Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure

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Video: Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure

Video: Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure
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Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure
Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure
  • If it is not possible to install a bath
  • Important nuances
  • 1 false compactness
  • 2. Quality and price
  • 3. Package contents
  • 4. Bigger does not mean better - the main rule when choosing!
  • 5. Filters, filters and filters again

If you are wondering which is better - a shower or a shower enclosure, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information below, which was kindly provided to us by the specialists of the Moscow sanitary ware store "SanSmail".

The company SanSmail, which is the owner of the store, is engaged not only in the implementation of shower enclosures and shower cabins, but also in their installation and service.

Thanks to this, the company's specialists can provide objective information about all the pros and cons of a particular product.

If it is not possible to install a bath

The company has been selling shower cabins and shower enclosures for bathrooms for over 10 years, but we still adhere to the opinion that if there is enough free space in the room, it is better to install a bathtub with a glass curtain and a comfortable shower rack or shower panel.

And only if there is nowhere to put a bath or you absolutely do not need it, you should think about alternative ways of carrying out water procedures.

Shower cabins
Shower cabins

The choice of alternatives, in general, is somewhat broader than we will consider.

In addition to showers and shower enclosures, there are also shower boxes, shower niches and even full-fledged home saunas with a built-in shower.

But these options are somewhat specific and quite expensive, so we will not focus too much on them.

So which is better: showers or shower enclosures

We have collected the main features and summarized them in a pivot table.

Below we will consider some of them in more detail, and also dwell on important nuances that many simply do not know about.

Shower cabins
The cost Average (from 11,000 rubles) High (from 17,000 rubles)
Durability Very high High
Service Practically not required It is necessary
Cleaning Glass is easy to clean and does not tend to build up contaminants Acrylic is more difficult to clean and gets dirty more
Mounting On a pallet or on the floor with the installation of a drain / tray Pallet only
Complexity of installation Average (from 5.000 rub.) Average (from 5.000 rub.)
Additional work Requires high-quality finishing of two walls in the corner where the corner will be installed + installation of a mixer with shower + installation of shelves Generally not required
Versatility Can only be installed in a bathroom with walls lined with waterproof material Installation is possible wherever there is a water supply and sewerage
Functionality Showering only Hydromassage, Turkish bath
Pallet Only low Any
Reliability The corners are practically unkillable Depends on manufacturer and model
Roof As a rule, not included in the basic configuration Typically present
Water filter Not necessary Required when using hydromassage nozzles
Design Universal minimalism, suitable for almost all bathrooms Not suitable for strict interiors, especially in classic style

From the table, the incorrectness of the question "which is better: a shower cabin or a shower enclosure" is obvious.

The cabins and corners are very different, so it is as difficult to compare them as, in general, to choose between them.

However, we could give certain recommendations to people who have not yet decided:

  • If you just need a place to take a shower, then choose corners.
  • If you still want to be able to connect additional functions (hydromassage, Turkish bath, high pallet, radio, lighting, etc.), then already give preference to showers.

However, consider the nuances that we will discuss below.


Shower cabin
Shower cabin

Important nuances

1 false compactness

Showers are not as compact as they seem.

In practice, they take up a lot of space and look bulky in standard bathrooms.

Corners are much more efficient in terms of space saving.

2. Quality and price

Almost all budget showers are of poor quality.

They leak, their fittings rust, plastic turns yellow, etc.

A cheap shower stall is easier to replace than to maintain, as it will constantly fail and require periodic repairs.

Buying a cheap corner, you get quite normal plumbing equipment.

It is not without flaws, but it is quite suitable for constant use.

More expensive corners already have excellent quality, while the price is comparable to budget showers.

Hence the conclusion - if you cannot afford a cool shower stall, then it is better not to buy it at all (prices for good shower stalls bite - make sure of this).

It is better to give preference to a corner (the cost of reliable glass corners is quite affordable - see).

3. Package contents

Shower enclosures are sold by manufacturers without a pallet, despite the fact that the product photos contain it.

You should take this into account and add an additional 10-15 thousand rubles to the price for a good pallet (you should not take a cheap one).

The same applies to a significant part of the shower stalls.

But their price does not include, in addition to the pallet, as a rule, additional options (hydromassage nozzles, seat, mirror, shelves for hygiene items, etc.).

Carefully study the product cards, as all manufacturers have different attitudes towards bundling.

4. Bigger does not mean better - the main rule when choosing

Remember that showers are designed primarily for water treatments.

Therefore, you should not chase functionality, because the more functions and options, the more expensive the model and the more demanding to service.

Fully loaded models are more likely to fail, like any complex equipment.

5. Filters, filters and filters again

If you prefer a modern shower cabin with hydromassage instead of a simple shower enclosure, you should be prepared for the constant use of water filters.

The fact is that hard water quickly clogs the nozzles.

Therefore, it needs to be cleaned constantly, and this is an additional cost and rather big.


If you have money, take a shower cabin, it is still more convenient.

If you want to save money, feel free to buy a shower enclosure with an acrylic tray and you will not regret it.



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Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure
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Which Is Better Shower Or Shower Enclosure

Comparison of shower cabins and shower enclosures by the most important parameters. Our article will help you make the right choice. No ads or misconceptions