Why Did The LED Light Burn Out Quickly And How To Choose A Quality Lamp

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Video: Why Did The LED Light Burn Out Quickly And How To Choose A Quality Lamp

Video: Why Did The LED Light Burn Out Quickly And How To Choose A Quality Lamp
Video: The Truth about LED bulbs - Don't Buy LED Bulbs Before Watching This! 2023, September
Why Did The LED Light Burn Out Quickly And How To Choose A Quality Lamp
Why Did The LED Light Burn Out Quickly And How To Choose A Quality Lamp
  • LED lamps - design feature
  • The main causes of LED lamp malfunctions
  • More importantly, the conditions for durability
  • The name says a lot
  • Human factor
  • External influence factor

Often, even the most modern and reliable designs of technical devices become useless due to breakdowns caused by carelessness, misuse or simply unwillingness to read the operating instructions. Ice lamps are no exception, because the durability of their work, like other equipment, largely depends on the human factor.

As you know, the best is the enemy of the good, everything that is done better, more promising and more economical sooner or later replaces the cumbersome, ineffective and backward. So it happened with lighting devices from the Edison bulb to the LED device, only a little more than 100 years have passed, and lamps with a tungsten spiral are being replaced everywhere by LED LED lamps. But even such a rapid development of technology cannot eliminate the problems that cause LED bulbs to burn out.

LED lamps - design feature

The similarities and differences between LED lamps and conventional incandescent bulbs largely reveal the features of the entire life cycle of devices from purchase until it is stated that the ice lamp has completely burned out.

An ordinary lamp is the simplest device in which a tungsten coil is a resistor placed in an atmosphere of an inert gas, when an electric current passes through it, it is heated to a high temperature, at which an external glow occurs.

An ice lamp, unlike an incandescent lamp, is characterized by the glow of an LED connected through a special driver - a special board that converts the voltage of 220 volts of the home electrical network into a voltage of 3-3.5 volts for supply to the LED element.

The presence of a built-in driver, a powerful LED in the design of the LED lamp, unlike a conventional light bulb, makes this lamp not only more economical, but also durable, because the performance indicators of the LED and the tungsten coil are incommensurable - the diode works tens of times longer.

When choosing, it is unnecessary to pay attention to a larger number of diode elements, on the contrary, the less they are, the better their quality.

The main causes of LED lamp malfunctions

So, despite the fact that LED lamps today act as the most modern and reliable devices, the question of why an LED bulb burns out is becoming more and more relevant. And here, as in the analogy with conventional incandescent lamps, there are several obvious reasons that can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • technical cause of the malfunction;
  • quality of ice products;
  • human factor;
  • thermal loads;
  • incorrect connection;
  • external influence.

With a more detailed study of the problem of why diode bulbs burn out, it will probably be possible to identify other reasons, but it is these factors that most often cause device breakdowns.

The main reason is that in the pursuit of profit, manufacturers save a lot and release rather weak drivers that work to the limit, plus there is heating, and heat removal is weak.


More importantly, the conditions for durability

The 10,000 or even 50,000 operating hours of the device declared by the manufacturers largely justify the appointment of LED lamps as a durable lighting device, but at the same time, a number of technical factors that significantly affect the resource should be taken into account.

First. Today, everywhere, ice lamps have standard E14 and E27 caps for incandescent lamps, that is, they are intended for use in standard chandeliers and lamps! But due to the small size of standard lamps, it is difficult to fit a good enough driver and still do good surface cooling.

A simple rule of thumb. Before buying, pay attention to the cooling fins, the more of them and the more thought-out the system, the better. Ideally, if the lamp has a decent power, then the lamp radiator should also be aluminum.


When screwing a new lamp into an old chandelier, care must be taken to ensure that the contacts in the holder itself are in good condition, without flaws and have no signs of oxidation. Like ordinary lamps, diode bulbs burn out, primarily due to poor contact in the cartridge itself.

The second most important reason why an LED light bulb burned out quickly,the quality of the electric current itself appears. It is no secret that in most houses built in the 60-80s of the last century, consumer power was calculated at the level of 1.3-1.6 kW of load at peak times for an apartment. Based on this indicator, the electrical wiring of the corresponding section and material was laid. So it turns out that often the network "sags" when you turn on the microwave and iron at the same time. Both low voltage in the network, and vice versa, high voltage negatively affects the operation of the driver, leads to its overheating, and, accordingly, the failure of the elements of the electrical circuit. And if the LED bulbs in the apartment often burn out, then you definitely need to purchase protective equipment to reduce the effect of low-quality voltage on the electrical appliances of the entire apartment and modernize the entire wiring system.

The third possible reason for the burnout of ice lamps is the presence of a backlight on the switch. With an incorrect wiring system, correctly when the phase goes to the breaker, there is a leakage of current through the breaker backlight. As a result, the lamp may even glow a little in the dark. The solution is simple to remove the indicator from the switch. Or globally revise how to change the phase and zero in the shield.

The name says a lot

Bright packaging and promises of many years of uninterrupted work often become the moment at which gullible customers are caught. At the same time, the number of companies producing LED lamps is growing by leaps and bounds, more and more. Moreover, the main, the most expensive element of the lamp, the LED in the Middle Kingdom, has fallen in price by 30% over the past year. Such an influx of unknown manufacturers into the market with offers of cheap products of unknown origin significantly increases the risk that the ice lamp will not last long.

For well-known world and domestic manufacturers, the release of quality products is always a priority, therefore, only high-quality components are selected for both cases and the element base, therefore, a full 5-year warranty, however, and the price is appropriate. How to choose the right led lamp.

The main problem of all ice lamps that all manufacturers are trying to solve is the flickering of the light bulb. Accordingly, the smaller it is, the better the lamp is and is suitable for use in residential premises. It can be detected by directing the camera of a mobile phone, there should be no stripes on the screen.


Human factor

As with any expensive equipment, the human factor has a significant impact on the fact that the ice lamp burns out. In fact, there are plenty of reasons for LED bulbs to burn out in an apartment:

  • non-observance of the rules for installing the lamp, when the base simply breaks off with excessive force;
  • installing and turning on the device immediately after the light bulb was brought into the room from frost;
  • installation of an LED lamp in a luminaire switch, which is equipped with an indicator diode;
  • use in rooms with high humidity outside sealed fixtures.

In all these cases, it is the human factor that causes the ice lamp to burn out.

External influence factor

Unfortunately, despite the use of modern technologies and devices for protecting electrical appliances, today it is impossible to guarantee with 100% certainty the correct operation of LED lamps when exposed to external forces. As with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps are characterized by a reaction to static voltage that occurs during thunderstorm activity. And the hit of a lightning charge into a house unprotected by a lightning rod in 100% of cases will lead to the fact that diode bulbs will burn out.




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