Which Linoleum To Choose For Home: Tips And Tricks

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Video: Which Linoleum To Choose For Home: Tips And Tricks

Video: Which Linoleum To Choose For Home: Tips And Tricks
Video: Flooring Selection | Interior Design 2023, September
Which Linoleum To Choose For Home: Tips And Tricks
Which Linoleum To Choose For Home: Tips And Tricks
  • What to look for when choosing
  • Types of linoleum and its features
  • Natural
  • PVC material
  • Relin
  • Alkyd
  • Classification and features of linoleum
  • Expert advice
  • Conclusion

Among the average inhabitants, linoleum is the most popular floor covering. This is primarily due to its low cost, in addition to a fairly long service life. But it is worth noting that today there are many varieties, colors, and all this must be taken into account. Thus, many are visited by the question of which linoleum to choose for the house.

choice of linoleum
choice of linoleum

What to look for when choosing

To begin with, it is worth noting the main criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing a coating. Thus, the correct choice of linoleum is determined by the following factors:

  1. The purpose of the coating (i.e. for which room it is selected).
  2. Performance characteristics, namely: wear resistance, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness and many others.
  3. It is also important that the coating withstands the imposed loads and the level of operation, which is influenced by the number of visitors and the passage of the premises.
  4. And the last factor is the aesthetic qualities of the material. It should complement the interior of the room.

Thus, taking into account all the factors presented, any buyer can choose the necessary covering for himself, since he will know how to choose linoleum correctly.

natural linoleum choice
natural linoleum choice

Types of linoleum and its features

To begin with, you should generally figure out what kind of linoleum happens. It is known that such a coating is the most democratic, since it fits in both residential and public buildings. But for the right choice, it is important to know all its types, which are not few.


The most environmentally friendly of all linoleums is natural. Most often it is used in hospitals, orphanages, and those places where constant hygienic cleanliness is needed.

This type is based on jute fabric. Depending on the purpose, it is combined with wood flour, limestone, pine resin and many dyes.

The material itself is made strictly from natural components, and therefore it becomes an excellent solution for children's rooms, as well as rooms with living allergies or asmatics.

Choosing linoleum for an apartment or house, this option is best suited, which determines its advantages:

  1. Doesn't harm your health.
  2. Completely environmentally friendly.
  3. Wear-resistant.
  4. It does not fade and boasts bactericidal properties.

PVC material

The next type is a coating based on fabric or non-woven thermal insulation. Today it is produced by many domestic companies using foreign technologies, therefore it has an affordable cost to everyone.

Among the advantages of the material:

  1. Low price.
  2. High performance characteristics.
  3. Variety of colors.
  4. Low level of thermal conductivity.
  5. Good electrical properties.
  6. Ease of installation.

Speaking about the disadvantages, it can be noted:

  1. Sensitivity to temperature changes (with a sharp drop, it loses elasticity and cracks)
  2. Immunity to the effects of chemical compounds.

The cheapest in this form will be baseless linoleum, a little more expensive - based on artificial materials, the most expensive - based on natural materials. But you need to understand that the service life and the level of sound and thermal insulation depend on the price: the more expensive, the better.

PVC linoleum
PVC linoleum


Relin is also a fairly common option. It is a unique material based on waterproofing components.

Very suitable for rooms with high humidity. It is resistant not only to water, but also to chemicals, and in general it is highly durable. You can use this type in laboratories, production facilities.

Linoleum relin choice
Linoleum relin choice


In production and in transport, you can see jute-based linoleum (alkyd). It is made from alkyd resins, which are extracted from linseed oil.

The material is quite expensive, which leads to a complex production technology.

It is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation.

There is another type of coating, but it is almost never used at the moment - nitrocellulose. The disadvantage of such linoleum is poor fire resistance and ease of ignition.

In addition to the main types, there is linoleum with various additives: anti-slip, soundproof, antibacterial.

features of alkyd linoleum
features of alkyd linoleum

Classification and features of linoleum

In order to fully answer the question of how to choose the right linoleum, you need to understand its labeling and classification. Since it is she who determines the compliance with the requirements of the material.

The marking is represented by two numbers, the first digit from 1 to 4, means the purpose for the room:

  1. Rooms with minimal traffic.
  2. Living spaces.
  3. Office buildings.
  4. Production sites.

The second figure indicates the load that is supposed to be covered. Accordingly, the number one indicates the minimum load, and four about the maximum allowable.

Thus, choosing linoleum for a bedroom, you can take material of grade 21, while a hallway or kitchen will require 24 classes.

For a better understanding, the degree of load determines the thickness of the required linoleum. Thus, considering such premises as a living room, an entrance hall, a corridor, it is worth saying that the load in these places is maximum, respectively, the thickness of the material should be at least 3 millimeters, in addition, the protective layer should not be thinner than 0.30 millimeters.

In addition, when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the base, thus, the smoother the floor, the thinner the coating can be placed on it, and, accordingly, vice versa.

linoleum features
linoleum features

Expert advice

And most importantly, in order to choose linoleum correctly, you should take into account the advice and recommendations of experts:

  1. Linoleum thickness varies from 1.2 to 6 mm. When choosing a thickness, it is important to consider the type of floor and the level of use of the room. If the room is visited frequently and by many people, then the thickness should be at least 3 mm. In a less popular room, 2.5 mm will suffice. For a wooden floor, thin linoleum is enough, but for concrete - at least 3.5. This will insulate the floor and hide any unevenness.
  2. Trust your charm, any pungent odor from the coating indicates the presence of harmful chemicals in the composition. Quality materials do not have a bad smell.
  3. All pavement patterns must be clear and distinct.
  4. The material must fully comply with all safety requirements, before going on sale, high-quality types undergo a number of examinations, and have a certificate.
  5. Before purchasing, each roll must be checked for quality when rolled out. There should be no scratches, bumps, or peeling film on the surface. The presence of any of these indicators indicates a material defect.
  6. If possible, always give preference to models with a protective film applied, as they are more durable and easier to clean.
  7. All rolls should be made in one batch, since there may be even the slightest difference in shade and pattern in different ones.
  8. Do not neglect the choice of coating colors.
  9. If monotony is not even considered, then it is better to choose a small abstract drawing.
  10. A large drawing is suitable only for large non-residential premises.
  11. He goes to the store with a plan of the room in his hands and clear measurements.
  12. It is better to transport it in a roll, with the front side inward.

    how to choose linoleum correctly
    how to choose linoleum correctly


As you can see, the process of choosing linoleum is quite simple, if you understand it a little. Having studied all the subtleties, and taking into account our recommendations, you can easily choose linoleum for your home on your own, and in the future your choice will not bring disappointment. Finally, we offer several videos that will help you figure out which linoleum is better, tell you about its types and properties in more detail.




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