How To Choose A Construction Gas Gun For Installation, Reviews And Videos Of The Owners

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Video: How To Choose A Construction Gas Gun For Installation, Reviews And Videos Of The Owners

Video: How To Choose A Construction Gas Gun For Installation, Reviews And Videos Of The Owners
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How To Choose A Construction Gas Gun For Installation, Reviews And Videos Of The Owners
How To Choose A Construction Gas Gun For Installation, Reviews And Videos Of The Owners
  • What is the Hilti GX 120 assembly unit?
  • Tool packaging
  • Hilty GX 120 case
  • Pros and cons of the unit
  • Construction gun Toua GSN65
  • Equipment
  • Performance
  • More budgetary option - Aiken MGN 850C Gas
  • What's in the box?
  • Housing
  • Functionality
  • High price and decent quality
  • Professional advice

An overview of the most popular models of gas assembly guns according to performance, price, configuration and cost of the shot. What models does the modern market of assembly building devices offer us? Advantages and disadvantages of Hilti GX 120, Toua GSN65, Aiken MGN 850C Gas, Spit Pulsa 700 units. Professional advice on choosing a product. The assembly gun is designed for driving dowel-nails into a wall of stone, brick, metal or concrete. This tool is widely used in construction for quick and easy fastening of various utilities, boxes, and other elements during the construction of objects.

The gas nailer has many advantages:

  • fixed adjustment of the shot force, without damaging the fastened parts;
  • high speed of work;
  • suitable for fastening thin and delicate items;
  • has proven itself very well for the installation of drywall profiles.

One of the representatives of the high-quality and high-performance tools in the line of fastening guns - Hilti GX 120, durable, reliable, visually attractive and justified in terms of price.

What is the Hilti GX 120 assembly unit?

assembly gun hilty
assembly gun hilty

Pneumatic assembly gun for concrete, silicate bricks, steel, metal products, and masonry. It has a solid body, despite its high technical parameters, it weighs about 4 kg, easy to operate and perfectly balanced.

The charge indicator LED pre-informs about the end of gas, which helps to prevent unexpected battery shutdowns. The gas injection system is reliable, meets all the wishes of the owner. There is a universal system for operating the unit in a wide temperature range. The body of the product is stylish, attractive, functional, thanks to its streamlined design, it is easy to fix elements even in the most difficult-to-reach corners.

The store has:

  • 40 fasteners;
  • 750 mounts from one gas cylinder.

That's decent performance on a range of concrete nailers.

Tool packaging

The device is delivered in a plastic shock-resistant suitcase, in addition to the main unit, it contains consumables, gas cartridges and nails. The red color of the gun body makes it stand out from other similar products, which makes the hilti gas nailer more recognizable and popular in the mounting equipment market. The package also includes a support leg, an X-120 NP nail removal kit, a factory cleaning cloth, earplugs, goggles to protect against debris, and installation instructions.

Attention: packaging of nails and gas cylinders are purchased separately, and all because for each base material, concrete, steel, block, stone, brick, there are different fixing clips.

The manufacturer (Hilty) includes an X-120 NP puncher in the delivery set of the gun, which is designed to remove stuck nails from the head of the product. According to numerous user reviews, such situations practically do not arise, but if there is this unit, then it is necessary!

Safety goggles of high quality, made in Germany, in addition to them, the master must put on a helmet on the head, which must be at every construction site.

The operating instructions tell you in detail how to use the assembly gun, select the correct fasteners, and eliminate possible malfunctions. Unauthorized unwinding and self-repair is not recommended, for this there is a service department, as well as professional consulting centers.

The brochure contains a detailed description of all the technical characteristics of the device, there are black-and-white step-by-step pictures of fixing the fasteners, the rules for charging the tool, and informative general information.

Hilty GX 120 case

The gas assembly gun for concrete of this manufacturer looks quite massive, but at the same time it weighs only 3.8 kg. There is an adjusting belt hook, the support leg makes it much easier to work with the tool.

Pros and cons of the unit

Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting reliability, high speed of work on attaching various elements, hammered nails hold firmly and reliably on all base materials, it will not be possible to tear off the suspension with hands even with pressure. Installation of structures is carried out without dust, but you do not need to neglect safety conditions - glasses should always be used when working with a pistol.

There is a power switch for the shot, which is very useful in the work.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the product, then we can call the sound of a shot too loud, but if you use headphones, you can endure it. Service and repair only from officials, consumables only original cost which is higher than competitors. The cost of a gas assembly gun is quite high, given that the unit is purchased separately from consumables, and in general the amount is from 60,000 rubles. Can you find something cheaper, but with similar high technical characteristics?


Construction gun Toua GSN65

Toua GSN65
Toua GSN65

The toua gas nailer is intended for use on concrete, metal and masonry surfaces. When installing drywall, stretch ceilings, waterproofing membranes, plywood, nails from 15 to 65 mm are used. The magazine capacity is 40 nails; a gas cylinder gives 1000 shots per charge.

The weight is per kilogram more than the previous model, but the dimensions are more modest - 380 x 375 x 122 mm, compared to 431 x 134 x 192 mm. They say that the larger the instrument, the easier it is to work with it, but it all depends on the base material and the complexity of the installation.


The delivery includes a concrete nail gun, 2 rechargeable batteries, charger, 220V AC-6V DC adapter, operating instructions, packaging.


