Installation Of The Roof On The Balcony Of The Last Floor

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Video: Installation Of The Roof On The Balcony Of The Last Floor

Video: Installation Of The Roof On The Balcony Of The Last Floor
Video: My Awning or Roof over my Top Floor Balcony - from Start to Finish 2023, September
Installation Of The Roof On The Balcony Of The Last Floor
Installation Of The Roof On The Balcony Of The Last Floor
  • Roof to the top floor balcony
  • Types of balcony glazing
  • Types of balcony roofs
  • Roof installation steps
  • A few tips

Often in apartments, the loggia serves as a whole room, and the balcony is used as a garden, a place for outdoor work, as well as storage of equipment, in the absence of a shed or garage. But in order for the balcony to serve for a long time to the benefit of the owners, you need to take care of it. It is best to start these actions by installing the roof on the balcony.

Roof to the top floor balcony

In the modern world of architecture and construction, there are many different architectural projects of an additional type, which involve the construction of sheds on multi-storey buildings and the installation of a roof on the balcony of the last floor. The motivational reasons for these installations are the climate and weather conditions: the balcony of the last floor is often flooded with torrential rains and rainwater runoffs from the roof of the house, and in the winter season the balcony is pretty much clogged with snow obstructions. Basically, the construction of multi-storey ones does not imply the creation of a roof for the balcony, therefore this type of construction has to be carried out independently or with the help of specialists in this work profile.

Glazing a balcony with a roof
Glazing a balcony with a roof

Types of balcony glazing

In the case where the installation of the roof on the balcony can not save it from nepogodits, carried claim olneyshee roof glazing balconies. This procedure involves full glazing on all sides of the balcony, except for the floor and ceiling. Balcony glazing is divided into the following types:

  • warm;
  • cold;
  • panoramic.

Cold - glazing for warm weather means glazing of all the above sides of the balcony with aluminum structures, as well as aluminum profiles for roof glazing, which are most often equipped with one double-glazed window or two double-glazed windows. This type weakly insulates noise and heat, but, nevertheless, it is considered the most affordable in terms of price policy.

Complete glazing of a balcony with a roof
Complete glazing of a balcony with a roof

Warm - glazing for cold weather. This type is installed in the same way as the cold one, using an aluminum frame and double-glazed windows, but thanks to the presence of two or three double-glazed windows, the heat on the balcony territory remains quite well during a snowstorm and with a strong gust of wind.

Panoramic glazing has a good characteristic when it comes to the quality and strength of the material used, and this type of glazing is also known as Finnish glazing. According to external data, this type is distinguished by large and tall double-glazed windows, which illuminate and warm the entire territory of the balcony, regardless of its area. Therefore, with this type of glazing for the hot season, you need to stock up on durable curtains, roller blinds or blinds.

Glazing a balcony with a roof will not cause any particular difficulties: the main thing is to decide on the further type of roof to be used (leave the old one and glaze only the sides, or completely tear off the old roof and glaze it).

Types of balcony roofs

The balcony roof can be divided into two types:

  1. Welded construction (dependent type) implies the connection of balcony glazing and roof, in which aluminum profiles and glass units are used for covering the balcony roof.
  2. An independent type of construction is attached to the wall of the house from the outside without using any posts or fastening bases. Basically, slate, corrugated board, metal or polycarbonate are used as the material for the roof.

    roof for balcony
    roof for balcony

When choosing the basis of the structure: wood or metal? It is worth choosing a more durable material, that is, a metal that will be as stable as possible for any sultry and hot weather.

Roof installation steps

In order to proceed to the stages of installing roof glazing on a loggia or balcony, it is necessary to prepare the necessary building materials in advance:

  1. When glazing the roof, it is necessary to clean the double-glazed windows of numbered oilcloths and excess paper. Determine the integrity of the glass unit.
  2. Prepare construction foam for the installation of glazing.
  3. Purchase profiles and self-tapping screws, which will be the basis for fastening the glass unit to the base of the walls of the house.
  4. You will need a screwdriver for self-tapping screws.

When all the necessary building materials are collected, you can safely get down to business. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a base for fastening double-glazed windows, that is, to clean the openings for windows from old ones, or, using metal profiles, create a base for fastening by connecting them to the bottom of the balcony. When this stage is completed, the most important stage is performed - the fastening of insulating glass units based on aluminum profiles. They are fixed to a metal structure using self-tapping screws and twines. As a result of this work, open seams remain, which are filled with polyurethane foam. And the final stage involves redecorating the appearance of the balcony.

Roof to balcony
Roof to balcony

Installation of a roof on a balcony without glazing is much faster, easier and with minimal costs based on a metal frame. To install a roof on a balcony without glazing, you will need:

  • sheet or several sheets of corrugated board;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws and self-tapping screws;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • building meter;
  • polyurethane foam
  • lathing and wooden beams;
  • insurance when performing installation work on the roof of the balconies of the upper floors;
  • anchor bolts and chipboard.

When all the materials are at hand, you can safely get to work.

  1. With the help of anchor bolts on the wall of the house, it is necessary to install the crate and wooden beams, which will serve as the basis and frame for this structure.
  2. After that, it is necessary to measure the required size of the corrugated board with a construction meter and cut off the working material using a hacksaw for metal.
  3. This element is attached with screws, self-tapping screws and a screwdriver to the crate.
  4. The distance between the wall and the corrugated board must be filled with polyurethane foam.
  5. A chipboard sheet of the required size is attached to the wooden beams from the inside of the balcony roof.
Roof installation on the balcony
Roof installation on the balcony

A few tips

If you live in a humid climate with cold weather conditions, then in this case you just need to glaze a balcony with a roof. For the reasons that the entire balcony will be isolated from constant moisture and cold, which destroys the foundation of any balcony. And also the light coming through the windows will warm up the balcony.

Installing a balcony roof on the last floors of a multi-storey building is very dangerous for human life and health. Therefore, it is better to trust this responsible business to installation specialists who have extensive experience in this work. They can be found in any construction or installation company.



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