Top 5 Best Inexpensive Induction Hobs To Buy For The Kitchen For

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Video: Top 5 Best Inexpensive Induction Hobs To Buy For The Kitchen For

Video: Top 5 Best Inexpensive Induction Hobs To Buy For The Kitchen For
Video: TOP 5: Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews 2018 2023, September
Top 5 Best Inexpensive Induction Hobs To Buy For The Kitchen For
Top 5 Best Inexpensive Induction Hobs To Buy For The Kitchen For
  • Principle of operation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What is the difference between an induction surface and a glass-ceramic
  • Induction or glass ceramic surface?
  • Subtleties of choosing a plate
  • Summary table of the most popular top hobs
  • Review of popular models
  • Best value in online stores
  • A selection of videos on choosing an induction cooker

If everything is clear with the choice of an electric or gas stove for the home, then such new technologies as induction hobs can be slightly misleading. It cannot be argued that this is a fundamentally innovative solution, the usability of induction cookers does not differ fundamentally from Hi-light panels with glass-ceramic coating.

A natural question arises, what is the advantage of "induction", how to choose the optimal model and are there any disadvantages. To answer these and other questions, a review of electric hobs, which are included in the rating of the best, will help.

Principle of operation

The key difference between induction hobs and similar glass-ceramic hobs is in the heating element and the principle of heat transfer, which is why they are gaining popularity. Magnetic coils are installed in the panel; when it comes into contact with dishes containing ferromagnetic components, heating occurs.

work of induction surfaces
work of induction surfaces

It is worth noting two important factors that make this type of panel a leader in sales.

The magnetic field only heats the cookware, which transfers some of the heat to the hob itself, slightly raising its temperature. Thus, the surface of the stove does not overheat, you can touch it with your hand, and most importantly, it does not fry food that has got on the stove during cooking

The heat transfer process takes place when the burner is covered by at least 70%. It will not turn on if you put cutlery or a mug on top

Controls can be different, both mechanical switches and touch buttons, but the second type is most common. The number of burners varies from one to seven.

The design is fully consistent with the manufacturability and cost of such household devices, as a rule, there are black or silver models with burner markings.

the principle of operation of the induction cooker
the principle of operation of the induction cooker

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of induction hobs are due to the special heating and heat transfer method.

So, what are the advantages:

  • During the cooking process, only the dishes are heated, not the entire stove. Therefore, the average power consumption is about 1.5 times lower than that of conventional electrical panels.
  • Safety. Due to the special principle of operation, the surface of the stove and burners does not heat up above 55 ° C.
  • Rapid heating of the pan base. Technical tests have shown that the heating process is somewhat faster than that of a gas or electric stove.
  • The presence of useful options, heating adjustments, in addition, your settings can be saved in the memory of some models.
  • Due to the fact that the glass-ceramic surface does not heat up to high temperatures, maintaining cleanliness does not require effort. Milk will not burn to it, sugar will not melt into liquid caramel.
  • The surface of the slab itself is made of durable glass-ceramic, which is difficult to scratch.

The disadvantages of induction hobs are rather subjective, but you need to know them before choosing a good model:

  • For such hobs, you can only use special utensils that are magnetised. But you should not categorically take this minus, most cooking utensils are suitable for an induction cooker, in addition, an adapter can be purchased.
  • Panel price - indeed, this type of heater translates into a higher cost of the device, but additional functionality and energy savings somewhat mitigate the disadvantage.
  • Induction panels create a small electromagnetic field during cooking, manufacturers categorically claim that it is absolutely safe for humans, but users with pacemakers should refuse such a purchase. The modern device has not yet been fully tested, so there is no need to risk it, although there have not been such precedents yet.
  • The presence of a fan for cooling is also unpleasant; it makes a noticeable noise during the operation of the stove.

What is the difference between an induction surface and a glass-ceramic

Despite the popularity of this question, it was posed incorrectly. Glass ceramics is a type of hob surface, and the type of heating element can be different: induction or electric (rapid, halogen or Hi-light). Below are the differences between induction-type hobs and various glass-ceramic surfaces with electric heating elements.

It can be noted that only the heating element itself and the method of heat transfer are fundamentally different, when the heating does not go to the surface of the burner, but is directed exclusively to the dishes for cooking. In practice, this translates into savings in electricity and a relatively cold plate surface.

