5 Simple Folk Ways To Eliminate The Creak Of Doors In An Apartment

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Video: 5 Simple Folk Ways To Eliminate The Creak Of Doors In An Apartment

Video: 5 Simple Folk Ways To Eliminate The Creak Of Doors In An Apartment
Video: How to Quiet a Squeaky Door | Ask This Old House 2023, October
5 Simple Folk Ways To Eliminate The Creak Of Doors In An Apartment
5 Simple Folk Ways To Eliminate The Creak Of Doors In An Apartment
  • Creak reasons
  • Eliminate the creak of the front door
  • How to remove the creak of a plastic door?
  • Other methods to eliminate squeak

After a certain amount of time has elapsed after installing the door, a creak may appear. This sound is irritating, so you want to get rid of it right away. There are many proven remedies and methods to eliminate this problem. In order to do this, it is necessary to identify the root cause of the squeak.

Creak reasons

Depending on which door is installed, the reasons for the squeak may be different.

Craftsmen who are faced with door repairs most often identify the following reasons that provoke a creak:

  1. Incorrect installation. In this case, the hinges may be incorrectly welded, and then, in order to solve the problem, it will be necessary to completely change the door and the door frame;
  2. Lack of lubrication. Perhaps, after installing the product, its hinges were not lubricated, so you just need to purchase a lubricant solution and fill the hinges with it. It is important to know that there should be no grease in the composition - over time, its particles become abrasive, which can also cause a squeak;
  3. No balls. If there are no bearings in the hinge mechanism, the canvas will need to be removed and disassembled by the hinges, supplementing them with the necessary details;
  4. High humidity. Due to the constant exposure to moisture, the door can swell, resulting in friction against the door frame, provoking a squeak. This situation implies a complete dismantling of the old door group and the installation of a new one. Before carrying out this process, you need to get rid of the source of moisture so that the problem does not recur;
  5. Wrong choice of cladding. The material can come into contact with the door frame, causing friction and squeaking. In this case, you will need to replace the cladding material;
  6. Malfunction of elements. Check for suitability all parts of the door and door frame, perhaps over time, some of them are out of order and need to be replaced;
  7. The hinges are not securely attached. It is necessary to change the mounting bolts and check the result;
  8. The side of the panel may touch the platbands and cause squeaks, to eliminate the unpleasant sound - adjust the door;

The owner of the apartment, hearing a creak in the door, immediately gives preference to any oil-based tool at hand. Most often, people use vegetable oil, which is fundamentally wrong. Oil can and should be used only when the problem is really related to the hinges.

In this case, machine oil should be used, which is sold in car dealerships. It has a suitable composition that cleans the door hinges and prevents them from clogging, which cannot be said about sunflower oil.


Eliminate the creak of the front door

The wooden door, which is installed on the landing and leads to the apartment, will always be subject to temperature changes. Such differences can undoubtedly be the cause of the door squeak.

The temperature difference inside the apartment and outside is approximately equal to ten degrees, this is especially noticeable in the off-season. It is not possible to eliminate the cause, but you can influence the consequences. In this situation, graphite powder or an ordinary simple pencil will help.

If the front door was installed recently, and the creak has already appeared, then the reason is the loose fit of the hinges to the jamb. Prepare a screwdriver, matches and glue and follow these steps:

  1. Try to tighten the screws in the hinge more tightly with a screwdriver;
  2. If the first option did not help, glue a few matches or take a ready-made chopik and insert it into the hole, and then fix it.

It so happens that the front door hinges creak from rust. To eliminate these problems, use molten paraffin wax.

coordination method to eliminate
coordination method to eliminate

How to remove the creak of a plastic door?

Doors of this type are most often installed on a balcony or in office premises. The reasons provoking a creak can be as follows:

  • Contact with the nut. The hinges are loose and there is constant rubbing of the products. Timely elimination of the problem will help to avoid the appearance of gaps between the frame and the canvas;
  • The door touches the frame. Correcting the situation is to adjust the fittings;
  • The door squeaks only when opening and closing - full adjustment of the product is required.

A quick solution to the squeak problem is to use the same graphite rod that you place under the hinges. However, this is only a short-term way out of the situation; it is better to adjust the loops. Before performing the procedure, it is recommended to thoroughly lubricate the parts with technical oil. Details about door adjustment.

Door adjustment points
Door adjustment points

Other methods to eliminate squeak

If the above methods did not help, there are other methods to get rid of the unpleasant sound:

Application of aerosol oils. The most popular option today is WD-40, which is used not only for lubricating doors. It is convenient in that it has an additional thin nozzle with which you can penetrate the holes of the hinges

Spray the solution directly onto the hinge while trying to open and close the door. The creak should go away instantly;

Fix the web. If the sound does not go away, then you should disassemble the loop. The part itself rests on a rod that must be pulled out. This device is easy to find - it connects all hinge plates together

The rod needs to be wiped well, and it is better to use a metal sponge to remove dirt and blockages. If the part is bent, it must be leveled with a hammer.

If rust is found on the rod, use sandpaper to get rid of it. An alternative would be soap, which lubricates the part and sets it back into the hinge.

After the done manipulations, put the rod back and apply grease.

  1. You can use Vaseline by lubricating the hinges with it. Next, you need to open and close the door until the sound completely disappears.
  2. If there is no lubricant on hand, you can eliminate the squeak of the door with ordinary soap. It is necessary to lubricate the hinge rod or the rubbing sides of the doors.

These tips will help eliminate annoying door creaks. When performing operations to remove sound, try not to overdo it with the amount of lubricant.



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