How To Mount An Individual Type Of Heating Systems

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Video: How To Mount An Individual Type Of Heating Systems

Video: How To Mount An Individual Type Of Heating Systems
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How To Mount An Individual Type Of Heating Systems
How To Mount An Individual Type Of Heating Systems
  • The need for modernization
  • Heating system options
  • Pros and cons of individual heating
  • Preparatory stage
  • Installation of devices
  • Main pipeline
  • Connection
  • Pre-launch check
  • Efficiency
  • Emerging problems
  • Advice

For a comfortable life in any home, a high-quality heating system is important. With its help, favorable temperatures are created inside the room, even in severe winters. In some situations, it should be modernized or turned to individual heating, which has some subtleties in the device and obtaining permits.

The need for modernization

New residential buildings are not always of the highest standard. Special attention is paid to the heating system, which provides not quite the same results. Here, the problem does not always arise due to the lack of high-quality equipment. Employees do not strive to do everything perfectly. This leads to lower air temperatures in the apartment.

heating system installation
heating system installation

Individual heating allows you to get rid of possible problems with the central one. In addition, this solution allows you to save a certain amount of money. You need to get rid of problems in the following situations:

  • The pipes are worn out, as well as all other devices and components.
  • The desire to make a completely different design in the apartment.
  • The room is not warming up at the proper level.
  • The desire to independently control the temperature level in the room.

It is not always very easy to come to the installation of heating. Initially, for this it is necessary to make all the necessary approvals with state structures. Particular attention is paid to the project. Also, an agreement is made with neighbors, in relation to which inconveniences may be provided.

If there is no desire to perform such manipulations, then it is best to implement a "water" floor. The mounted pipes are connected to the main water supply. They allow you to save money on the purchase of expensive electrical appliances.

Heating system options

All possible heating systems have a broad classification. First of all, it is divided depending on the energy consumed.

heating system installation
heating system installation
  1. Gas. Heating installation of this type is significantly less expensive, as well as a sufficient number of positive aspects. In addition, the gas boiler practically does not make any noise during its operation.
  2. Electrical. You can independently adjust the temperature level in the apartment, which creates more favorable and comfortable conditions. But periodically there may be interruptions in the supply of electricity, which shows the main and significant drawback for such a heating system in an apartment.

In addition, it should be divided depending on the pipeline used, or rather the choice of wiring:

  • One-pipe. Sequential installation of all components is chosen when it is not possible to control the temperature in a separate area.
  • Two-pipe. In addition to turning off the radiators in a specific place, heating is also controlled.
  • Collector. Energy is redirected to the radiators from a distribution manifold located in the bathroom cabinet. The required heating level can be set from the manifold.

    heating system installation
    heating system installation

Everyone should decide on what will be the correct heating in the apartment, depending on the specific conditions.

Pros and cons of individual heating

If you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of individual heating of an apartment with your own hands, as an example, you can take gas, which is increasingly popular among residents of houses. It allows you to reduce heating costs.

heating system installation
heating system installation

In this case, it is not required to pay by periods for the wear of equipment, boiler. The costs are only for the gas that was spent on heating the apartment. Water is supplied to the system without interruption and is constantly hot. This will not be influenced by the heating seasons when the central heating is switched off.

The advantages include the ability to control the temperature level, both in a separate room and throughout the apartment. Everything will depend on the chosen system. If modern heating equipment is purchased, they have the creation of a program for the supply of heat at certain time periods. It is important to know exactly how to make heating in an apartment according to all the rules.

It is impossible to do without the disadvantages that will have to be encountered when installing such a heating system:

  1. Long payback period of the purchased equipment, boiler.
  2. Increased fire hazard. You will have to clearly and strictly follow the established rules.
  3. Certain categories of boilers require an electrical connection, interruptions in which will be inconvenient.
  4. The heating circuit must be completed again, since only the risers from the central one will remain for individual heating.
  5. The oxygen level in the premises decreases with a strong supply of fire in the burner.
  6. A classic ventilation duct cannot always be used in operation.

Preparatory stage

Before installing the heating system with your own hands, you should qualitatively calculate the number of radiator sections that will be required. Absolutely all the room in the apartment is taken into account. If the calculation, depending on the area of the rooms, is not made correctly, the air temperature in them will differ. This suggests the need to understand how to conduct heating in an apartment.

heating system installation
heating system installation

It is worth paying attention to the fact that one section will be enough to heat about 2 square meters of a room. But there should not be too much, since after the installation it will not be realistic to make an adjustment. The replacement of components of the heating system can be done by a master from the housing office. Indeed, over a long period of operation, they may fail altogether.

All work must be agreed with the housing office. In this case, the old heating system is completely dismantled. After distribution and installation of heating radiators, the quality of their connection to the pipeline is checked. Each point should be studied so as not to encounter problems during the installation process.

In the process of installing individual heating, the riser is cut off. This is done in order to keep the amount of water supplied at the proper level. They will serve as a factor in maintaining the temperature level in the room.

The installation of a new heating system can be carried out from plastic pipes. Additionally, the riser is threaded, and the seal is made using a special tape. But only the performer needs to choose what will be the correct heating system in the apartment.

