How To Destroy Black Mold Fungus On Walls, Wallpaper And Furniture

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Video: How To Destroy Black Mold Fungus On Walls, Wallpaper And Furniture

Video: How To Destroy Black Mold Fungus On Walls, Wallpaper And Furniture
How To Destroy Black Mold Fungus On Walls, Wallpaper And Furniture
How To Destroy Black Mold Fungus On Walls, Wallpaper And Furniture
  • Useful Tips
  • How to get rid of mold, fungus in an apartment with folk remedies
  • Types of mold
  • Mold in the apartment. What to do?

The cause of the appearance of fungus in the house is the increased stagnant humidity. One has only to disturb the ventilation during the renovation of the apartment, and small spots appear on the walls, which then merge together. Mold penetrates deep into the plaster layer and destroys it. Spores are carried through the air and cause various diseases, especially in children. If you've got a damp, fungus-affected apartment, don't despair. Any problem can be solved. The main thing is to know how.

How to kill fungus on walls
How to kill fungus on walls

To destroy the fungus on the walls you will need:

  • spatula or stiff brush;
  • roller;
  • fan heater;
  • plaster;
  • putty;
  • composition for removing traces of cement and plaster;
  • antiseptic solution;
  • acrylate antiseptic primer;
  • waterproofing solution;
  • heat insulating paint.

The procedure for conducting wall disinfection work.

  1. Remove the fungus in the summer, in warm and dry weather. Be sure to additionally dry the surface to be treated. To do this, you can use a fan heater or hairdryer.
  2. Remove wallpaper or decorative covering from the walls. Remove plaster from affected areas. Try to remove as much as possible, as mycelium often spreads far beyond the visible lesion. Use a trowel and stiff brush to thoroughly clean the brickwork.
  3. To open the pores of the brick, treat the masonry with a compound to remove traces of plaster and cement. Dry the wall again.
  4. Roll the germicide onto the entire wall. Use special antiseptic solutions, unlike folk remedies, they can fight various types of fungi, mold and pathogenic bacteria. Means familiar to housewives, such as urea or vitriol, kill one type of fungus and create a favorable environment for others.
  5. Prime the wall using an acrylate antiseptic primer. This is necessary to remove dust from the wall and increase its adhesion.
  6. Apply a waterproofing mortar to the entire surface of the wall with a roller or wide brush to prevent further penetration of moisture into the plaster layer. After the waterproofing has dried, treat the wall with antiseptic primer again.
  7. The wall is now ready for plastering. When the plaster is dry, treat it with special heat-insulating paint. After that, the wall must be putty and dry well.
  8. Only after final drying can a decorative coating be applied to the treated surfaces: wallpaper, ceramic tiles or wall panels.

Useful Tips

If you live in a private house, be sure to treat the outside wall of the house with hydrophobic materials. Similar work in the city must be carried out by employees of your house management.

Often the reason for a wall to get wet is a violation of the rain drain from the roof. In this case, it is worth uniting the owners of several apartments and demanding the elimination of the problem.


How to get rid of mold, fungus in an apartment with folk remedies

People have been fighting mold for a long time. The effect is different. Sometimes positive. But if before people were concerned only with the aesthetic side of the problem: mold looks ugly and worsens the external perception of the room, now scientists have proven the absolute harm and danger of mold to human health. A wide variety of diseases lie in wait for a person if he lives in a room with mold and eats moldy foods. Consider how you can get rid of mold, mildew, or at least reduce their number around us, improve the quality of our life.

Types of mold

Mold is a living fungus that grows in the form of branching mycelium. Mold is sometimes useful.

  1. Aspergillus niger is used for the production of sugars and citric acid, as well as vitamin B2 (riboflavin). But in natural conditions, Aspergillus niger is the most dangerous black mold for human and animal health. This is exactly what we see in the damp corners of rooms, under the old tiles in the bathroom, in the cellar, shed, garage and so on. During the fruiting phase, this fungus dissipates the spores that enter our respiratory system and poisons our body. Sometimes black mold grows on bread.
  2. Botrytis cinerea, in its imperfect stage, is used for the production of wine, in particular sherry. This fungus is even called noble rot, as it helps to create raw materials with increased sugar content. Botrytis cinerea is popularly called gray mold. It also grows on the walls of premises, especially wooden ones, but prefers to settle on living plants. If strawberries or tomatoes have started to rot on your garden plot, then most likely they were struck by gray mold. This mold is not as dangerous as black mold, but it is also not worth breathing in its spores, and eating foods affected by Botrytis cinerea.
  3. Penicillium is also considered a noble mold used to make cheese. The cheese can be riddled with blue-green spores of this fungus or covered with a crust of this mold. The antibiotic penicillin is also made from Penicillium. They are treated for inflammatory processes. But when the body is weakened, this fungus can also settle in it, causing various diseases, including fatal ones. Penicillium mainly settles on products, therefore, for long-term storage, they are sterilized, boiled, and so on. It sometimes appears on wooden surfaces in the home, especially if they are damp.
  4. There is still white mold. It is also used to make cheese. But she can live in an apartment. It also needs to be exterminated, although it is not as dangerous to health as the above species.
  5. Ordinary yeast is also a mold. Although we actively use them in food, many scientists believe that it is also unhealthy.

Mold in the apartment. What to do?

As we have already said, the most dangerous in an apartment is black mold. Therefore, most people ask in forums, how to deal with black mold. This mold is very dangerous. Therefore, it is first carefully removed from the walls, protecting the respiratory organs with a respirator or gauze bandage so as not to breathe in spores. This is called mechanical removal. Then the surface must be treated, for example, with copper sulfate, diluted formalin or a mixture of potassium alum, ferrous sulfate and sodium chloride. The chemical treatment can also be carried out with the burning sulfur. Sulfur combustion products kill all possible fungi.

Mold in a wooden house can be killed with creosote. But the internal rooms where people live are not treated with it because of the strong smell. If mold is found on the walls, and they are wooden, then they can be covered with linseed oil. But it is not always convenient to do this if you find mold on the floor or mold on the furniture. Then you can grate laundry soap, mix with


urine, infuse the mixture for a day, and then wipe the wood. Then you need to rinse, otherwise it will continue to smell. Mold in the closet can be destroyed in the same way. Since ancient times, people have known ways to combat mold on wooden surfaces, because the houses were originally all wooden.

If mold is found on the walls, but they are not wooden, you can use Bischofite salt.

Sometimes mold is found on the wallpaper. How to fight is not always clear. After all, the wallpaper will lose its appearance if it is treated with something. It is best to make repairs and replace the wallpaper after wetting the walls with biocide.

If you have white mold, our article will also tell you how to deal with it. White mold often appears in flower pots, and then affects the entire apartment. While it's not nearly as dangerous to your health as black mold, getting rid of white mold is also necessary. You can use the same products as for black mold. If mold is in the basement where vegetables are stored, you can put a box of quicklime in there. Helps kill fungus well.

soda vinegar
soda vinegar

Sometimes green mold appears in flower pots or in an aquarium. She's also harmful. How to get rid of green mold, people have also known for a long time. All of the above methods can be applied. However, it should be remembered that chemical preparations give the greatest reliability in the fight against any types of mold. You can buy them in a special store. If you want to get a fast and reliable result, turn to professionals. Especially if mold has infested large areas of your home.

A good method of preventing mold is to ventilate the room, dry things, including food. A quick repair of damaged plumbing is needed. Dripping water causes dampness. Mold usually grows well in dark and unventilated, warm, humid places. Mold rarely lives in dry and well-lit areas. Therefore, this kind of prevention against mold development will save you time, money and hassle.


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