How Much Does It Cost To Install Tiles Per Square Meter: Detailed Calculation

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Video: How Much Does It Cost To Install Tiles Per Square Meter: Detailed Calculation

Video: How Much Does It Cost To Install Tiles Per Square Meter: Detailed Calculation
Video: How to Figure Cost Per Square Foot for Installing Tile : Flooring Projects 2023, June
How Much Does It Cost To Install Tiles Per Square Meter: Detailed Calculation
How Much Does It Cost To Install Tiles Per Square Meter: Detailed Calculation
  • How much does it cost to install tiles by a specialist
  • Cost depending on the master
  • Cost depending on the type of work and materials.
  • Pitfalls: leveling the surface
  • Full cost calculation
  • Calculation of the cost of materials
  • Specialists or DIY repair
  • Conclusion

Many have recently been interested in the question of how much tile laying costs per square meter. That is why the specialists of our portal decided to analyze the market and provide comprehensive information about the cost of such work. At the same time, both the cost of the work of specialists and the cost of materials (when working with your own hands) will be considered.

Among the materials, the tile itself, the adhesive mixture, and in addition leveling solutions, the cost of which must be taken into account when carrying out work, are mandatory.

Thus, in order to fully disclose the issue of the tile laying rate and its cost, both the building materials market itself and repair companies, as well as private representatives of the profession, were analyzed.

In order not to mention every time, we note right away that the average cost will be indicated for laying one square meter of tiles.

How much does it cost to install tiles by a specialist

The first question to be considered is how much tile laying costs per square meter for specialists of the "tiler" profession, as well as for construction and repair companies.

prices for laying tiles
prices for laying tiles

First of all, attention should be paid to the factors that affect the cost of work. These become:

  1. Master's experience.
  2. The region in which the services are ordered.
  3. The provision of services by an individual or company.
  4. Laying type.
  5. The cost and type of tiles, as well as the adhesive mixture.
  6. The need for preparatory work and surface leveling.

And we will consider each of the points in more detail.

tiling by a specialist
tiling by a specialist

Cost depending on the master

The professionalism of the master is of great importance. Thus, the work of a beginner or graduate of a specialized educational institution can cost 400-800 rubles (depending on the region), at the same time, professional masters will charge a fee of 600 to 2000 rubles for their work.

The second factor is the actual region of work. For example, ordering services in a provincial town, you can find a specialist with a price tag for work of 400-600 rubles, while multimillion cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.) will differ in cost from 1000 to 1500 rubles.

The next thing to consider is the status of the service provider. Thus, a private master can ask for an average of 500 rubles (for the province) and 1200-1300 (for the capital) styling. At the same time, hiring an employee in a construction company will cost on average 20-30% more.

Cost depending on the type of work and materials

The type of styling is also important. Thus, the cost of the work also depends on the complexity of its implementation. The average price tag for laying a seam in a seam or staggered will be 500-700 and 1000-1500 for different regions, respectively. At the same time, installation using friezes, separation, non-standard patterns or drawings can cost even in the provinces 1000 rubles, and the price in the capital will be from 1500 to 2500.

Accordingly, the type of tiles becomes an important factor. The answer to the question of how much it costs to lay tiles in the bathroom depends directly on the cost and type of the material itself. For a rough understanding, the average price tags from specialists lined up in this way (the first price is for small towns, the second for the capital):

  1. At a tile cost of up to 1,500 rubles, the work will cost 400-700 and 1000-1500.
  2. For materials costing up to 5000 per square meter, laying is carried out for 800-1200 and 1500-2500.
  3. With a higher cost of the tile itself, the work is estimated on average from 30 to 50 percent of the total amount spent on the material.
tiling price per meter
tiling price per meter

And the last thing to say about hiring an employee for styling is the minimum work threshold. Thus, some experts set a minimum order threshold. For example, if the volume of work is less than 10 square meters, then they refuse the order (each personally sets the bar, and therefore, some will agree to 1 square, while others will not take a project with an area of less than 50).

Pitfalls: leveling the surface

And at the end of the conversation about hiring employees, let's look at one, the main, pitfall, which many have stumbled over. And this is the cost of surface preparation and leveling.

In most cases, craftsmen try to play around and bypass the issue of preparation, and customers often forget to ask about it. And this is what happens in the end:

The cost of laying tiles does not include preparation of the premises, dismantling and leveling of the surface. A separate check is issued for these services.

Thus, without knowing this, and without carefully reading the cooperation agreement (when concluding it with the company), or without negotiating these conditions with a private employee, a lot of problems and losses result.

In particular, the customer agrees on the cost of work based on the area of the room. It seems that everything is agreed, the work is in progress, but at the end a check is presented, the amount of which is twice or more than the original one (for the most part, such a trick can be obtained from private craftsmen).

