How To Choose The Right Wall Sconce: Tips, Photos, Videos

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Video: How To Choose The Right Wall Sconce: Tips, Photos, Videos

Video: How To Choose The Right Wall Sconce: Tips, Photos, Videos
Video: Best Wall Sconce Tips and Ideas from the Lamps Plus Ambassadors 2023, September
How To Choose The Right Wall Sconce: Tips, Photos, Videos
How To Choose The Right Wall Sconce: Tips, Photos, Videos
  • What is a sconce
  • Types of lamps
  • By shape and size
  • By the way of light distribution
  • Lighting types
  • Wall sconce functionality
  • The choice of sconces depending on the purpose
  • Selection of a wall lamp for the style of the room
  • A few tips
  • Conclusion

In addition to the main lighting in the room, additional lighting is often used to provide better illumination of certain areas. For this, use sconces. But the choice of such a lamp is an important issue, you can't just take any one, there are many nuances that should be taken into account. After reading the material, you will learn how to choose a wall sconce.

What is a sconce

Considering the evolution of the wall sconce lamp, it is worth noting that over the hundreds of years of its existence, its purpose has not changed, but the look has changed significantly.

In ancient times, such a lighting device was a torch hanging on the wall, today, it is presented in thousands of varieties of wall lamps.

the right choice of wall lights
the right choice of wall lights

Types of lamps

Today, the market represents a thousandth assortment of similar lighting devices, with various designs and colors. But all these types can be combined into a separate classification, depending on the form of manufacture and light distribution.

Nowadays, more and more LED lamps are in vogue, the shapes of which give a zest to the design.

Another option to transform a room is track lights.

By shape and size

There are three such forms in total:

  1. Closed.
  2. Half.
  3. Decorative or open.

Burning about the closed variations, it is clear from the name that the lamp is a lamp completely covered with a shade, which can be made in any form and shape and from various materials.

Half ones are performed according to the same principle as closed ones, only they do not have the floor of the plafond, usually this is the upper part.

But the variety of decorative ones is quite large. They play mainly the role of decorating a room. They can be made in any shape, in the form of lanterns, candles, flowers and much more. For them, the variations are limited only by the designer's imagination. Such lamps are made both in bulk in the most popular variations, and to order.

Also in another small view, you can distinguish a directional sconce. These are a unique design that operates on the principle of a lantern. They are fixed on the wall, but at the same time they have a flexible base, which allows you to direct the light in the desired direction.

types of sconces
types of sconces

By the way of light distribution

Speaking about the method of light distribution, 4 classes can be distinguished here:

  1. With direct light. This view directly directs light to a specific area (one point).
  2. Partially direct light. It is a structure that directs streams to one point, but at the same time, allowing some of the light to scatter).
  3. Uniform lighting. Such devices completely illuminate the entire area to which the light reaches (the size of the area depends on the brightness of the illumination, i.e. the power of the lamp and lamp)
  4. Diffused lighting. The last option are devices that distribute light throughout the room, the rays fall on the walls and ceiling, reflecting from them.

Lighting types

Lighting is very important for the spiritual harmony of a person. The soft light of a floor lamp and an interesting book in your hands are much more pleasant than relaxing under the "rays" of an ordinary chandelier.

To create the right lighting, there must be several lamps in the room, covering the space from different sides. Lighting in the interior of each room must be selected from three types of light: soft, working and lighting of specific elements.

  1. Soft light is the main lighting of the room. Diffused light is best suited for this purpose, which does not give a blinding shine and visually enlarges the space. Floor and table lamps will perfectly cope with this role.
  2. The working light must meet its purpose, must not “hit the eyes” and create a shadow. Luminaires with a design that allows you to adjust their height are very convenient to use - it is better to choose such.
  3. The third type is lighting of individual interior details (aquariums, paintings), aimed at highlighting them. Such lighting cannot be used in rooms with painted or polished walls. All light sources should emit light of different brightness and be at different levels.

As you can imagine, sconces can be used for any type of lighting. And in order to better understand the full range of capabilities of such devices, it is worth considering all the functions that they can perform.

