Which Tile For An Apron In The Kitchen Is Better: Tips, Photos, Videos

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Video: Which Tile For An Apron In The Kitchen Is Better: Tips, Photos, Videos

Video: Which Tile For An Apron In The Kitchen Is Better: Tips, Photos, Videos
Video: Bathroom and Kitchen Tile || My Top Tile Tips || 2023, September
Which Tile For An Apron In The Kitchen Is Better: Tips, Photos, Videos
Which Tile For An Apron In The Kitchen Is Better: Tips, Photos, Videos
  • What is an apron for?
  • Tile selection
  • What kind of tiles to use
  • Tile size
  • Coating type
  • Tile relief
  • Tile color and patterns

One of the main questions when decorating a kitchen is which tile for an apron in the kitchen is best suited? In total, cladding is one of the main processes of repair, and it depends on it how the room will be perceived upon completion of the repair work. In addition, the durability of the coating also depends on the quality of the selected materials. Note that the part of the wall located above the stove, sink and kitchen table is the most vulnerable, and most of all exposed to pollution and adverse factors. That is why you should pay special attention to the finishing of this area.

which tile for the apron is better
which tile for the apron is better

What is an apron for?

Before deciding which tile for an apron in the kitchen, it is best to understand why this area needs to be tiled at all. In a nutshell, this is the area that is most susceptible to negative effects.

Among the advantages of cladding with ceramic materials, the following are noted:

  1. The most reliable wall protection over the entire coverage area.
  2. Increased strength and wear resistance of the surface.
  3. The coating itself has a high level of vapor and moisture resistance.
  4. In addition, the ceramic coating is as hygienic and environmentally friendly as possible.
  5. It is also worth noting the good aesthetic qualities, which helps to create unique decorations on the wall.
  6. And the last thing worth noting is the ease of care and operation.
selection of tiles for the apron
selection of tiles for the apron

Thus, a properly selected material for cladding, as well as full compliance with the laying technology, will determine a long operational period of the coating. And, in addition, such a surface will provide reliable protection against the spread of bacteria and fungus on the wall, and will also decorate the room quite effectively.

Tile selection

Now let's move on directly to solving the question, which tile to choose for the apron? And first of all, we note what you need to pay attention to when choosing, and this is a certain number of factors, including:

  1. Material type.
  2. Tile sizes.
  3. Coating type.
  4. Relief of the material.
  5. Color and pattern.

And now we will consider each of the proposed factors separately in more detail.

What kind of tiles to use

The first question is, of course, the choice of the type of material from which the tiles are made. In part, it is this factor that will determine the long-term service of the coating. Note that there is a small load on the apron, compared to the floor, but at the same time the level of impact is much higher when compared to standard walls.

This is due to constant temperature fluctuations and pollution, which a poor-quality coating cannot cope with. In addition, the coating of the apron is exposed to daily acids, as well as to many types of household chemicals, which is why the tile for the apron must be able to withstand such exposure.

backsplash tiles in the kitchen
backsplash tiles in the kitchen

In particular, the surface must be immune to the effects of temperatures, changes in the state of the microclimate, it must be easy to clean and withstand hot water, chemical compounds and fats.

Tile size

What size tiles to choose for the kitchen depends directly on the room itself. To begin with, you can sketch the layout on paper and roughly imagine how it will look. There can be three tile options in total:

  1. Square.
  2. Rectangular
  3. Mosaic.

But there are a number of recommendations that should be considered in any case, in particular:

  1. In small rooms it is strongly not recommended to use large tiles, which will further reduce the room (visually, of course). The ideal option in such would be to use a square-shaped tile with a small area.
  2. Using rectangular tiles, you can visually increase the space. Considering horizontal masonry, the width visually increases, in the case of the vertical one, respectively, the height. In addition, using such a material, you can imitate brickwork, which will look quite impressive and elegant.

    rectangular apron tile
    rectangular apron tile
  3. With the help of mosaics, you can create a rather interesting apron design. Decorate with unusual colors, and in addition, the material can also be used on the countertop.
  4. For large rooms, you can choose large tiles, which will make them more cozy and elegant.