Familiar heating elements transfer heat to the hotplate itself, which then heats the dishes. The faster it warms up, the more the device consumes electricity. Induction hobs are more economical and attract attention. The same hi-light electrical panels heat up quite quickly, due to the high consumption of energy, moreover, they cool for a long time, while induction panels instantly react to temperature changes.

Conventional heating elements are not as safe and difficult to maintain. Outwardly, both the first and second devices hardly differ from each other: stylish design, universal colors, various shapes.

Induction or glass ceramic surface?

Devices with induction heating technology are available in a wide range of modifications. The rating of induction hobs contains models that are different in type and functionality.

Firstly, there are combo panels, where two different heaters are combined, for example, 2 induction zones and 2 ten. Combining the advantages of two different stoves will be a practical solution for many users.

Secondly, the assortment includes all types: portable, built-in or stand-alone (complete with an oven). Built-in ones can be dependent (you need an oven) or independent (you can install it yourself).

Fully induction cookers differ from each other in several ways:

  • power;
  • functional;
  • the size;
  • design;
  • price.

The most important points are functionality and size, because limited options will complicate the cooking process, as will excess or missing burners. The best induction hobs are inexpensive models that combine the optimal set of options.

Subtleties of choosing a plate

The selection of a suitable device should be based on the individual needs of the user. There are not many reviews for this technique today, but this is also a kind of indicator, because negative points will definitely be indicated. According to the law of the market, the cheaper the model, the fewer different options it has, which can affect the usability.

To know how to choose an induction hob, you need to focus on the main factors.

Number of heating zones and dimensions. The dimensions of the stove directly depend on how many burners are placed on it. Built-in panels contain from two to six, portable - one or two, freestanding can have seven heating zones. It is also worth noting here that the burners themselves can be round or oval, double-circuit or single-circuit, if the user often uses non-standard dishes for cooking, this is worth paying attention to.

There is also such a thing as "increasing the heating zone", when two burners can be combined into one, for example, install a large cast-iron cauldron. The option is called FlexInduction or XpandZone, and in addition to expanding the hotplate, it can independently determine the size of the dishes.

Interesting fact! Reviews often contain the fact that panels where the burners are located close to the edge are not convenient. The dishes can cling to the metal frame, heat the control unit.

Functional. Not every hob has the ability to set certain temperature settings for each heating zone, there are also additional options, they are not always included in the basic set: PowerBooster (intense heating, when the power is borrowed from other burners), boiling control, protection against switching on in the absence utensils, child protection lock, blocking the current cycle, heating.

Cooking modes are standard temperature and time parameters (reminiscent of modes in multicooker), their set can contain from 10 to 20 different settings. If difficulties arise, you can opt for a model with 15 modes, this is an average figure.

Control Panel. Most often it is located at the front, but there are hobs where each burner has its own control unit. In favor of which of them to make a choice is up to the user. Some cookers have a display.

Summary table of the most popular top hobs

The rating of induction hobs among the price segment 25,000 - 40,000 rubles includes several top models, the demand for which is due to a logical set of technical parameters. The “Top 5” ranking summary is based on demand, sales and positive feedback.

Electrolux 28,000 rubles Combined type: induction + ceramic, power 6.6 kW, 4 burners, double-circuit heating zone PowerBooster, timer, child block, current cycle block, safety shutdown, heat indication
BHIW68303 Hansa 28,000 rubles 4 induction hotplates, power 7.4 kW timer, child block, block of the current cycle, safety shutdown, heat indication, recognition of the presence / size of dishes
T44T43N0 Neff 26,000 rubles 4 induction hotplates, power 7.2 kW timer, child block, current cycle block, safety shutdown, heat indication, FlexInduction, TwistPad, Power management, boiling protection
IS 655 USC Gorenje 35,000 rubles 4 induction hotplates, power 7.2 kW XpandZone, Power Booster Supreme, StayWarm, Timer, Panel Block, Cook Cycle Block, Boil Protection
PIC645F17E Bosch 28,000 rubles Combined type: induction + ceramic, 4 hotplates, 1 double-circuit hotplate, power 7.2 kW DirectSelect control panel, size recognition / pan presence, panel lock, timer, heat indication

Review of popular models

For complete information on the models, you will find an overview of the top rated induction hobs.

