What Are The Positive And Negative Qualities Of Self-leveling Floors

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Video: What Are The Positive And Negative Qualities Of Self-leveling Floors

Video: What Are The Positive And Negative Qualities Of Self-leveling Floors
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What Are The Positive And Negative Qualities Of Self-leveling Floors
What Are The Positive And Negative Qualities Of Self-leveling Floors
  • Properties
  • Types and types
  • Cement acrylic floor
  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane
  • Methyl methacrylic
  • Advantages
  • Cons of self-leveling floors
  • User reviews

Not everyone has become familiar with a flooded floor that can also perform a decorative role in an apartment. With their help, various floor options are created, including a rough version. They are actively used in various design projects. But not always their properties will manifest themselves only on the positive side. There are also disadvantages, which are expressed by those who have already been able to try a quick-setting self-leveling floor.


The self-leveling floor includes such components as:

  • mineral mixtures;
  • polymers;
  • various synthetic additives.

They can be found in hardware stores separately at various prices.

Reviews about self-leveling floor
Reviews about self-leveling floor

It remains only to purchase what will be necessary for the installation of the floor and mix in full accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers. The finished mass is very liquid and can spread independently over the surface of the sub-floor. With all this, it hardens very quickly. For such an option as a self-leveling floor, reviews say that it is more widespread in apartments and private households.

The drying period depends on external factors, as well as on the solution itself, its technical properties. In addition, this option is used to level the floor, if no other method is possible to apply. The finished solution has the following qualities and properties:

  • mechanical strength;
  • plastic;
  • easy fluidity;
  • adhesion to the substrate.

To obtain the specific properties of the solution, various resins and additives, mineral fillers should be correctly combined with each other.

All compositions of the self-leveling floor will differ from each other if they are used in private construction or on an industrial scale. So, for example, in residential premises, the combination of liquid rubber in solution, as well as polyester resins, is contraindicated. Another difference is that in industry it serves as a topcoat, and in apartments for subsequent finishing.

Types and types

All self-leveling floors receive excellent feedback from the owners from each other. But many say that it turns out not only a perfectly even coating, but also capable of serving for a long time. Outwardly, it attracts to itself no less than expensive floor coverings.

Polymer materials

Reviews about self-leveling floor
Reviews about self-leveling floor

contribute to the creation of a high-quality self-leveling floor that can be performed independently. Care of the surface without joints is very simple: just wipe it with a wet cloth. No dirt clings to anything here.

If you want to find out and get more information about the positive and negative qualities of self-leveling floors, you should first decide what types and types of them exist in general. First of all, the classification comes from the composition (binders and plasticizers). These include:

  1. Cement acrylic floors;
  2. Epoxy compounds;
  3. Polyurethane;
  4. Methyl methacrylate.

It is worth noting that they can be combined with each other and you get something special. If you do not want to experiment and look for full-fledged proportions for the components, it is best to choose ready-made mixtures. Each case is considered individually and something suitable for a specific floor device is selected.

Before you start pouring a self-leveling floor, you should think carefully. If the work is not done well, it will be practically impossible to remove this layer. A lot of effort and money will be spent that will not meet expectations.

Cement acrylic floor

The simplest and most common way of flooring will be precisely the cement-acrylic composition. In addition to the plasticizer, the composition contains quartz. It is most popular in industry (factories, warehouses). Apartments are no exception, where it also finds application.

Such a self-leveling floor has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be carefully read before choosing. The pluses include:

  1. There is practically no moisture absorption by the solidified solution. This suggests that even in rooms with high humidity, they will not collapse and lose their properties.

    Reviews about self-leveling floor
    Reviews about self-leveling floor

    Such rooms include bathrooms, car washes, and more.

  2. Any category of citizens can apply such a floor in their home due to reasonable prices compared to other analogues of a self-leveling floor.
  3. Ability to withstand enormous loads.
  4. If you follow the technology for performing this floor option, then it is able to serve for a long time, more than 30 years.
  5. The work can be done by inexperienced craftsmen and apartment owners. The process will be clear to everyone from the very first step.
  6. The integrity of the surface will remain the same in the event of cracks, chips and other damage due to mechanical stress.

Despite the fact that outwardly it is very simple to carry out the work on filling it, labor costs remain at a high level. Cracks appear almost necessarily due to the non-elasticity of the cement-acrylic floor. This only spoils the appearance, but does not affect the durability of its use.

This flooring option in apartments or houses acts as a sub-floor for subsequent flooring. Among the options for flooring are tiles, laminate, parquet, etc.


The main component here is the hardener. The main thing is to observe all proportions from the manufacturer. Only in this case, the surface will turn out not only smooth, but also dense, high-quality, solid.

Reviews about self-leveling floor
Reviews about self-leveling floor

Has such a self-leveling floor pluses in that they are not afraid of any mechanical influences. Cleaning can be done with a variety of chemicals.

If there is a great desire to decorate the room where the installation is performed, then it is very easy to do this with an epoxy floor. The solution itself is transparent. Therefore, a picture, wood, or any other material that can add flavor to the room is placed on the base, under the future floor. After pouring all this with the mixture, a real work of art is obtained.

A huge disadvantage is the low elasticity of the finished mixture. It is very important to prepare the base for pouring. When everything is done efficiently, only in this case can the flooded floor be mounted. For this reason, self-leveling floors, reviews of the owners give disadvantages, since they are not able to independently perform high-quality work.

