Correctness Of Ceiling Ventilation In The Room And In The Kitchen

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Video: Correctness Of Ceiling Ventilation In The Room And In The Kitchen

Video: Correctness Of Ceiling Ventilation In The Room And In The Kitchen
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Correctness Of Ceiling Ventilation In The Room And In The Kitchen
Correctness Of Ceiling Ventilation In The Room And In The Kitchen
  • The value of the kitchen hood
  • Ventilation systems with hood
  • Built-in ventilation systems
  • Online calculator for calculating ventilation
  • Wall-mounted hood design
  • Suspended fume cupboard
  • Island ventilation design
  • Corner ventilation structures

Home ventilation is the most important thing. It provides comfort and fitness for the occupants. But for the hostess, the most important object is the kitchen. In a room where something is constantly being boiled, steamed, heated, boiled - one cannot do without good air exchange. How to make ventilation in the kitchen? To cope with this problem, you need to go to a household appliances salon, select and install a kitchen hood.

The value of the kitchen hood

In the recent past, the exchange of streams of heated, food-saturated air between the kitchen space and the fresh outside air was carried out by natural ventilation in the kitchen. For this, the kitchen window was equipped with a window. This is the simplest solution for efficient indoor air exchange, known since ancient times.

If the ventilation in the kitchen does not work, it is felt at once in all points of the house, therefore it is better to exclude odors and fumes at their source, preventing them from spreading around.

Ventilation systems with hood

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vityaj with klapanom

Ventilation in an apartment building is laid during the construction of the building. Its principle of operation is based on the pressure difference between the room and the street. Ventilation openings are located as standard:

  • kitchen;
  • bathroom;
  • toilet and bathroom premises.

Cleaning the kitchen area with standard ventilation has very little effect. Therefore, the installation of artificial ventilation in modern houses and apartments has become a traditional phenomenon.

Using a check valve will help avoid air circulation in the kitchen.

The ventilation systems used to clean the air in the kitchen can be divided into two types:

  1. Circulating.
  2. Flowing.

Currently, ventilation of a kitchen with a gas stove, as well as with an electric hob, is carried out by a flow-through design.

The principle of operation of this type of ventilation device is based on air intake from the room, directing it to the filtering device and returning it back.

Exhaust flow systems are connected to the existing standard ventilation, the air after cleaning is returned to the room, the exhaust part of the air is thrown into the ventilation duct.


All existing air purification systems according to their device are divided into:

  1. Built-in, mounted in a hanging cabinet.
  2. Wall-mounted, attached to the wall, directly above the slab.
  3. Suspended, built into a cabinet placed above the stove.
  4. Island, attached to the ceiling.
  5. Corner, located in the corner of the kitchen.

Built-in ventilation systems

Small dimensions of kitchen facilities require compact placement of furniture and devices necessary for its convenient operation. This refers to ventilation as the most necessary attribute of the kitchen. Built-in kitchen models are in perfect harmony with any kitchen furniture, since the ventilation housing hides the motor, pump and filters, which are mounted in a wall cabinet above the hob.

Only the console for operating the device and the absorbing surface of the hood are located on the surface. This design makes it easy to clean the device.

In the designs of built-in models, a pull-out panel is provided, which allows to increase the volume of air intake, despite the small dimensions of the built-in ventilation.

Sometimes there may be a smell from the ventilation in the kitchen. There can be several explanations for this phenomenon, but the solution is simple: check, repair or clean the mine from possible contamination.

Online calculator for calculating ventilation

Room area, m 2:
Room height, m:
Air exchange rate:
Required productivity (m 3 / h):

Calculators from

Wall-mounted hood design

Wall-mounted, fireplace, domed - these are the names of the hoods according to their decorative design. These models have a very peculiar design, during the installation of which you need to pay as much attention as possible to their combination with the furniture interior of the kitchen.

Externally, wall devices resemble an umbrella. They are mounted on the wall, and therefore immediately attract attention.

For a dome system, it is best to use recirculation mode. When installing an exhaust hood above the hob, the natural ventilation duct will remove the evolved air in a natural way, maintaining circulation in the ventilation system of the house.

During operation, a smell may appear from the ventilation in the kitchen. There may be several reasons for this problem, but the fastest and most reliable solution is a check valve for ventilation of the kitchen in the natural duct of the exhaust hole.

The installation of this element will eliminate the leakage of odors from the mine thanks to the original device of this design. Special partitions of the check valve are able to let air into the mine, preventing it from passing in the opposite direction.

In addition, the valve design:

  1. Prevents the penetration of harmful insects from the mine into the premises.
  2. When closed, the check valve helps to retain heat inside the kitchen.

Modern apartments with sealed windows and doors lose a significant amount of fresh air. Therefore, forced ventilation is installed in the kitchen in the ventilation duct in the form of a mechanical device - a fan. Its purpose is to provide air exchange in the kitchen, to create a favorable microclimate.

A good addition is a lighting system with regulation and change of light intensity.

Part of the forced air exchange is ventilation in the kitchen. The fan is the main component for blowing air, which can be subjected to additional cleaning, filtration, humidification and heating.

The disadvantage of such a hood is significant engine noise.

Suspended fume cupboard

Having stopped the choice on the suspended version of ventilation, you need to know that this type of technology is based on purifying air when passing through a filtering device, with its subsequent return to the kitchen space. Modern models have a filter made of aluminum, which allows it to be cleaned by a simple rinse.

The suspension device was named because of the method of attachment. Installation consists in mounting on its wall, parallel to the slab. Sometimes they use a wall cabinet to place the hood, which allows you to create a harmonious look and save kitchen space. Currently, outboard models are produced, equipped with one or two motors.

Island ventilation design

The island ventilation zone contains a stove, a sink and a table top. This type of air purifying device uses a vertical air duct mounted on the ceiling.

Modern models of island ventilation systems are complemented by electronic devices:

  • control panel;
  • filter clogging sensor.

Island-type ceiling ventilation systems have various designs and can operate in the recirculation and air exhaust mode.

Recirculated air exchange is used if the ventilation system in the kitchen does not have a connection to a standard air outlet.

The air purification option in recirculation mode provides for its passage through carbon filters. These elements require periodic replacement. Modern filter designs have high efficiency and long service life. Their replacement is provided no more than once every six months.

A more efficient ventilation mode is air extraction. In this case, the ventilation scheme in the kitchen provides for the discharge of polluted air into a stationary ventilation shaft. Air purification occurs almost instantly.

Corner ventilation structures

The ventilation device in the kitchen for cleaning odors is currently available in designs of various configurations. Everything is determined by the modern design and decoration of the kitchens in accordance with the wishes of the owners.

Placing the hob in the corner of the kitchen is now used by many homeowners. The industry, keeping up with the desire of consumers, has begun to produce corner ventilation hoods.

Only the external forms of devices have undergone changes. Their principle of operation is standard:

  • intake of polluted air;
  • cleaning and removal of odors and residual dirt into ventilation ducts.

By their design, corner hoods belong to suspended types of devices. They are made in the form of a dome or have the shape of the letter "T". The devices operate in the mode of removing polluted air into the ventilation shaft. Corner structures can operate in air recirculation mode.

Devices of the presented type can operate in three modes:

  1. Circulating.
  2. Flowing.
  3. Combined.

The most widely used hoods are with a flow-through and combined cleaning system. Air purification with the removal of contaminated air into the ventilation shaft has a higher efficiency in comparison with other methods.

Also watch visual videos about hoods:

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