Electrolux EHG 96341 FK
Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

Overview of the Electrolux hob (Electrolux) EHG 96341 FK. The hob model is included in the rating of the best, it is notable for the fact that it has two types of heating elements at once: induction and electric. Accordingly, two burners work according to the same principle, two according to another, one of the heating zones is double-circuit (adjusting the size of the burner depending on the diameter of the dish).

The functionality contains:

  • Smart timer based on ECOTimer technology.
  • Panel lock, child protection, cooking cycle lock.
  • Independent hob.
  • PowerBooster function.
  • Double-circuit burner.
  • Heat indication.
  • Protective auto shutdown.

The built-in surface with a beveled edge can be easily mounted into any worktop of a standard size, the installation can be done independently, but if necessary, it can be done by a specialist.

induction hob device
induction hob device

The total power of all burners of the device is 6.6 kW, each of which operates in two heating modes (accordingly, electricity consumption is also regulated). Speaking of design, here it is standard: a black glass-ceramic surface, the usual arrangement of burners with markings.

Review of the induction hob Hansa (Hansa) BHIW68303 notable for its appearance - it is a white induction hob for 4 burners. The rated power of the device is 7.4 kW, which is two times higher than that of the similar model BHIW67303. It is worth mentioning here the low power of the BHIW67303, which is 3.7 kW, the potential energy savings are compensated by the fact that you cannot turn on more than 2 burners at the same time, otherwise there will be a loss of power. Model 68303, in turn, will allow you to use all 4 cooking zones.

Hansa panel (Hansa) BHIW68303
Hansa panel (Hansa) BHIW68303

The touch control panel is traditionally located in the front of the stove, in addition to the usual options, such as a timer, a panel block, an indication of residual heat and a safety shutdown, there are also automatic functions to protect the device: boiling (automatic stove switch-off), recognition of the presence / size of dishes (and similar it is not recommended to turn on devices without dishes). Therefore, by choosing a Hansa hob, the user gets a safe household appliance.

If we analyze user reviews, we can note the optimal combination of "price-quality". There are no complaints about the functionality, the induction hob performs all tasks perfectly. Conclusion: quite a decent model from the inexpensive segment.

A review of the induction hob from Neff (Nef) T44T43N0 will undoubtedly replace the more popular T55T53X2, but discontinued (as indicated on behalf of the manufacturer). The 7.2 kW T44T43N0 features a FlexInduction heating zone that can be used as 2 different burners, or as one large (takes up almost half of the hob and adapts to the size of the cookware).

induction hob from Neff (Nef) T44T43N0
induction hob from Neff (Nef) T44T43N0

The functionality is equipped with solutions such as TwistPad (individual timer for each heating zone), Power management function (economical electricity consumption), auto-off to protect the device (when contents from dishes are spilled onto the stove), residual heat indicators, panel block from accidental starting.

The overall impression is more than positive - this is a great option for modern people. The hob is equipped with the necessary set of options, including protective ones, which will extend the life of the device. The dual heating zone allows you to cook in large or custom sized pans. In terms of appearance, the standard black color is diluted with unusual markings of the burners, which gives the device a futuristic design that matches the implemented technologies.

The review of the IS 655 USC induction hob from Gorenje (Combustion) is somewhat similar to the above model, but here the manufacturer has gone even further. The enlarged XXL heating zone (XpandZone technology) allows you to combine 4 cooking zones into 2 large ones. The power is 7.2 kW, plus the Booster option has been expanded, it is called the Power Booster Supreme, its advantage is a faster heating rate.

Combustion surface IS 655 USC
Combustion surface IS 655 USC

The second interesting point is the presence of the "heating" or StayWarm mode, similar to a multicooker, it maintains a temperature of 70 ° C. The basic "arsenal" includes a child lock, a preset mode lock, boil / boil protection and a timer up to 99 minutes. Of the minuses - not every model kit contains a cable for connection.

Rounding out the Top 5 is an induction hob from Bosch, model PIC645F17E. The device got into the "rating of the best" due to its affordable cost, which is due to the combined surface: 2 induction + 2 ceramic burners. The model is quite interesting: 17 power levels, large and small heating zones (one of them can be increased), basic functions and a bonus - the option to determine the dishes on the burner. The improved DirectSelect control panel is also noteworthy. Probably the best-selling induction hob.

Bosch cooker PIC645F17E
Bosch cooker PIC645F17E

Connoisseurs of Spanish production from a German manufacturer will have to provide the device with decent electrical wiring, otherwise 2 induction heating zones will not work simultaneously.

Best value in online stores

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