From the Toua GSN40A model, the GSN65 product differs in high power, 120 J versus 90 J, an increased magazine for nails, 20-40. It is possible to use nails with a larger diameter - 2.5 - 3.7. A hammered nail can withstand a load of up to 80 kg, the shot is strictly at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface.

The toua gas-operated nailer is not tied to the mains power supply, unlike the rotary hammer, which means that the productivity of work on the construction site is increased. The spout of the device is adjusted separately, which allows deeper penetration into the material.

The battery is removable; if necessary, it can be replaced with a spare one without stopping the work process. The power of the device is regulated automatically, there is a light indicator of the battery charging.

The cost of such a unit is 35-40,000 rubles. For a price of about 30,000 rubles, you can buy a Makita gn900 gas assembly gun, it is narrowly focused, designed to work only on wood, respectively, the length of the nails is 50-90 mm, and the energy of the shot is 85 J


More budgetary option - Aiken MGN 850C Gas

construction gun Aiken MGN
construction gun Aiken MGN

Its cost does not go beyond 25,000 rubles. The aiken gas assembly gun has a shot energy of 85 J, the length of nails is from 15 to 40 mm, and the diameter is up to 3 mm. Magazine capacity is standard - 40 pcs., 1000 rounds from one cylinder.

The device can be used in various temperature conditions, from minus five to plus fifty, weight - 3.5 kg.

What's in the box?

Among the standard elements, two charges, instructions, a pistol and a power supply are earplugs on strings, a tube of transparent oil for lubrication, a 4 mm imbus wrench, a spare barrel cap and a wick for a gas cylinder.


The assembly is decent, the plastic is smooth, the rubber is solid and durable, the model is easy to use, a reliable handle and case adjustment locks. Nice scarlet color, practical barrel.


If we compare this unit with the previous ones, then the cost of one shot is 2 rubles, and not 8 or 15 for a toua or hilti. Calling the advantages of this model, it should be noted:

  • installation safety, pieces fly strictly along the plane;
  • there are service centers in every city;
  • one battery charge gives 4000 shots;
  • all expenditure is interchangeable.

Of course, when compared with Hilty, the aiken gas assembly gun has a weaker blow, there are more troublesome lotions in the kit, grease, keys, an additional battery, but at a cost - aiken is more affordable and widespread.

You can buy a gas mounting gun for concrete MM 40B for 20,000 rubles. What do we get in return?

  1. Low cost of a shot, up to 0.80 kopecks.
  2. Independence from hoses and electricity, however, like other models.
  3. The store holds 40 pieces. nails.
  4. Shot energy - 85 J.
  5. One gas cylinder gives 1000 shots.

Yes, the indicators are decent, but this unit can only be used for concrete and metal surfaces. The low cost is due to the weak power and the lack of a spare battery. It is necessary to carefully monitor the battery charge, and if it is absent, the user's work will stop for a while. It will take 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the device.

Such a mounting gun for concrete will be appropriate for short-term use, fastening frames without reinforcement on objects and load on the unit.


High price and decent quality

Assembly gun Spit Pulsa 700
Assembly gun Spit Pulsa 700

Among the most expensive gas assembly guns are the Spit Pulsa 700 or 800 multi-charge units.

What is their feature, and what justifies such a high price, from 70,000 rubles?

The pistols are designed to work with any surfaces, they work from a battery and a gas cartridge. The stroke length of the piston head is mechanically adjustable, which allows you to fix the desired amount of insertion of the nail, thus preventing surface deformation or penetration through.

This gas gun for concrete, steel, brick, wood, plastered masonry, hollow blocks, has a high power with automatic adjustment of the firing force. Model 700 R is designed to work with a drywall profile, has a separate marking and is a narrow profile.

Spit Pulsa 700 is an indestructible thing, practical and attractive outer case, designed for long-term construction tasks. The model comes with a very expensive expense, which will not always be affordable for the user. The nails fit the Chinese model, but the gas is only original.

If we compare this unit and the Hilty gx 120 gas assembly gun, we should note their low weight, 3.6-3.8 kg, almost the same dimensions, magazine capacity - 40 pieces, the same high performance up to 3 rounds per second.

Of course, the materials with which the Spit Pulsa 700 assembly gun works are more diverse, but if you take the tool for individual use, then the Hilty 120 version will be just right



Professional advice

When choosing a gas nail gun for concrete, it is important to be guided not by the popularity of the product, but by the type of consumable and purpose.

Advantages of gas nailers (pistols):

  • unit autonomy and good ergonomics;
  • high impact power;
  • moderate weight;
  • ease of use;
  • low force of pressing the trigger;
  • adjustment, multifunctionality of the device, which can successfully replace a punch, drill, hammer, etc.

Sometimes you need to pay more than $ 1000 per unit for a gas assembly gun, but its high performance justifies even this nuance, especially when the construction is large-scale and the lines are strictly regulated.

Many users prefer the Hilty GX 120 model, reviews of the gas assembly gun in most cases are positive, which indicates its strength, safety of use, and high performance. Such a unit will be indispensable for personal use, as well as for large-scale construction sites and assembly plants.

What else can this model offer you - see the video below about the Hilti GX 120 gas assembly gun.

Good luck in your work and success in all your endeavors!

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