When considering the number of tiles to buy, one should consider the pattern, type of installation and area of the zone. The ideal layout of the apron is full coverage of the area above the working area, where there is no additional headset. When calculating the quantity, it is necessary to take a margin of 10-15%, taking into account the possible marriage and broken tiles.

Coating type

The next factor is the choice of the type of coating, in particular, we are talking about the decision to select a glossy tile or matte. Each of the species is good in its own way, and what to opt for should be decided based on the characteristics inherent in the materials. First of all, it is about the ability to resist pollution or minimize it.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Among the advantages of a glossy finish:

  1. It looks impressive and allows you to create a rather beautiful interior.
  2. Such tiles are inherent in giving visual clarity.
  3. Allows you to make the room visually more illuminated by reflecting light.
  4. It is quite easy to clean from dirt.
glossy tiles in the kitchen
glossy tiles in the kitchen

Speaking of material shortcomings:

  1. Every drop and speck of dirt will be as visible as possible on the coating.
  2. Requires more thorough care and constant washing.
  3. If grease has frozen on the surface or plaque spots have appeared, it will be almost impossible to remove them.

And now about matte tiles:

  1. When dirty, tiles do not lose their appearance.
  2. There are practically no hand and fingerprints on it, as well as small defects.
  3. But at the same time, due to its porous structure, it can absorb grease and dirt, which will be quite difficult to remove.
matte tiles in the kitchen
matte tiles in the kitchen

That is why the choice between gloss and matte finish will be determined by your desire, on the one hand, with gloss, you need to constantly wipe the tiles from splashes, on the other hand, with a matte finish, remove grease after a while.

Tile relief

Now it's time to figure out the relief of the tiles, which should be selected taking into account all the features of the kitchen. Here, the main factor is that the tiles are getting dirty over the countertop quite quickly, and therefore the choice of embossed material is practically unacceptable.

Even taking into account the fact that the embossed coating looks much more spectacular and arouses interest, in the case of the kitchen this means less than cleanliness and ease of care. Think for yourself, daily cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, and all this in total poses a threat to the coating, to a greater extent to its pollution.

embossed tiles in the kitchen
embossed tiles in the kitchen

Thus, even wiping the tiles every time, it is not always possible to completely clean them of contamination, thus, after a short period of time, the apron will turn into a breeding ground for dirt, which will be very difficult and sometimes impossible to clean.

Naturally, it is worth considering the type of relief. For example, looking at tiles with shallow depressions, it is worth saying that they get dirty quite quickly, but at the same time they are easy to clean. But speaking of more complex shapes, for example, porous tiles, it just becomes a hell of a dream. That is why it is best to choose a perfectly smooth surface, it is more hygienic and much easier to clean.

But note that you should not completely discard this option, for example, you can perform embossed decoration in those places where the level of pollution is close to zero compared to the space above the table and stove. In particular, you can consider this option even in the case when you practically do not use the kitchen.

Tile color and patterns

And the last thing we look at is the appearance of the tiles. The exact color of the tiles in the kitchen will depend on the overall impression of this room. At the same time, you can focus on certain areas and hide the shortcomings of others. In particular, the choice of color depends on a number of factors. Popular design options include:

  1. Execution of the apron in white.
  2. Adjustment to the color of the furniture.
  3. Focusing on individual work areas.
  4. A popular option is plain color.
  5. In addition, cladding is often done to match other surfaces, floors, walls or ceilings.

And note, whichever tile is chosen, one factor should be considered and adhered to. Without fail, the apron must correspond in design with one of the decor and interior elements. In most cases, fitting is done to fit the headset. Also popular is the design for the style of household appliances.

tiles with a pattern for the kitchen
tiles with a pattern for the kitchen

You can also create a unique design using drawings and photo prints. Of course, such a solution will cost a little more, but at the same time it will give a rather spectacular appearance, while unique.

In conclusion, let us say that in addition to choosing a tile, it is worth considering its correct laying. You can find out how to put tiles on an apron in a separate material. And now we offer you to watch several videos, which show the options for the design of the apron, perhaps you will like something.


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