It should be noted that the positive qualities include the high environmental friendliness of the mixtures used to prepare the solution for pouring. This allows you to expand the scope of their application.


If you need a floor that can withstand huge loads in terms of mechanical stress, a base made of mixtures, in which the main component is polyurethane, is suitable. Due to this, the finished solution has elasticity, and after drying, it is durable. It is most used in the construction of private houses, as it gives the house lightness, elegance and durability in use. Moreover, it will definitely not let moisture down.

After a short period of time after the installation of the self-leveling floor, you can start moving

Reviews about self-leveling floor
Reviews about self-leveling floor

along it, not to mention the ability to install furniture. The smooth texture of the base will not allow microbes and bacteria to collect on the surface.

At the same time, if you read about the self-leveling floors, the owners' reviews, the pros and cons will say that it is not ideal, as it might seem at first glance. The main disadvantage is the strong smell of the components included in the mixture immediately after pouring. After installation, it is better to leave the room so as not to get poisoned. In addition, the cost of the material is very high due to its high consumption per square meter.

To avoid crumbling of the material over time, a special underlay must be applied for this type of floor. The consequences can also include crumbling of the material on the surface.

Methyl methacrylic

Methyl methacrylate floors are very little popular for apartments and private households. The main area of application is premises with low temperatures, stadiums, parking lots. But all the same, to begin with, you should dwell on the positive manifestations of this type of self-leveling floor

  • A few hours will be enough for the surface to become solid.
  • The floors are matched to the design of the entire room due to the huge range of colors.
  • The self-leveling floor is not afraid of temperature changes. It remains in its original form at sub-zero temperatures or in heat.
  • You can independently choose the texture of the floor: roughness or smooth surface.
  • Work can be performed at any temperatures, even at negative temperatures.

    Reviews about self-leveling floor
    Reviews about self-leveling floor
  • The service life of a self-leveling floor made of methyl methacrylates is 40-50 years.

We must not forget about the disadvantages of this floor option. Not only pouring the ready-made solution is very difficult and requires physical costs, but also dismantling, if necessary. In addition, chemicals give off strong and unpleasant odors to the environment. When compared with the above options for flooring, the cost here will be slightly higher.

If desired, you can change the quality of the future flooring on your own. For this, various additives are used to resist fire, hardness, the ability to feel great in any environment.


Having studied the pros and cons for each specific type for a self-leveling floor, you can give a list of general positive qualities:

  1. The coating is seamless and perfectly even.
  2. The ability to create an imitation of natural stone, mosaic floor, create a so-called 3D floor.

    Reviews about self-leveling floor
    Reviews about self-leveling floor
  3. In addition to monotony, they are inherent in color schemes that will be of interest to absolutely everyone. The color palette helps you choose an option for the design of the entire room.
  4. A durable finish that can last and perform well over time. Furniture legs do not leave scratches on the surface if the work is made of high-quality materials and with strict adherence to the installation technology.
  5. Easy maintenance. They are not afraid of any, even the most aggressive household chemicals. There is no absorption of dirt, dust does not accumulate anywhere.
  6. Safety. The toxicity of materials appears only at the time of pouring. Once the floors are dry, they are completely environmentally friendly and harmless to human health. During operation, no harmful emissions occur.
  7. They are very popular in rooms with high humidity due to their ability to withstand it.
  8. The use consists not only in the device of the topcoat, but also as a subfloor. The installation technology will be clear to everyone, but the surface becomes perfectly flat.

It is best to install a self-leveling floor with two people. The drying time of the finished solution can be up to 20 minutes, and the entire surface should be poured evenly. It must not be allowed to dry before the end of the work.

Cons of self-leveling floors

With all the advantages of such floors, one should not forget about the disadvantages that can be encountered not only during installation, but also during its operation. Any self-leveling floor has the disadvantages that the coating itself is very cold and it will be difficult to walk on it with bare feet. If you use a warm floor at the same time, then this minus becomes not terrible.

It should be noted that it is not classified as a cheap pleasure. If at the same time there are large differences in the

Reviews about self-leveling floor
Reviews about self-leveling floor

height of the base of the floor, then the prices of materials will be scary. It is better to leave all work to professionals, to whom it will be possible to make claims in the future. When the installation is performed poorly, then not only money is spent, but also effort for subsequent dismantling.

With a long and constant fall of sunlight on the surface of the self-leveling floor, it will begin to change color. This will be especially noticeable on painted surfaces.

User reviews

The pros and cons of the self-leveling floor say a lot. Most often, everything corresponds to reality based on the positive and negative aspects of such material and the installation technology itself.

Glossy self-leveling floors will be scratched over time. The appearance is lost, and all its basic qualities, which attracted him so much at first glance, are lost. These scratches can also become clogged with dirt and dust. Christina, 36 years old, Voronezh.

When done independently, any colors can be mixed with each other. That is, a full flight of fantasies. It produces excellent petals, flowers, patterns of various depths. The only disadvantages include sunburn. Elizaveta, 28 years old, Moscow.

To make a really beautiful floor will have to spend huge amounts of money. They go to the purchase of material, the selection of paints, the choice of a specific drawing and the work of specialists during installation. But on the other hand, it is actively used in rooms with a high level of humidity, and here it certainly has no equal. Vladimir, 41 years old, St. Petersburg.





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