Full cost calculation

But let's take a look at the full value, using the example of one of the Moscow companies (for ethical reasons, we will keep the name secret). Consider a complete list of works that need to be carried out and their price, respectively, we will compose an approximate cost of work for 1 square meter of tiles. Let's start:

  1. The first process is the dismantling of the old coating: the cost is 300 rubles per meter (without garbage removal)
  2. Aligning the walls 400 rubles.
  3. Wall priming 60 rubles
  4. Screed or self-leveling floor 500 rubles.

Thus, the preparation of the base for the walls will cost 700 rubles, for the floor 800.

preparation of the base for the tiles
preparation of the base for the tiles

Now let's move on to styling:

  1. Average cost depending on the size of 800 rubles.
  2. Diagonal 1200.
  3. Working with porcelain stoneware 1000.
  4. Mosaic - 1500.
  5. Grout 70 rubles for regular tiles and 180 for mosaics.

And add the necessary additional work:

  1. Laying skirting boards 250 rubles.
  2. Drilling holes (for a socket, switch, hanger, etc.) - 250 / pc.

And now let's add the total cost of all work. As a result, we get the following:

  1. When working with conventional tiles, the total installation cost is 1580 for walls, and 1680 for floors.
  2. When stacked diagonally, the price will rise to 1980 and 2080 respectively.
  3. In the case of porcelain stoneware - 1780 and 1880.
  4. For mosaics - 2480 and 2580 rubles.

And note that not the most famous and expensive company was chosen, but an ordinary office with a small staff and rather modest prices. Accordingly, an order from a better company will cost 30-40% more. The cost of such work in the province will be slightly less, by about 20-30% for small repair organizations. And it will be about the same amount for larger companies.

And at the end of this paragraph of our article, we note that approximately the same amount, in some cases, a little (and possibly much) less will be spent on the cost of materials.

Calculation of the cost of materials

Now let's move on to an equally important point in the question of how much it costs to put a square of tiles - the cost of materials.

First, let's consider what materials will be needed in general, and this is:

  1. Tile adhesive.
  2. Tile.
  3. Consumable components.
  4. Tool.
  5. Grout.
  6. For leveling cement and sand.
materials for laying tiles
materials for laying tiles

Now let's compare the cost. Let's start from the very beginning, i.e. with preparation. We need to align the floor and walls. For one square, about 6-8 kilograms of plaster mortar will be needed, and 20 kg for screed. Now let's count:

  1. Speaking of the wall, we need 6-8 kg of the mixture, respectively, when mixing 1 to 3, 1.5 kg of cement and 4.5-5 kg of sand will be used. The cost will be about 15-20 rubles.
  2. For the floor, you will need a little more, and the cost of materials, taking into account the bedding, will be about 80-100 rubles.

We figured out the leveling of the surface, move on.

Now from the materials we need tiles, glue and grout, given the average market cost, we get the following:

  1. Tile - 500 rubles.
  2. Glue - the cost is about 300 rubles per package of 25 kilograms. The glue consumption is on average 7 kg, and it turns out that 1 meter will cost approximately 60 to 80 rubles.
  3. Grouting is also not very expensive, and the approximate cost in monetary terms will be about 50-70 rubles.
  4. And the last component will be crosses or pegs to align the seams. You can rarely find them by the piece, but several packages are usually enough for an average bathroom, each costing an average of 50 rubles. Having estimated, we can say that they will need 10-15 rubles per meter.

And now we consider the complete list of materials, as a result we get an average amount of 700-800 rubles (for the floor and walls). And, as you can see, when buying inexpensive but high-quality materials, their cost is half the work itself.

Specialists or DIY repair

So, let's summarize and draw conclusions that it is still better to do the repair yourself, or to entrust this matter to professionals. There are two sides of the coin here.

  1. Quality of work.
  2. Cost.

And let's take a closer look at each point.

Let's start with quality. Thus, we understand that it is impossible to make professional repairs on our own without the help of specialists and work experience. Even if you manage to do all the work on your own well, then obviously - not ideal, and this is a minus, in some case a big one.

The second factor is the expenditure of time and effort, both on the performance of work and on the theoretical study of technologies, as well as practical training (it is not recommended to start immediately finishing masonry at the repair site). Since you will not be able to take into account all the nuances and requirements for laying tiles the first time.

quality control of tile laying
quality control of tile laying

But let's move on to the main advantage. Having calculated the cost of the work and adding materials, we get an average price tag of 2500-3500 rubles. And for some, this is a rather significant amount. And at the same time, think that it can be cut in three. Nice bonus isn't it?


Thus, to carry out repairs yourself, or to entrust the laying of tiles in the bathroom to professionals is everyone's personal business. On the one hand, this is cost savings, and on the other hand, quality and long experience.


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