How To Put Tiles In The Toilet With Your Own Hands: Instructions

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Video: How To Put Tiles In The Toilet With Your Own Hands: Instructions

Video: How To Put Tiles In The Toilet With Your Own Hands: Instructions
Video: How to tile a bathroom 2023, September
How To Put Tiles In The Toilet With Your Own Hands: Instructions
How To Put Tiles In The Toilet With Your Own Hands: Instructions
  • Styling materials and tools
  • Preparing the surface
  • Laying on the floor
  • Installation on the wall
  • Grouting and sealing

The first question that arises during self-repair in an apartment or house is how to put tiles in the toilet. Even paying attention to the fact that the area of such a room is usually insignificant, the list of work required for carrying out is quite extensive.

Thus, in order to lay the tiles in the bathroom, it is necessary to thoroughly study the technology and treat each stage of work as responsibly as possible.

Styling materials and tools

The first question that should be considered is the tools used for laying the floor in the toilet, as well as the choice of tile adhesive necessary for the work.

First you have to consider all the nuances of this room. Although it is small in area. An important factor is the fact that the toilet is located separately from the bathroom, or combined with it. In this case, the situation is considered when the rooms are located separately.

Thus, the humidity of the room in this situation is somewhat less, therefore the nuances of the work will differ from laying the tiles on the floor in the bathroom.

First of all, this should be taken into account when choosing a tile. In small rooms, a light tile becomes a good option, while it is better to choose an average size. Also, to create an individual design, you can provide for the division into several zones (shades) that is done using friezes.

It is also worth considering the texture of the tiles. It is recommended to choose glazed smooth tiles, since the toilet is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and therefore it is best to choose a material that does not lend itself to damage and contamination.


Directly for the work, you will need the following materials and tools:

  1. First of all, the tile itself and the glue.
  2. The next material is grout for joints, as well as silicone sealant.
  3. Also, for the treatment of tiles and seams after laying, you will need special water-repellent substances and antiseptics.
  4. Putty and primer.
  5. Drywall, as well as frame elements (profiles and corners).
  6. Building level and tape measure.
  7. Perforator, drill, screwdriver, tile cutter, grinder and construction mixer.
  8. Several spatulas, regular (small and large) and notched.
  9. Also a mixture for leveling the floor.
  10. Brushes.
  11. Rubber mallet and hammer.
  12. Also for marking with a pencil and ruler.

Preparing the surface

The next step in the question of how to put tiles on the floor in the toilet is surface preparation.

preparation for tiles
preparation for tiles

The preparation itself is divided into several stages, which must be performed:

  1. The first step is to dismantle the old coating. To begin with, all the plumbing and furniture are removed and taken out of the room. Old tiles are removed with a punch. In areas where communication systems are located, it is recommended to arm yourself with a chisel so as not to damage anything.
  2. The next step is surface cleaning, leveling and processing with protective compounds. Thus, we note that you can put the tiles in the toilet with your own hands only on a perfectly flat floor. We clean the floors, then pour concrete (it can be a screed or liquid floors). After drying, we prime and treat with antiseptics. At the same time, the walls are plastered.
  3. To hide communications, it is recommended to mount a plasterboard box (always moisture-resistant). To do this, it is necessary to form a frame of metal elements, then mount drywall on it and putty it.
  4. The last step is marking. To do this, it is necessary to fully think over the entire concept of styling, and apply the appropriate marks.

Laying on the floor

Now let's go directly to the work process and figure out how to put tiles on the floor in the toilet. It is necessary to start laying only from whole fragments and start working from the far corner of the room. To do this, you will need to initially determine the location of the tiles.


An alternative is to put the first tile in the corner by the door, and then continue working deeper into the room. Thus, we further leave to the end of the room and return back to the exit.

As already mentioned, first, whole fragments are laid, after which, using a tile cutter or grinder, fragments of the required shape and size are cut out. All holes for pipes and plumbing are also cut out. Details about laying tiles on the floor.

Important! The markings must be applied to the back of the tile itself.

laying tiles on the floor in the toilet
laying tiles on the floor in the toilet

The laying process itself is as follows:

  1. First of all, the solution is prepared, after mixing it needs to be infused for 10-15 minutes. The tile itself must be soaked in water for a short time.
  2. The next step, using a notched trowel, apply a little mortar to the floor and distribute it over the surface with a layer of no more than 5-6 millimeters.
  3. We get the tile out of the water, the excess water must be chipped off from it, and wiped off with a rag from all sides.
  4. Now we apply the tile to the floor on the glue mixture and press down. Tamp the tiles evenly using a rubber hammer or mallet.
  5. After that, the tiles should be checked by level, leveled if necessary. The position of the element must be strictly horizontal.
  6. Next, we lay the second tile, align it with the first, we also use 2-3 mm crosses to form even seams.
  7. The rest of the tiles are laid in the same way. It is important to check each of them by level.

On this question, how to put the floor tiles in the toilet is closed, and the room must be left for a day, after which the cladding work can be continued.

Installation on the wall

Now it is time to lay the tiles on the walls. Unfortunately, tiles are now being laid for a small toilet, and therefore a large space for a lot of design maneuvers, as well as the embodiment of large-scale ideas in small bathrooms. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase several tiles with a pattern, and highlight them on the wall with friezes.

In this case, the tile laying technology will be as follows:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to mark the position of the rows of tiles. The support rail should be fixed at the level of the second row. Laying begins with the second row, the first is reported last, after the top layers have dried.
  2. As in the first case, using a notched trowel, a little glue is applied to a small area, after which the tile itself is smeared and applied to the wall.
  3. As with the floor, you must first work with the whole tiles and then cut the pieces when finished.
  4. The tiles are also laid on the box (the same applies as for the wall).
  5. In some cases, houses have a small ledge that resembles a concrete baseboard. Such a ledge can be pasted over with narrow rectangular pieces.

    instructions for laying tiles on the wall
    instructions for laying tiles on the wall

In no case do not rush to immediately lay all the tiles on the wall from top to bottom. It is desirable to work in small approaches, allowing the solution to set in the lower rows.

Also, attention should be paid to the doorway, its lining is carried out with carved details (for the most part, solid tiles do not fit). Usually a tile cutter or grinder is used for cutting.

Grouting and sealing

And the last stage of work is grouting. This is the final stage, carried out when all the tiles for the toilet have already been installed and the adhesive mixture has dried.

tile grout
tile grout

The technology is quite simple. To begin with, grout is taken, depending on the type, it is diluted with a liquid component, in accordance with the instructions. Use a rubber trowel to fill the space between the tiles. In the corners and on the door frame, the seams are additionally treated with a sealant.

This is how the tiles are laid in the toilet. Now, guided by the knowledge gained, you can independently repair your toilet. It will also be useful to familiarize yourself with the installation of tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. And in conclusion, we offer you to watch several videos about doing repairs in the toilet with your own hands.



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