Ways To Eliminate Blockage In The Bathroom And How To Clean The Sewer With Folk And Chemical Means

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Ways To Eliminate Blockage In The Bathroom And How To Clean The Sewer With Folk And Chemical Means
Ways To Eliminate Blockage In The Bathroom And How To Clean The Sewer With Folk And Chemical Means
  • Reasons why the bath could be clogged
  • Effective methods for eliminating sewer blockages
  • Chemicals
  • Folk way to clean the blockage: soda and vinegar
  • Cleaning the siphon

The question of how to clear a blockage in the bathroom arises from almost every person. Both a jack of all trades and an ordinary housewife can face this - this is a common thing. If the water does not leave, or even worse - whips back, emitting a stench, using the bathroom becomes not only unpleasant, but also impossible in principle.

This article contains comprehensive information on how to remove a blockage in the bathroom, which remedies are best to use, and how to prevent the trouble from recurring in the future.

Reasons why the bath could be clogged

First you need to determine why the drain is clogged, and what options are there for cleaning pipes or a siphon. Most likely, the cause will be revealed in the process of fixing the problem. However, if it is known for sure that a piece of jewelry, a hairpin or other necessary thing has got into the drain, then not all remedies for blockages in the bathroom will be good. For example, certain chemicals can ruin an awkwardly dropped item.

So, the causes of blockages in the siphon:

  • hair, animal hair;
  • spools, pile, thread from clothes;
  • trifle;
  • mud;
  • small parts, accessories, decorations.

All of the above components form a dense lump in the pipe, which prevents the passage of water, or even inhibits it altogether. It is possible to remove such a blockage in the bathroom either with tweezers or a thin wire.

Effective methods for eliminating sewer blockages

sewer cleaning
sewer cleaning

Good old plunger and cable. These two things are found in almost every home.

A plunger is a rubber-tipped stick shaped like a large suction cup that can suck or push debris.

Using this simple invention, you can get the following results:

  1. Prevent blockages.
  2. Eliminate the causes of slow water drainage.
  3. Assess the extent of contamination.

Usually the plunger is effective when the pipe is slightly clogged - sharp currents of water and air will push through the obstacle.

Recommendations for the use of a plunger:

  1. Install the device in such a way that its rubber part covers the drain hole.
  2. Draw a small amount of water into the bathroom (the dry efficiency decreases).
  3. Make a few strokes by moving the handle up and down.
  4. Check if water is leaking.
  5. Wash off the evacuated debris.

If this did not help and the blockage in the bathroom has not disappeared, then what to do? Use wire rope:

  1. Insert it into the drain hole.
  2. Push forward into pipes and scroll at the same time.
  3. When the tension is released (the blockage is cleared), gently move the cable back and forth.
  4. Remove and rinse the product.


The modern chemical industry has taken care of making the process of removing blockages as fast and comfortable as possible.

Almost all of them are equally effective, but when choosing a remedy, it is worth considering the fact that not every remedy for blockage in the bathroom is suitable for the type of pipes that is installed in your house.

Manufacturers are vying with each other to produce means for cleaning pipes from debris and deposits. The release form can be varied:

  • powder;
  • gel;
  • liquid.

The most common and inexpensive remedy is Mole, a domestic drug that perfectly removes odors, food and fat debris, and also breaks down fibers (hair, wool, etc.). It is produced by different companies and may differ slightly:

  • by composition;
  • price;
  • time of action.

Pipe compatibility is usually indicated on the packaging. Here is a far from complete list of effective drugs:

  1. Mister Muscle.
  2. Bugs.
  3. Pothan.
  4. Tiret.
  5. Flop.
  6. Mole.
clogging remedies
clogging remedies

It is important to carefully read the instructions for use and observe all safety measures so as not to get a chemical burn and not to spoil the plumbing.

Folk way to clean the blockage: soda and vinegar

If you have no plumbing, no plunger, no cable, no purchased funds at hand and the bathtub is clogged, you should try the folk method. This will require:

  • ½ cup baking soda

    soda iaxus
    soda iaxus
  • ½ cup vinegar;
  • 1 liter of boiling water.

Follow these directions:

  1. Wipe dry the bathroom and the metal drain ring.
  2. Pour baking soda into the drain hole.
  3. Pour vinegar there.
  4. Pour in boiling water after 1 minute.
  5. After 2-3 minutes, turn on the water - it should flow freely.

Cleaning the siphon

If, nevertheless, there is confidence that a necessary or valuable thing has become the reason for the slow drainage of water, it is worth learning how to clean the siphon in the bathroom. Thus, it will be possible to remove what has fallen into the drain and caused a blockage.

siphon cleaning
siphon cleaning

Siphon cleaning technology:

  1. Lay a cloth under the siphon, put a basin or a bucket.
  2. Slowly loosen the lock nut to prevent liquid spilling out.
  3. Remove the flask and drain the dirty water.
  4. Remove the debris, small parts or lumps that caused the problem.
  5. Rinse the siphon and remove plaque.
  6. Reinstall the siphon.
  7. Check the tightness of the connections.

Now, in case the bathtub suddenly clogs up, you will know what to do.

It is also worth remembering that prophylaxis with a plunger and cleaning the siphon once a month is a guarantee of high-quality and comfortable bath use. Expensive chemicals may not be required in this case!

Also worth watching a video on this topic:


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