How To Choose Heating System Batteries For Installation In An Apartment

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Video: How To Choose Heating System Batteries For Installation In An Apartment

Video: How To Choose Heating System Batteries For Installation In An Apartment
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How To Choose Heating System Batteries For Installation In An Apartment
How To Choose Heating System Batteries For Installation In An Apartment
  • General idea
  • Anodized version of aluminum radiators
  • Casting technology
  • Acceptable characteristics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum
  • Bimetal radiators
  • Pros and cons
  • Panel radiators
  • Advantages and Negativity
  • What to look for

When installing a new heating system, including an individual one, one should approach responsibly to the choice of heating radiators. The degree of heat transfer, as well as the consumption of energy resources, will depend on them. There is a huge assortment of them on the market, but each has a certain set of positive qualities. You can not do without the negative, which manifests itself in the process of operating a heating battery for an apartment.

General idea

When buying, you should not fall for the tricks of scammers. Indeed, often counterfeits and low-quality radiators on the market are disguised as world manufacturers, spoiling their reputation. For this reason, it is best to pay attention to specialized stores, where you will be provided with certificates for their products, as well as all accompanying documents.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

Having studied them, you can understand where they came from, and what path they went to before they hit the counter, which in turn will allow you to get an answer which heating radiators for the apartment to choose.

There is a huge range of products in total. It mainly depends on the material of manufacture. In addition to aluminum, you can find bimetallic radiators, cast iron and steel panel radiators. In addition to this, each has subspecies that have certain qualities and properties. All this is reflected not only in the cost of products, but also in the characteristics manifested in the process of use after their introduction into the heating system.

It is worth paying attention not only to which heating radiators to install in the apartment, but also to related products, in the form of fasteners, brackets, valves, etc. It will be best if you purchase this all in a set. Then you do not need to worry about the lack of thread coincidence or other moments that create barriers to high-quality installation of the heating system in the apartment. In addition, not everyone knows how to choose heating for an apartment and combine it with system components.

In the production of aluminum options for heating radiators, certain alloys may be added to them. In addition, silicon additives may be present. With their help, one-piece structures are created, installed in any room of the apartment, as well as individual sections. Depending on the production technology, extrusion can be distinguished, in which quality products of the heating system in the apartment are obtained.

Extrusion is translated from Latin as extrusion. Hence, to produce batteries, metal is extruded through special molds. As a result, you will get the required profile supplied to the shelves. But not everything is as fast as it really seems. Initially, separate elements, such as front and back parts, are obtained, after which they are connected to each other. High temperature pressing is already used here.

Despite the fact that it is possible to obtain one-piece collectors with this technology, in the future, you will still have to fasten the individual blanks together using the process described above. They will correspond to the parameters of the manufactured battery. When installed, it will no longer be possible to adjust it up or down. Such products are ready to provide world manufacturers such as "Swing", "Olimp". Local production - "RS-500" is not left aside either. This should be taken into account before choosing heating radiators for an apartment.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

If we compare the characteristics shown during the operation of radiators, then they are somewhat inferior to all other types of aluminum batteries. This is primarily due to the lowered heat transfer parameters. Among the disadvantages are the seams of the radiators, which can leak in the event of an increased pressure in the system. And the coolant itself negatively affects the material, leading to corrosion. Much will depend on the manufacturer and the percentage of aluminum in the finished product. This is what the Rovall company can boast of.

Anodized version of aluminum radiators

Other types of heating batteries in the apartment are made of aluminum. The metal content in finished products is about 98 percent.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

The entire surface undergoes anodic oxidation process. This is done not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Anodizing is usually understood to mean anodic or electrochemical oxidation. The presented film on the radiators is designed to carry out not only a protective, but also a decorative function. They are even able to resist corrosion due to the action of the coolant in the process of using equipment in the heating system, which is not particularly the case for cast-iron heating batteries for an apartment.

The process of anodizing can be described somewhat, resulting in really high-quality products:

  • Preparatory work, including flushing the product. Radiators are placed in a special container with alkali. All oil stains along with other dirty elements are removed.
  • Metal pickling. This stage in production is called chemical milling. The existing oxide film is removed together with a very thin metal layer.
  • Removal of heavy metals from aluminum.
  • Placing radiators in a container with electrolyte, which includes the anodizing process.
  • Product coloring.
  • Clogged pores.