Wall sconce functionality

Directly from what the lamp is needed for, its choice will depend. In total, wall-mounted lighting fixtures can perform five functions, namely:

  1. Local lighting. This is directly the direct purpose of such lamps. Those. illumination of small areas, small rooms, or decorative elements (mirrors, paintings). The use of local lighting near the bed in the bedroom is also quite common.

    local lighting wall sconces
    local lighting wall sconces
  2. Atmospheric lighting. Here we mean beautiful lamps that give a certain atmosphere to the room, for example, a solemn or romantic setting. Must be combined with chandeliers.
  3. Basic lighting. In some situations, it is allowed to use a sconce as the main lighting fixture. This can be found in corridors, small rooms, where it makes no sense to equip a chandelier.
  4. Zoning. Also, lamps are used for zoning a room. Thus, you can equip several zones with different lighting.
  5. Decoration. And the last option is to decorate the room. In this case, the lamp is practically not used for its intended purpose, but serves only as a decorative element.

And now it is worth considering how to choose a lamp for each of the lighting options.

The choice of sconces depending on the purpose

Choosing the right lighting fixtures is an important enough task that does not tolerate mistakes and has its own tricks. And let's look at the features of the choice:

  1. When purchasing a sconce to illuminate individual decorative elements, it is necessary to select bright lamps from both sides. At the same time, adjust to the style of the object itself.
  2. To illuminate the paintings, elements with matte shades are needed, which will eliminate the possibility of creating glare of light.
  3. If the lamp is intended for reading or work, a wall lamp with a matt shade is also recommended. In addition, it is desirable to have the ability to adjust the brightness, since the light must be made as close to natural as possible, and also comfortable.
  4. When combining a chandelier and a sconce, it is necessary to select appliances of the same style. It is recommended to buy a set of several items at once.

    how to choose a wall lamp
    how to choose a wall lamp

Selection of a wall lamp for the style of the room

It is also important that the luminaire is in harmony with the design of the room, therefore it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the interior. Let's take a look at which devices are suitable for different design options:

  • for a striped interior or design in a classic style, chandeliers and floor lamps made of bronze, onyx, crystal, marble, wood or gilded metal are suitable. Accordingly, the sconces should be made in a classic style, with imitation of products made of noble material.
  • the Art Nouveau style will go well with clear geometric lamps of unusual shape, color or volume. Here, the choice of a lamp falls on the imagination; a good option would be dark appliances with matte drop-shaped shades.
  • To create an interior in a folk style, you can find wicker lampshades and colored shades, lamps decorated with national ornaments, wooden and forged details.
  • a country-style room is characterized by simple materials: ceramics, wood, vine, stone. In this style, bright colors and ornaments should not be present.
  • minimalism is a lack of decor, natural colors, simple geometric shapes, purity, rigor and correctness of lines.
  • for a techno-style room, it is better to choose raster lamps and modular lighting systems. This style is created by emphasizing structural elements and using chrome-plated metal.

If the room is large and spacious, then you can buy a crystal chandelier, which will make the atmosphere more "rich". But in this case, care must be taken to ensure that the rest of the room also matches the impression of luxury and wealth. Otherwise, a chic chandelier will simply overshadow all other interior details and make the situation miserable and ridiculous. To avoid this, you can pick up spectacular sconces, and focus on certain areas of compotes.

wall sconce in the interior
wall sconce in the interior

A few tips

Consider some of the features, even before purchasing, and before installation, namely:

  1. If you have a low ceiling in your room, sconces with half shades pointing up are well suited, they will make it visually taller.
  2. In the case of a high ceiling, the appliances are directed downward, making it lower.
  3. When arranging a lamp near the bed, the height of the attachment should be no more than 160 centimeters, so that it is convenient to turn on and off the lamp.
  4. And most importantly, the arrangement of lighting requires additional arrangement of electrical wiring, respectively, plan its arrangement even before the start of the repair.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the novelties of this year, these are LED lamps.


Now, thanks to our tips and tricks, you know how to choose the right wall sconce, which must be considered when choosing. Finally, for you, we offer you to look at the options for decorating the premises with the arrangement of lighting with wall lamps and learn about the interior decoration with LED strips.




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