An Overview Of Popular Electric Tile And Tile Cutters

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Video: An Overview Of Popular Electric Tile And Tile Cutters

Video: An Overview Of Popular Electric Tile And Tile Cutters
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An Overview Of Popular Electric Tile And Tile Cutters
An Overview Of Popular Electric Tile And Tile Cutters
  • Types and main parameters of electric tile cutters
  • Choosing a manual electric tile cutter
  • Diamond circular saw PIT PDM110-C
  • Circular saw STAVR PE-115/1400
  • Interskol OM-115/1300
  • Diold REP-1,3-110
  • Diamond cutter Bosch GDC 125
  • Choosing a professional electric tile cutter
  • Electric tile cutter Helmut FS200H
  • Electric tile cutter Sturm! TC9822U
  • Stone cutting machine RUBI DU-200-L-BL
  • Stationary tile cutter ZUBR ZEP-1100S

One of the most demanded facing materials for interior decoration of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets remains ceramic tiles. Due to the large assortment selection, it not only allows you to implement any design ideas, but is also firmly associated with such qualities as practicality and durability.

Working with ceramic tiles requires not only certain skills, but also choosing an electric tile cutting machine. Therefore, a prerequisite for high-quality cladding of various surfaces is the availability of a tile cutting tool.

But which tile cutter is better for this: cheap or professional? - we will try to figure it out in this article. To do this, we will review the popular electric tile cutters.

Types and main parameters of electric tile cutters

To answer the question of how to choose an electric tile cutter, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the existing types of equipment and their main technical parameters.

By design, two types are distinguished - these are:

  • manual electric tile cutters,
  • electric tile cutting machines.

This review of electric tile cutters will consist in comparing their main technical parameters, such as:

  • power consumption,
  • cutting blade speed,
  • dimensions,
  • working weight of the equipment.

And also consider which is the best electric tile cutter based on the overall configuration and features in relation to their market price.

To do this, we will make a rating of electric manual tile cutters separately by category and an overview of popular electric machine-type tile cutters. In order not to repeat ourselves, we will summarize the main results of the review in a table, and analyze the features, pros and cons for each model separately.

Choosing a manual electric tile cutter


Since this segment can initially be called more of a tool than a proud word of equipment, and all due to the fact that manual electric tile cutters, although they are designed according to their technical characteristics for cutting ceramic tiles and natural stone, should not be expected to have a particularly high-quality cut. From here we will build a description to select the best cheap electric tile cutter from the models offered on the market today.

At its core, a manual electric tile cutter is a mobile circular saw, only somewhat specialized and with a diamond disc, therefore, the name of a hand-held circular saw for concrete is often present in the price lists.

Hand-held electric tile cutters are intended for dry and wet cutting of ceramic tiles. They are well suited to a set of home tools, as despite the colorful advertising slogans when selling, they are not suitable for large volumes of work. From long and continuous work, a small diamond saw quickly becomes blunt and the electric motor can overheat with the ensuing consequences.

This type of tile cutter consists of a mechanical gear, made in the form of a metal case together with a protective casing and an electric motor, packed in durable plastic resistant to mechanical damage, from which a comfortable handle with a built-in switch is also made.

To give stability when cutting ceramic tiles, a stamped steel plate is attached to the body of a manual electric tile cutter, which makes it possible to change the angle of inclination from 45 to 90 degrees and allows you to adjust the cutting depth.

The summary table shows the main technical characteristics for comparing the most budget models of tile cutters.










GDC 125

power, kWt 1,2 1.4 1,3 1,2 1,3
Disk rotation frequency, rpm 12000 13000 13000 10000 12000
Machine weight, kg 3.1 3.2 3.0 3.0 2.7
Dimensions, mm 250x210x205 245x220x210 255x230x228 230x205x190 220x210x195
Outer / inner diameter of the disc, mm 110/20 115/20 115/20 115/22 125 / 22.23
Maximum cutting depth at an angle of 90 °, mm thirty 34 37 34 40
Estimated market value, rubles 3000 3500 4500 5000 12000

Diamond circular saw PIT PDM110-C

The PIT PDM110-C circular diamond saw is by far the cheapest of all truly workable models. As it is written in the advertisement, the tool is designed to work with stone and similar materials, but nevertheless, let's make a reservation right away that it is not recommended to use it for cutting ceramic tiles thicker than 8 mm.


With the promised power of 1.2 kW and 12,000 rpm, which is quite a lot for such an attractive price, the PIT PDM110 manual tile cutter has quite standard advantages in the form of:

  • robust metal casing designed to protect
  • quick access to carbon brushes,
  • adjustment of the cutting angle from 0 to 45 degrees,
  • power buttons with blocking,
  • the ability to adjust the cutting depth up to 30 mm.

The package includes a diamond disc and keys along with the saw, which is enough to get started.

Of the minuses, there is no factory fixture for wet cutting of ceramic tiles. Respectively dust and rapid wear of the wheel.

Circular saw STAVR PE-115/1400

Do not be deceived by the old Russian consonance of Stavr in the name of the manufacturer's company, like most cheap power tools, the PE-115/1400 model is made in China.

