Ambulance For A Leaking Radiator

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Video: Ambulance For A Leaking Radiator

Video: Ambulance For A Leaking Radiator
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Ambulance For A Leaking Radiator
Ambulance For A Leaking Radiator
  • Types and causes of leaks
  • Dripping between the nozzle and the main pipe
  • Procedure:
  • The main pipe passes
  • If a stream of water gushes a fountain
  • Threaded connection leaks
  • Flows between sections of a cast iron radiator
  • Procedure:
  • Flowing from the radiator walls

This article will be useful not only for those who are faced with the question of how to fix a heating radiator leak. Since the situation is everyday, and plumbing equipment tends to wear out (especially in old houses), everyone needs to know the strategy of action in case of a leak. Battery is leaking, what should i do? - the answer to this question will be exhaustive.

It is important to understand that leaks vary in complexity and location, and in the event of a real hot flood, you should immediately call the emergency service by calling the control room. Before starting to eliminate the accident, you need to know about the precautions.

Health is more important than property

When the battery is leaking, it is important to know exactly what to do, and what not to do!

  • If hot water gushes in all directions, forget about property and, first of all, take safety measures in order to protect yourself and loved ones from thermal burns. Repair, things, technology are not the most important thing.
  • Throw a blanket over the leak, preferably a cotton one. Or something that can absorb water for a while and prevent it from splashing.
  • Do not get carried away with safety net in the form of buckets, basins and rags - this temporary measure may cease to be effective at any time, especially if an emergency flooding begins. The amount of water in the cast iron battery is large enough.
  • Do not count on the myth that a leak can self-eliminate, stick to it and grow rusty.
  • A leak found before going to bed or before work in a radiator, even a minimal one, should in no case be ignored. A common man in the street is unlikely to be able to assess the scale of the accident and destruction of the mechanism by eye: a leak may not expand for weeks, or it may turn into a flood in a couple of hours
  • Try to shut off the coolant supply to the batteries. The valve for this procedure is usually located in the basement of the house.
  • In case of emergency flooding, after shutting off the water in the riser, nothing better can be thought of than to drain the water from the batteries. In this case, the elimination of the breakdown will be quick and safe.

    way to collect water from the battery
    way to collect water from the battery

Types and causes of leaks

As a rule, a leak occurs in the off-season, when the heating is turned off, since the metal cools down and water begins to drip in the places of threaded connections.

If the heating radiator is leaking, then it is necessary to determine the cause and location of the breakdown. Each plumbing point consists of a radiator and an adjacent piping. The connections of these elements can be disrupted under the influence of the following factors:

  • Long service life as a cause of wear;
  • Poor installation of the heating system;
  • Mechanical impact, brute force;
  • Corroded metal.

Depending on the elements between which the coolant leaks, the following types of breakdowns are distinguished:

  • Violations of the seal between the pipes of the riser and the branch pipes of the battery;
  • Partial destruction of the main pipes that connect the radiator and the riser;
  • Leakage in the area of intersection connections;
  • Fistula or cracks in one of the radiator sections.

For each of these cases, there is a way to eliminate the accident. If the battery is dripping, do not rush to find out how to cover it up. Perhaps you will not need to smear at all.

Dripping between the nozzle and the main pipe


Joint leakage is often the result of improper installation, or a household situation where batteries were used as a support for heavy objects or occupants. To complete the repair you will need:

  • Car clamp or wire;
  • A piece of thin, flexible rubber.


  • Cut rubber strips 5x35 cm in size. Or use a rubber bandage from a pharmacy;
  • Wrap a strip around the damaged area;
  • Secure the rubber with a wire or cable tie.

In this situation, the clamp will become a more suitable option, since it is inexpensive, and fixes the damaged joint securely, evenly, without the risk of constriction.

The main pipe passes

There are always two such pipes. One for supplying the coolant to the radiator, and the second for draining the cooled water. They are made of steel and tend to corrode and wear out over time for two reasons:

  • Filling with water in the off-season;
  • Impurities in water supplied through heating mains.

Most often, the question of what to do if the heating radiator is leaking arises in the midst of the heating season. In the event of an accident on a straight pipe section, a cement-gypsum bandage is used. To prepare it you will need:

  • Non-sterile bandage;
  • Cement;
  • Alabaster;
  • A container for mixing the mixture.

Important! Alabaster will be required when there is no way to shut off the water. It is applied in the first layer, as it dries faster than cement and adds reliability to the dressing.


  • Knead the cement with water until the consistency of liquid sour cream;
  • Prepare strips 25-30 cm long;
  • Soak the bandage strips in the mixture;
  • Wrap them around the damaged area layer by layer;
  • Carry out actions until a tight bandage is obtained.

If a stream of water gushes a fountain

wedge in pipe
wedge in pipe

If a fistula has formed and the water flows in a stream, then a wooden wedge can be hammered in before the locksmiths arrive. The wood gets wet and retains water well.

Threaded connection leaks

In the case when a leak in the heating battery has formed in the area of the thread, a bandage is again used, but this time with a salt:

  • Wet the bandage;
  • Dip the strips in salt;
  • Wrap damage;
  • Apply a cement dressing.

Important! Salt can coke a place that lets water through.

Flows between sections of a cast iron radiator

If a heating battery drips between the sections, what to do is not difficult to figure out. The joint is represented by a small rectilinear section, which can be temporarily repaired simply. Necessary materials:

  • Automotive clamp with tightening corresponding to the direction of the screw;
  • Flexible rubber gaskets;
  • Epoxy adhesive;
  • A piece of cloth.


pipe putty
pipe putty
  • Saturate the fabric with glue;
  • Wrap around the perimeter of the joint;
  • Fasten the rubber gasket and fit the clamp.

Flowing from the radiator walls

A reasonable question is when the battery is leaking - how to cover it up? If an accident occurred in the wall of one of the sections, then you will have to cover it up with cold welding. There is no more efficient way yet. The ball of "cold welding" must be pressed tightly to the place of leakage and kept in this position for 3-5 minutes. After half an hour, the mixture will completely harden, and after another day the battery will be ready to perform its functions. As a conclusion, it is important to note the following. All of the above measures are ambulance actions. If the heating system malfunctions once, this means that it is time to prepare for a major overhaul. Calling a wizard will be the best prevention of serious problems

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