    The choice of heating radiators
    The choice of heating radiators

From the inside, such radiators are completely smooth due to the fastening of all elements together with a dry coupling from the outside. This leads to the absence of stagnation of the coolant inside the element, and the hydraulic resistance is also noticeably reduced. The choice of heating radiators for an apartment is most often based on this.

If we pay attention to the manufacturers, then on the Russian market the company from Italy “Aluwork” has high quality and is in demand.

This type of radiator is perfect for replacing cast iron batteries in 5-storey buildings.

Casting technology

Before choosing a radiator for an apartment, you can consider the method of molding the product. When using this method, an aluminum alloy is used in production, where there are certain silicon additives. The total composition of the last metal in the final product is 12%. As a result, high-quality radiators are obtained, while maintaining a high level of heat transfer.

manufacturing radiators
manufacturing radiators

During the manufacture of radiators in this way, the resulting alloy is poured into a previously prepared form, where it subsequently crystallizes. Further, the mold is opened and the time is waited until it dries, after which the ebb is removed and cut off. Checking the tightness of products is carried out in a special container with high pressure. Both inside and outside, the surface is treated with special anti-corrosion compounds. During painting, epoxy-polymer powder enamels are used. When the condition of the finished aluminum heating radiators in the apartment is checked for tightness and strength, they are sent for implementation.

It is this production option that is used by most manufacturers from Russia and Europe. This is due to the manifested characteristics, such as high efficiency in heat transfer, combined with a long operating period. The Italian company "Rovall" performs casting of several sections at the same time. Subsequently, they are attached to each other using nipples with silicone seals. This allows only one unit to be replaced in case of damage. A new one is put instead. This item is a noticeable plus, which cast-iron heating radiators for an apartment cannot give.

The Alterplast company produces modern radiators for an apartment with six ribs on each section. This allows you to increase heat transfer during operation. In addition, even heated air has a peculiar directionality into the room. It creates a kind of curtain over the window, which significantly reduces heat loss.

Acceptable characteristics

Each radiator must meet certain requirements at the time of purchase. At the same time, the products should include an indicator of working pressure ranging from 6 to 16 atm, as well as a high section power, reaching 212 W. When installing batteries on walls, a certain load is created. It will depend on the weight of the product, which can range from 0.8 to 1.47 kg. And that's just one section. So it is worth being careful what to choose heating radiators in the apartment, having correctly selected the fixed brackets.

If aluminum batteries are chosen, then they can accommodate a coolant with a maximum temperature of 110 degrees. This is especially important for multi-apartment buildings, where such requirements will not always be met by the service organization. Almost all manufacturers offer a warranty period of up to 25 years for their products. Everything will depend not only on the material itself, but also on the method of production. But this will be achieved if all operational requirements are met.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

For installation, you will need to purchase a radiator of certain parameters. It should be calculated based on the situation. At the same time, attention is drawn to the necessary distances from walls, floors, etc.:

  1. A distance of 10-15 cm is maintained from the floor to the sections.
  2. Installing the reflective screen on the wall behind the battery. Foil-clad polyethylene foam is suitable as a material. This will increase the heat transfer rate.
  3. The distance to the window sill should be at least 10 cm.
  4. It is kept up to the wall 3-4 cm.

Particular attention should be paid to the pressure that an aluminum product can withstand. If you pay attention to the technical data reflected in the documents, then there are two indications - working and pressure testing. The second indicates the pressure at which the tests were performed. It usually reaches 30-35 atm, sometimes even more. Relative to the worker, the indicator usually varies in the range of 10-16 atm. It should be noted that the pressure in the system will not always be at the same level in central heating. This is due to various factors.

If, nevertheless, there is a desire to install aluminum heating radiators in an apartment with central heating, it is better to first ask what pressure is supplied to the system. But this version of the product is most suitable for autonomous heating, when you can really monitor the state of pressure and temperature level. This will allow you to stop the choice of heating batteries for the apartment with high quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum

From all that has been said, a certain conclusion can be made on the presence of positive and negative qualities of aluminum, if it is used as a material for radiators. Its main qualities are manifested in the following:

  • High efficiency. Rapid warming up of the room due to the increased level of heat transfer.