In addition to the power tool itself, the delivery set for such a price will give you: socket and wrenches, a spare set of carbon brushes, a diamond disc, a piece of hose with adapters and a tap. For the budgetary cost of the tool, this is just a smart package.

STAVR PE-115/1400
STAVR PE-115/1400

The STAVR PE-115 / 1400K manual electric tile cutter has a quite standard layout, and the features include only the factory set with a device for supplying water.

Despite its budgetary cost, the Stavr PE-115/1400 model has quite outstanding characteristics, such as high declared power and high revs, while the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty, although at this price it is clearly being very cunning. This is probably all of the pros.

The disadvantages include the small diameter of the cutting disc of 110 mm, which, as a result, at such high speeds will lead to its rapid wear and increase in operating costs.

The main thing to look out for when choosing an inexpensive electric manual tile cutter is a water-cooled disc.

Interskol OM-115/1300

The Interskol OM-115/1300 manual cut-off diamond saw is assembled at a Russian plant and has a convenient design, albeit with a small, but still excess weight than that of classmates. This characteristic of "excess weight" is, perhaps, typical for all equipment manufactured in Russia, therefore we will consider it a guarantee of increased structural strength.

For very modest money, you will find in the package additionally: an operating manual, a safety instruction, a diamond disc, an adapter ring for 22 mm diameter, two wrenches for adjustments and that's it.

Model Interskol OM-115/1300 has quite good characteristics, such as a powerful engine and high revs, which is very good for such a low price.

The distinctive features of this model will be:

  • increased protection against dust of motor bearings and gearboxes,
  • 4 meters of power cord,
  • convenient power button with a lock,
  • rubberized handle.

A clear drawback is the complete absence of additional devices for supplying water to the cut site, although the external device of the case, perhaps, will not be afraid of a homemade stream of water from a plastic bottle. But here is the question of the moisture resistance of the motor.

Diold REP-1,3-110

A graduate of the Smolensk plant, the electric tile cutter Diold REP 1.3-110 is intended for dry and wet cutting of ceramic tile products in domestic conditions. The manufacturer honestly points to this, while also drawing attention to the fact that in intensive mode the tool can work no more than 30 minutes, after which it must "rest".

This model has optimal dimensions, which are slightly increased due to the strong steel platform and the fixture attached to it for supplying cooling water directly to the cutting blade. The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the product at ambient temperatures from + 35⁰C to -15⁰C, although it does not indicate how to supply water at negative temperatures.

Tile cutter Diold REP-1,3-110
Tile cutter Diold REP-1,3-110

In addition to the tile cutter, the package must contain: an operating manual, a cutting disc, carbon brushes, a water supply unit, a tube, a fitting, a screw, a hexagon and a box wrench. For an inexpensive model, this is almost a complete package.

With good external quality of the product, the declared power and revs are slightly lower than those of similar models, and the price is slightly higher. This, first of all, suggests that the manufacturer is simply honest with the buyer and indicates the true characteristics, and does not try to immediately advertise the product. If not for a small cutting disc of only 110 mm in diameter, then according to reviews this model is the best compromise of price and quality.

Diamond cutter Bosch GDC 125

No, we were not mistaken in including the Bosch GDC 125 model in our review of the best cheap electric tile cutters. This is the cheapest model on the market for professional power tools in this segment.

Compared to other models, the Bosch GDC 125 tile cutter not only has the most compact dimensions for its 1.3 kW of power, but also a significantly lower weight of 2.7 kg, which indicates a reasonable design. This, together with the guaranteed by the manufacturer the possibility of continuous operation of the tool, will greatly contribute to an increase in labor productivity.

Bosch GDC 125 overview
Bosch GDC 125 overview

The main advantage of the Bosch GDC 125 tile cutter is the ability to work with diamond cutting wheels with a diameter of 125 mm and a conveniently located spindle lock button.

This model has practically no drawbacks, with the exception of the absence of the same diamond cutting wheel in the delivery set, but the far from budget price is quite payback if the tool is purchased for professional activities.


For relatively small volumes and infrequent use, a manual electric tile cutter for working with ceramic tiles is quite suitable for you. This category of diamond saws has a number of significant advantages, namely:

  • compact size,
  • absolute mobility,
  • the ability to make curved cuts.

And the possibility of replacing the diamond blade with a saw for wood or a cutting wheel for metal makes this category of power tools universal, especially for use in the household.

Choosing a professional electric tile cutter

Since we have touched on the topic of a professional tool with the Bosch model, for this we will make a small overview of the popular electric machine-type tile cutters.

Stationary electric tile cutters are intended for professional use in cutting ceramic tiles and natural stone. They are used both on construction sites and for private use.

In order to answer the question of how to choose an electric water-cooled tile cutting machine, you need to understand that they are produced in two types:

  • with the upper movable arrangement of the electric motor,
  • with a bottom stationary electric motor.

The structure of the first type is a frame fixed on legs, under which there is a tray for water drainage. Above the bed, on strong stands, there is a guide bar, along which a carriage with an electric motor and a diamond cutting disc, fixed on it, moves. For this type of tile cutters, an additional water pump and an upper supply of coolant to the cutting wheel are provided in the design.

