spiral heating elements. They have more power, but they are more difficult to maintain and repair. Heating elements are "dry" and "wet". The name speaks for itself.

"Wet" heating element is a heating element made of copper. It is submerged in water and works like a conventional boiler. Manufacturers often equip them with models of storage-type devices and almost all of them are flow-through. "Wet" heating element refers to the budget option. Direct contact with water leads to rapid formation of scale, which reduces the heater's ability to heat water. You can get the required temperature by adjusting the sensor, but this will have a negative effect on the life of the device.

"Dry" heating element does not come into contact with water. It is located in a special protective flask, which prevents the formation of scale. The cost of such models is 1.5-2 times higher compared to units with a "wet" heating element. The advantage of expensive models is high heat transfer and a longer service life. You need to choose the best water heater depending on your own needs and financial capabilities.

Features of the inner coating

The surface inside the storage tank is in contact with water for the entire service life, therefore it must be protected from corrosion. Today on sale you can find devices with the following inner coating:

  • enamel;
  • stainless steel;
  • glass ceramics;
  • plastic;
  • titanium.

Models with plastic inside are sold at the lowest price, but they are not very reliable. Boilers with a stainless steel coating have proven themselves well. Manufacturers guarantee their trouble-free operation for 10-12 years. Titanium-coated devices are more expensive and have a maximum useful life.

The enamel finish is similar to stainless. The addition of special admixtures prevents cracking of the tank itself and the inner shell during heating. Manufacturers, striving to make their products of the highest quality, coat the enamel with silver ions. The inner surface acquires antibacterial and anti-corrosion qualities.

Varieties of tank shape

The power and type of the device, the volume of the storage tank, the type of heating element and the material of the inner coating are important factors influencing the choice. The shape of the body must also be considered when purchasing a boiler. They are available in round and rectangular shapes.

A barrel-shaped case is usually cheaper (due to its ease of manufacture), but requires more free space to install. The rectangular tank can be placed in a niche, cabinet, corner. The peculiarity of the shape makes it necessary to use a thicker layer of thermal insulation.

Vertical or horizontal water heater

Boilers are classified according to the installation method. They are divided into the following types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • universal.

Horizontal and vertical models differ in the mounting method, as well as the location of the heating element. It can be located on the bottom plate or on the side of the tank. Manufacturers do not recommend mounting horizontal models vertically and vice versa, as this will lead to a reduction in the service life and a decrease in the performance of the unit.

Limited space for mounting a boiler is not a reason to refuse a purchase. Purchasing a horizontal model would be a suitable option. It is more expensive than a vertical one, and is distinguished by a more complex installation and maintenance system. The advantage of such models is their "modest" dimensions.

Connection of a universal type water heater can be carried out in any position. It depends on the size of the unit and the available space. The price for such boilers is the highest.

Installation and connection features

The installation of the device should be entrusted to a professional who is familiar with the instructions and requirements specified by the manufacturer. Installation of a water heater with violations will entail refusal of service centers from warranty service and repair.

flow-through circuit
flow-through circuit

Safe use will ensure proper grounding and adequate water pressure. You can reduce the high water pressure using a reducer.

storage boiler diagram
storage boiler diagram

A home water heater will last for many years if properly positioned and maintained. Water heating devices will provide comfort in an apartment and a private house.



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