    The choice of heating radiators
    The choice of heating radiators
  • You can place batteries in absolutely any place, choosing the dimensions of the radiators themselves.
  • Quick and easy installation due to low product weight. All work can be done by hand without the involvement of specialists. All that remains is to hang the sections on the installed brackets and connect them to the pipeline.
  • Will fit into any interior. In addition, there are currently various design solutions.
  • Great for children's rooms and hallways. The material is quite soft, which will not lead to serious consequences during blows.
  • They are additionally accompanied by a thermostat, due to which it is possible to increase or decrease heat transfer.

None of the products can boast of exclusively positive qualities. Here, too, there were some drawbacks, which include:

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators
  • Almost instant failure during water hammer. Similarly, it happens with a constant change in the pressure level in the system.
  • If you make a poor-quality installation, individual sections of the battery will heat up.
  • Due to the aluminum itself, an increased degree of gassing can be created inside. This negatively affects the walls, seams and joints. Cases of air jams in the system are not uncommon.

Even they all talk about the possibility of getting rid of them during operation. And the rest of the negative qualities are quite acceptable against the background of positive aspects.

Bimetal radiators

Not everyone knows what heating radiators are for an apartment, except for those described above. One more option can be distinguished, installed in residential premises - bimetallic products. They were awarded 1st place in terms of reliability and durability. In the production process, in addition to aluminum, another alloy is used - stainless steel, placed in it. This is what exhibits secret qualities.

It is worth thinking about what kind of heating batteries to install in the apartment. After all, the steel element makes the entire structure heavier. At the same time, it acquires the quality of reliability. This allows you to cope with the working pressure in high-rise buildings to the maximum, and also withstands water hammer. The fewer connections used during installation, the higher the quality of the overall structure. In addition, individual blocks and sections can be added if necessary.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

The aluminum "casing" does not suffer from the coolant, which most often happens with aggressive media. If this happened, it would simply collapse under its pressure during operation. At the same time, aluminum itself perfectly transfers heat into the room, having additionally several convection channels. The enamel coating protects the outer surface from scratches and damage. These types of heating radiators for an apartment have manifestations of quality and, in certain situations, negative.

There are much more positive points here, which is manifested in excellent heat transfer. At the same time, they are able to withstand pressures reaching 50-70 atm. This all functions in opposition to the high cost of production. Payback is much less time than that of analogues, which provides an opportunity to think about which heating battery to choose for an apartment.

Pros and cons

The main disadvantage that you will have to face when installing a heating system from bimetallic radiators is the high cost. But this is reflected and noticeably on the operational characteristics, which cannot be compared with their cast iron or aluminum counterparts.

In any case, the correct choice of a heating radiator for a multi-storey apartment is a bimetallic battery.

All the positive qualities for this type of heating batteries in the apartment will be much more, which is reflected in the increased demand for batteries.

  1. Almost instant heating of the room due to the presence of aluminum.
  2. The ability to fit into any interior and room style.
  3. Durability of batteries due to resistance to heat transfer.
  4. Easy maintenance during operation.
  5. Ease of installation, carried out in-house without third parties.
  6. Ease of transportation.
  7. Suitable for absolutely any heating system, including those with central heating. This is manifested in resistance to high pressure, as well as elevated temperatures.

Outwardly, they will hardly differ from their aluminum counterparts, which will make you think about which heating radiator to put in the apartment. Everything will manifest itself in a cost that will be much higher. No need to chase discounts and promotions. If the choice has settled on bimetallic radiators, it is better to make a purchase in specialized stores, where all the documentation for the products sold will be presented.

Panel radiators

There is a specific classification for panel radiators. The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is displayed as a digital value, from which it is already possible to understand what kind of radiator it is and what it contains. So, for example, position 22 indicates a two-row radiator with two convectors, and 30 - a three-row radiator with no convector, which are the batteries for heating an apartment.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

Panel heating radiators for an apartment are also distinguished by impressive options for choosing the size of products.


They fit even under a low window and fit into absolutely any room interior. Its height can be from 30 to 90 cm, and its length - 40-300 cm. Everything will depend on the final power for heating the room, as well as on the place of installation. If necessary, you can use a calculator to calculate the type of battery and its capacity.

Such radiators are connected with side or bottom connection. It is the model that will indicate a specific option for how to choose heating batteries for an apartment. Every little thing is taken into account when making a purchase.