With a bottom-mounted electric motor, the tile cutters are a compact desktop design, somewhat reminiscent of a small circular saw for wood. Only for special specialization, the design provides for a guide plane adjustable in height and angle of inclination, along which the ceramic tile is moved relative to a fixed cutting disc. Cooling is usually carried out naturally by partially immersing the bottom of the cutting wheel in the water bath that is the base of the machine.

A good rating of water-cooled electric tile cutters from this small review will not work, but it is quite possible to get a general idea of some of the distinguishing features.

To begin with, we present a summary table of the main technical characteristics of models selected from the beginning of the list of popular positions in a standard search engine, so that you yourself can decide which tile cutter is better to buy.

Helmut FS200H Sturm! TC9822U RUBI




Power, W 800 1200 730 1100
Spindle speed, rpm 2950 2950 2750 2950
Machine weight, kg 38.4 31.6 27.5 39.1
Dimensions, mm 1150x500x470 1360x560x385 1050x450x395 1100x490x420
Disc diameter, mm / Landing diameter, mm 200 / 25.4 230 / 25.4 200 / 25.4 250 / 25.4
Table size, mm 800 x 400 1170 x 394 600 x 370 600 x 395
Cutting length, mm / cutting depth, mm 720/35 920/48 600/32 520/62
Estimated market value, rubles 22,000 15000 23000 18000

And in the comments to this table, we will analyze only the advantages and disadvantages of the selected machine models.

Electric tile cutter Helmut FS200H

The Helmut FS200H tile cutter is characterized for the better:

  • Rigid frame and robust pendulum saw design
  • wheels for easy movement;
  • large cutting table.
Review review Helmut FS200H
Review review Helmut FS200H

Specifications of different models


The disadvantages of this model include: a not very powerful electric motor and, as a consequence, a relatively small cut-off wheel in outer diameter. But there is a wide range of models with different characteristics.

The set for such an initial price is more than modest and includes: a tray for a drain of water; stops for angle and tilt adjustment, rubber cover, cutting disc and feet with wheels.

Electric tile cutter Sturm! TC9822U

It is not just the best electric tile cutter in our review of all the models presented, but also the cheapest. So he has the pros:

  • powerful electric motor,
  • modest weight,
  • maximum length of cut is almost a meter long,
  • large diameter cut-off wheel,
  • quick-detachable supports.

Has popular 2 models with excellent characteristics.

Sturm TC9822U review
Sturm TC9822U review

The disadvantages include the airiness of the structure, which makes it problematic to work with heavy artificial or natural stone, as well as the cheap quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the structure.

In the complete set for the machine you will receive: a slope angle rail, two wrenches, plugs for a water bath, stands with rubberized soles and fixing screws.

Stone cutting machine RUBI DU-200-L-BL

The RUBI DU-200-L electric cutter, according to the manufacturer, is designed for medium workloads and small volumes of work. Its features include:

  • a light weight,
  • the presence of 4 tapered bearings in the movable carriage of the cutting mechanism,
  • a water pump with a power of 8 watts, complete with a valve for adjusting the flow of water depending on the thickness of the ceramic tiles,
  • capacious water pan with a volume of 17 liters,
  • folding legs,
  • comfortable table height of 90 cm.
RUBI DU-200-L overview
RUBI DU-200-L overview

The difference between the models:

  • Model DU-200-L - table size: 850 × 400 mm.
  • Model DU-200-L-BL - table size: 1000 × 400 mm.

Despite the relatively high price, there are certain disadvantages, which include a weak electric motor, a small diameter of the cutting wheel and the absence of edges at the edges of the cutting table, which leads to constant water leaks on the floor during operation. But in general, as a machine for cutting porcelain tiles is good.

With the machine you will get a cutting diamond wheel with a diameter of 200 mm and a wrench.

The downside is perhaps the price that is overpriced for the brand.

Stationary tile cutter ZUBR ZEP-1100S

The only Russian representative in our review, the ZUBR ZEP-1100S tile cutter has very good technical characteristics for its more than modest price.

We will consider the advantages of the Russian tile cutter:

  • powerful electric motor,
  • large diameter cut-off wheel as much as 250 mm,
  • increased cutting depth of 62 mm,
  • compact size.
ZUBR ZEP-1100S review
ZUBR ZEP-1100S review

The disadvantages of this model include a modest-sized cutting table and an insufficiently strong structure of the machine as a whole, which will significantly affect the working capabilities of the machine.

The scope of delivery will consist of the machine itself, 4 legs with fasteners, a diamond wheel, two wrenches, a safety instruction and an instruction manual.

In custody

How to choose a water-cooled electric tile cutter and which one is better to buy will be up to you, and our small review will come in handy to help you.

So, manual electric tile cutters are more compact and versatile, but you should not expect outstanding results from them. Their main advantages are low price, versatility and absolute mobility.

If you choose the best electric tile cutter according to the criteria for the quality of work with ceramic tiles and productivity, then the choice should be clearly made on machines for cutting tiles as soon as ideal accuracy can be obtained on them. Learn how to drill a hole in porcelain tiles here.


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