Well Pump Power Calculator: Submersible, Surface

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Video: Well Pump Power Calculator: Submersible, Surface

Video: Well Pump Power Calculator: Submersible, Surface
Video: Sizing a Submersible Pump 2023, September
Well Pump Power Calculator: Submersible, Surface
Well Pump Power Calculator: Submersible, Surface
  • How to choose a submersible pump for a well?
  • Self-calculation of pump power
  • Expert advice for pump operation

In country houses, it is almost impossible to connect to the central water supply. What to do? Conduct your own water supply system, make a well or a well. The second option is more convenient, but requires solving a lot of different issues.


How to choose a submersible pump for a well?

Thanks to our online calculators for calculating pump power for wells, you can solve the question in a few minutes, taking into account several parameters to determine the accuracy of the answer. This will be true for submersible and surface well pumps.

Well parameters:

  • depth;
  • water quality;
  • the volume of water pumped per unit of time;
  • distance from water level to soil surface;
  • pipe diameter;
  • the daily volume of fluid used.

Yes, this is a very troublesome business, it requires precise engineering approaches, as well as the study of many formulas for calculating the power of submersible and surface pumps and tables that will help to accurately determine the required indicators.


Self-calculation of pump power

How to choose a pump for a well according to the parameters of the unit without professional help? This is possible, first of all, the head and flow rate of the well should be taken into account. Consumption is the volume of water in a certain amount of time, and head is the height in meters to which the pump is capable of supplying water.

To calculate the pump power for a well, it is necessary to take the average, the rate of water per person per day is 1 cubic meter, then multiply this number by the number of people living in the house.

An example of calculating the calculation of the power of sediment for a small house:

So it turns out that a family of three consumes 22 liters per minute, but force majeure should also be taken into account, which will increase the need for water per person. Therefore, a certain average will be 2 cubic meters per day. It turns out: 5 cubic meters - daily water consumption.

Next, the maximum characteristic of the pump head is determined, for this, the height of the house in meters is increased by 6 m and multiplied by the coefficient of pressure loss in the autonomous water supply system, which is 1, 15.

If the height is calculated for 9 meters of the house, then we do the operation of calculating the power of the sediment using the formula like this: (9 + 6) * 1.15 = 17.25. This is the minimum characteristic, now the distance from the water mirror in the well to the earth's surface must be added to the calculated head. Let the number be 40. What happens? 40 + 17.25 = 57.25. If the water supply source is 50 meters from the house, then the pump must have a pressure force: 57.25 + 5 = 62.25 meters.

Here is such an independent formula for calculating the pump power for a well in kW. Exactly the same figures can be obtained when calculating online, using a simple table in which the consumer must enter data about the depth of the well, the water mirror, the area of the site, the number of people living in the house, as well as provide additional information on the number of showers, sinks, bathroom room, washbasin, washing machine, dishwasher and toilet.

Calculations are done in one click. They are reliable and relevant for the period of validity of the data received from the consumer.

Calculator for calculating pump power for a well

Well depth, m.
Mirror of water, m.
Land area, are
Number of residents
The house has

Calculators from wpcalc.com

Expert advice for pump operation

What else does a person need to know in order to qualitatively install a water supply system in a house? There are several types of pumps: submersible, surface, stationary.

  1. Surface - have a low cost, designed to work without immersion in liquid. Recommended for work up to 7 meters, otherwise the water will be dirty and of poor quality.
  2. Submersible - centrifugal, reliable and efficient, help to effectively purify water from sand. Today these are the most popular and demanded models. Screw - they work not only at home, but also in open water.
  3. Pumping stations.

Important: it is unacceptable to save on pump power, thus, an autonomous system will not be able to properly rinse the cleaning filters by running dirty water in the house. You also need to take into account that some manufacturers indicate the maximum characteristics of the product in the product passport, and you need to pay attention to the nominal parameters - working, so that the performance is normal, without pitfalls and other troubles.

Before calculating the pump power for a well, you need to take care of the quality of the pipe system, which will let water pass at a certain pressure. These are metal and polypropylene products. The latter are much more often used in everyday life, but have low resistance to changes in temperature and pressure in the system.

Attention: the pump is chosen for a long time, and therefore it is important to become well acquainted with all market offers, choosing well-known brands with the presence of service centers for the repair and maintenance of your system.

Advice: it is better to take a pump with automatic equipment, if the motor overheats, the system will stop on its own, otherwise it will fail.

Calculate the power of a submersible and surface pump for a well on our website, and save time when installing a water pumping unit.


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