Installation of devices

The initial steps are considered to be the installation of all components of the heating system. To do this, you must carefully study its structure. The purchase of radiators is carried out on the basis of the calculations. After that, you can assemble them.

heating system installation
heating system installation

The set of radiators includes foot nuts (it all depends on the manufacturer). It also includes a plug along with a Mayevsky crane. The latter is located on the right side of the upper radiator connections.

The lower connections of the radiator are intended for connecting the return and supply pipelines. In this case, it is imperative to provide the entire system with control and shut-off valves. They are located to the left and right, respectively, relative to the pipelines. This will reduce problems with installing all components on other radiators.

Heating batteries are most often fixed under the windows in the room on special brackets. This takes into account the level for their distribution.

If everything is done correctly, the performance of the entire heating system will be at the highest level. It will not be possible to get rid of the accumulated air in them if the slope is directed towards the location of the Mayevsky crane. All this will lead to the failure of all equipment. Installation of a heating system in an apartment requires attention from the contractor.

Main pipeline

Once the batteries are secured, piping can be dispensed. Here the choice of material will completely depend on the artist. They differ in cost and quality provided. There are also certain subtleties on the heating device in the apartment.

There are two main ways of laying the main pipeline:

heating system installation
heating system installation
  1. Closed. In this case, a groove is made along the lower edge of the wall, as well as at the base of the floor. Here drywall will be an excellent assistant, allowing you to hide all the components. Situations may arise when the walls are already made of plaster. In this case, the pipeline is laid between the plaster and the wall. It will not be superfluous to make insulation with the help of merylon.
  2. Open. Has less labor costs during the installation of the heating system. But at the same time, there are several more difficulties associated with shortcomings - a view that spoils the appearance of the entire room. The pipeline itself is fixed just above the floor level with clips.

In each situation, you need to know how to properly heat the apartment and which option to choose.


Completion of all types of work on the installation of heating in the apartment - connecting the previously installed devices and components to the main pipes. Such activities can be carried out in the process, gradually. When bringing the pipes to the radiators, it is best to connect immediately. For this, special tees are used, the left of which will lead to hot water, and the right one - the return.

heating system installation
heating system installation

In addition to this, you should pay attention to the fact that in this case it is imperative to install the selected version of the boiler, which can become gas or electric. Each of them has its own subtleties in work and operation. The main thing is to understand what it has advantages and disadvantages, cost and creation of legal obstacles. The collected documentation for such an event is sometimes very problematic. Its full list should be considered in advance and assess the essence of the problem before properly heating the apartment.

Pre-launch check

heating system installation
heating system installation

Before starting the heating system in full operation, after installation in the apartment, it should be checked. Here the required pressure level is checked against the real one. For this, only special equipment such as a hydraulic press can be used. Also, a check is carried out for the tightness of the connected elements, as well as the water supply to the system. For tightness, air is initially launched, and only then cold water.

If all tests are successful, hot water can be started. In this design, the heating system for the apartment with their own hands was successfully completed. You don't have to worry about it during operation.


The efficiency of the heating system can and should be increased. For this purpose, the pipes are insulated, which reduces the level of heat loss. In this case, the temperature on the return circuit is practically no different from the initial one. The autonomous system will operate with the highest efficiency.

It is very difficult to make the correct installation of heating in an apartment, especially if you do everything yourself. But in the end, you get a really high-quality design that allows you to keep all rooms at the required air temperature and comfort, which is especially evident in the absence of a heating season.

When there is no possibility and desire to carry out heating in an apartment with your own hands, it is best to seek help from specialists. They will tell you which material is better to buy, which manufacturer to choose. At the same time, they already know how to achieve the best efficiency when supplying heat, how to assemble heating in an apartment.

Emerging problems

Difficulties in arranging a heating system in an apartment can arise in the following situations:

  • It is not always possible to obtain a permit for individual heating.

    heating system installation
    heating system installation

    Most often it is prohibited to disconnect from the central system. At the same time, permission is obtained from all residents of the house, which is very problematic.

  • Certain additional requirements are imposed for multi-storey buildings, if there is a desire to arrange heating of a one-room apartment with your own hands. Here, due to the gas supply, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the pipeline itself. Otherwise, a failure in the operation of the boiler and all components will manifest itself during operation.
  • The refusal on the part of government agencies can be argued by failures in the heating system of the whole house, as well as the gas pipeline. But the higher floors get rid of such problems.


To save money when installing a heating system in an apartment, the best option is a one-pipe one. But it is more applicable when the budget is limited. The rest of the options are convenient and highly reliable. In any case, you will have to study how the heating of batteries is arranged in a one-room apartment.

As for the installation, it can be carried out on our own without the involvement of a specialist. But at the same time, all actions must clearly correspond to the compiled documentation. Reporting documents and design work must comply with regulatory requirements.

Even at the end of the work, which were aimed at installing heating in the apartment with their own hands, a report is made in the form of an acceptance certificate, sent to state bodies.

These difficulties are not comparable to the comfort that an individual heating system provides. Everyone will have to go through all the stages and problems, but the final result will delight him.

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