Advantages and Negativity

Using panel radiators allows you to install their best and worst sides. This will ultimately play a role in the selection of specific products in the store. Among the advantages are:

  1. Due to the integrity of the radiators, installation is carried out in a short time. In addition, you can do it yourself. All that is required is to attach them to the wall brackets.

    The choice of heating radiators
    The choice of heating radiators
  2. High heat transfer rate. This most often becomes the main factor in favor of buying this particular option, and not sectional.
  3. When used in an autonomous heating system, they are economical. This is due to the circulation of a small amount of heat carrier inside the panels. Therefore, less energy is required to reach a certain temperature in the environment. If we compare, for example, with cast iron batteries, then the consumption is almost 40 percent less.
  4. Safety for children. When hitting such a radiator, they will not receive serious injuries due to the softness of the metal.
  5. Product elegance and style. There is no need to cover them with additional screens.

Regarding the minuses, we can say that most often they hide, if you approach it competently and wisely. They can even turn into pluses under certain conditions. The central heating system can cause water hammer inside the structure. All pressure drops negatively affect the radiators, which leads to their damage and failure. During operation, you can think about buying and installing a pressure reducer. So it is better to purchase this option of batteries if there is autonomy in heating.

The channels inside the radiators are very narrow, which leads to the need to purchase a high-quality and clean heat carrier. This also manifests itself strongly for central heating of rooms. Narrow channels will quickly clog up and will not be able to transfer heat.

At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the appearance. If modern heating radiators for an apartment are poorly painted or damaged, you can be sure that corrosion will appear on the metal in the near future. Damage to metal can result from improper transportation.

What to look for

When making a purchase of a product option and from any material, you should pay attention to certain points in order to answer which heating radiators to install in the apartment.

The choice of heating radiators
The choice of heating radiators

It will be easier with panel radiators, since their marking will already tell about the product. In addition to the type, each manufacturer can display dimensional information. The number of panels will affect the overall thickness. So three panels will create a thickness of 15-18 cm, and one - only 6. It is not always better to take two-panel radiators instead of one panel. The fact is that in the former, the rear part has a heat transfer capacity of about 60-70 percent of the front. In this case, the type of connection may differ: from the side or from the bottom. In addition, the repair process is somewhat different.

When making a purchase of aluminum or bimetallic radiators, attention is focused on certain points, including:

  • Working pressure in the heating system. For high-rise apartments from 16 floors, only bimetallic radiators are suitable.
  • Weight and structure of each section. The larger it is, the higher the quality and reliability. The likelihood of failure during water hammer is minimized. In addition, such walls are capable of providing higher heat transfer. Buying a light product will not do the trick. By reducing the thickness and weight, the manufacturer also reduces these parameters.

    The choice of heating radiators
    The choice of heating radiators
  • Heat carrier. Not always its quality can be used, for example, aluminum radiators. All data should be checked with the product passport before choosing an aluminum heating radiator for an apartment. The acidity of the coolant has a negative effect on the internal state of the walls, which leads to damage and the need to replace the sections.
  • Thread. The end of the threaded connections must not be filled with paint. Otherwise, you should immediately pay attention to other products. The quality of the connections will depend on the purity.
  • Painting. Special attention is paid to the appearance of each heating system product. It is better to get their packages when buying and inspect them carefully. Any sagging, paint roughness, burrs indicate poor quality work during production. Reduces the level of heat transfer and a significant layer of paint that can be felt. The warmest heating radiators for an apartment should be painted with a thin layer.
  • Vertical channel. It can be wide or narrow, thick or thin. It is better to pay attention to thick and wide ones, which will additionally be combined with increased heat transfer qualities.
  • Documentation. If a new heating system is already being purchased, the radiators must be supplied by leading manufacturers. At the time of purchase, it is not superfluous to require certificates of conformity, documents on the passage of tests. If the company's reputation is needed, he wants to preserve it, all this will be available. At the same time, not only the terms of warranty service will differ, but also the places where the call takes place in the event of a breakdown. Not every city will have service.

Paying attention to all these subtleties of acquiring a specific version of a radiator for a heating system, we can conclude that a really high-quality product, depending on the specific conditions of use. If you observe all the little details and nuances, including during installation, the batteries can last for a long period. You don't have to think in the future how to choose the right heating batteries for an apartment.

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