What Is The Best LED Lamp For Home

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Video: What Is The Best LED Lamp For Home

Video: What Is The Best LED Lamp For Home
Video: Why Are LED's Better? (Comparing different types of light bulbs) | Basic Electronics 2023, June
What Is The Best LED Lamp For Home
What Is The Best LED Lamp For Home
  • Power and savings on lighting
  • Colour temperature
  • Base type
  • Radiator in construction
  • Resource of work
  • Scattering angle
  • Box designations
  • Manufacturers
  • A few more points about LED lamps
  • Video on choosing LED lamps

A modern approach to organizing lighting in the house can be considered the use of LED lamps, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. This product has many parameters. They have an impact on energy consumption, product cost, lighting comfort and other qualities. That is why you should know how to choose an LED lamp correctly and what features different versions have.

Power and savings on lighting

Power has always been an important indicator for buyers when choosing any type of lamp. It is the power that affects the efficiency of organized lighting, as well as the degree of illumination of the room.

Value for money and savings on lamps. The only important question remains: the quality of LED lamps?
Value for money and savings on lamps. The only important question remains: the quality of LED lamps?

Many people decide to choose an LED lamp for an apartment due to the fact that incandescent lamps consume 5 times more electricity. This feature means that the regular 75W version can be replaced with a 5W LED.

LED lamps
LED lamps

For home lighting, a power of 6 to 8 watts is ideal. This range is considered analogous to conventional 60-watt incandescent lamps.

When considering the issue of power, you should also pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Recommended voltage indicator for LEDs 12-220 V.
  2. Light bulbs operating with a lower voltage indicator are used in rooms with a high humidity indicator, for example, in a bathroom.
  3. A decrease in the operating voltage indicator does not lead to a decrease in the amount of energy consumed.

Answering the question of how to choose an LED lamp in terms of power, it is worth considering the pattern: the option with a tungsten filament consumes 5 times more energy.

Saving electricity
Saving electricity

Colour temperature

If incandescent lamps have approximately the same lighting color, then LEDs are classified according to a rather important indicator - the color temperature of the diode. At the same time, according to this indicator, the following groups of lamps can be distinguished:

  1. Warm color.
  2. Neutral.
  3. Cool color.

How to choose the right LED lamp for the indicator in question? According to the statistics carried out, the most suitable versions for the house are those that have a yellowish glow. Often these colors are listed on the box as “warm white” or “soft white”. But for the office and industrial premises, it is customary to buy with bright daylight.

Base type

When making a choice of LED lamps by the type of base, you need to consider the following nuances:

  1. Like incandescent lamps, LEDs have different base types. Many chandeliers have an E27 base.
  2. The spotlights have a GU 5.3 base.
  3. E27 and E14 threads are used in wall sconces and in nightlights.

In addition, the shape of the light source can be very diverse: from the standard version to pear-shaped or spiral shapes.

LED lamp base types
LED lamp base types

Radiator in construction

The installed radiator cools the structure by removing heat from the heating elements. If there are types of LED lamps for the home that do not have a cooling system in the form of an aluminum surface with fins, then this version should be bypassed.

In some cases, plastic is used instead of aluminum. This is done to reduce the cost of production. However, it is also not worth paying attention to such a solution when the cooling radiator is made of plastic. This is due to the fact that the thermal conductivity of plastic is much lower; with strong heating, it begins to melt.

Frosted glass, which is often used in production, does not make it possible to understand whether there is a radiator cooling in the design and what type it is. Therefore, such options are also not worth buying.

Resource of work

When choosing LED lamps, many are interested in how long it can work. When choosing an LED lamp for your home, it is worth remembering that products from well-known manufacturers can last about 50 thousand hours.

However, modern diodes have one feature - over time, their performance deteriorates, the quality of the glow drops significantly.

When buying, you should clarify the moment of warranty for these products. The warranty period is about 3-5 years. The type of warranty that applies to the product in question provides for its replacement if it fails. Domestic manufacturers of LED lamps for the home rarely give a guarantee for more than 3 years. No breakdowns were observed during this period. However, there are manufacturers who do not give a product guarantee at all. Such options should be bypassed.

Scattering angle

An important selection criterion is the angle of light scattering. With the wrong choice for this parameter, the lighting efficiency will significantly decrease.

When considering the scattering angle parameter, note the following:

  1. The incidence of light at an angle of 30 0 is a focused version, which has all the diodes located in the same plane. Most suitable for table lamps.
  2. Light incidence at an angle of 60 0 is the most common version, which is installed in chandeliers. Such an angle allows you to choose products with the most optimal power, since with an increase in the scattering angle, the power also increases to improve the degree of illumination of the room.
  3. Light incidence at an angle of 90 0 - in this case, the LEDs are located in different planes and form several rows. It is used when lighting large rooms when there are very few light sources. Due to strong dissipation, they have high power.

    Illumination angle of LED lamp
    Illumination angle of LED lamp

If you decide which LED lamps are best for the house according to the classification considered above, you should take into account the number of lighting points, their purpose, placement heights. The best option is light incidence at an angle of 60 0.

Box designations

Not all manufacturers carry out the application of information on the box in the prescribed manner. Most popular manufacturers display the following information:

  1. Power.
  2. Information about the company that carries out the production.
  3. The resource of work, which is confirmed by the guarantee.
  4. Base type.
  5. Color rendering index.
  6. A color temperature that is reflected in the color of light.
  7. Light flow.
  8. Manufacturer barcode.

If some information is missing, such a phenomenon can be considered an indicator of poor product quality. It is according to the information printed on the packaging that the consumer makes a choice. The marking of LED lamps does not reflect their basic qualities and, often, is carried out by the manufacturer for internal production accounting. In addition, when choosing, you should pay attention to the assembly: if there are large gaps, irregularities or external defects, this option should not be purchased. Learn more about the quality of LED lamps.


All of the above features depend on which company is the manufacturer. It is important to note that foreign and domestic manufacturers mainly produce high-quality products, but still there is a rating of LED lamps for the home for this indicator.

According to the research carried out, the most popular manufacturers are:

  1. Philips.
  2. Nichia.
  3. Osram.
  4. CREE.
  5. GAUSS.

Quite a lot of positive reviews can be found about the products of the MAXUS company. They give the longest warranty period for their lamps at a relatively low price. Among domestic manufacturers, the attention is paid to the company "Svetlana-Optoelectronica" and "Optogan".


A few more points about LED lamps

Be aware that conventional LED bulbs are not dimmable and do not work with dimmers. For these purposes, a different type of lamp is used.

The important indicators, which are rarely paid attention to, include the light transmission coefficient and compatibility with the dimmer. Ongoing testing of LED lamps for the house show that CRI should be at least 80 for bright lighting. The highest figure can be considered 95, but such options are quite expensive. You can check how high-quality products the manufacturer in question produces by comparing the light transmission coefficient and the cost: if it is high, and the price of the product is low, then it is a fake.

Dimmer - a device for smoothly adjusting the level of lighting in a room. For such a system, special LED lamps are produced. If you purchase an option that is not intended for use in this system, the regulator and LEDs will quickly fail.

Every year the lamps under consideration are becoming more popular, which can be attributed to the constant increase in the price of electricity. That is why the number of fakes on sale is constantly growing. When choosing, you should use the above tips and then the purchased products will last for many years. The main question remains this is the reliability of LED lamps, we recommend watching a video about this, thanks to which you become a specialist.

Video on choosing LED lamps

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