Ways To Seal Cracks And Holes In The Wall And Drywall Tips And Videos

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Video: Ways To Seal Cracks And Holes In The Wall And Drywall Tips And Videos

Video: Ways To Seal Cracks And Holes In The Wall And Drywall Tips And Videos
Video: How to Fix Holes in Drywall - 4 Easy Methods 2023, October
Ways To Seal Cracks And Holes In The Wall And Drywall Tips And Videos
Ways To Seal Cracks And Holes In The Wall And Drywall Tips And Videos
  • Repair of cracks in the wall
  • Repair of chips on the wall
  • How to patch a hole in drywall
  • Video for sealing a hole in drywall
  • Choosing a putty
  • A way how you can fix an incorrectly drilled hole in drywall under the socket

Despite the fact that drywall is a fairly strong and reliable material, over the course of its service life it may become unusable. Sheathing with sheets can be damaged for various reasons: leaks, chips from mechanical shocks, fires, etc. In addition, troubles can arise as a result of non-compliance with the finishing technology.

Damage and repair

Drywall, like any building component, has its weak points. With respect to this component, it can be argued that the most common operational problems are:

• cracks;

• chips;

• holes.

Repair of cracks in the wall

Cracks in the subject of our discussion are a common problem in new buildings. In 80% of cases, when buying a new home in a newly erected building, households have similar problems. This is due to the shrinkage of the walls and supporting structures.

How to repair a crack in drywall with your own hands? If it is shallow and narrow, then you will have to deepen it a little, by about 3-4mm. This is necessary so that the solution can be fixed in deeper layers. Otherwise, when dry, it may simply fall off. It is better to use a special putty designed specifically for drywall as a mortar for sealing. It is able to maintain elasticity over a long period and at the same time dries quickly.

If the damage is deeper, repairing drywall becomes more difficult. First you need to remove layers of paint or other finishing materials at a distance of 10-15 cm from the very place of the break. Then a thin layer of glue is applied, it is better to use PVA, and a reinforced fiberglass is glued on top. After the glue that fixes the fiberglass has dried, you can apply the putty and continue finishing: paint, pasting, whitewashing, etc.

Repair of chips on the wall

Do-it-yourself drywall repair in case of chips formation consists in fastening the problem area. For this, a special plaster tape is used. The damaged area is pre-cleaned, after which the tape itself is attached and a layer of putty is applied. It is important that after the repair, there are no drafts or sudden temperature fluctuations in the room, so that the putty can dry properly and harden on the damage.

After drying, the area is cleaned and pasted over with wallpaper, or painted to match. At this stage, it is necessary to take care of a high-quality sanding so that the element of the final finish is applied evenly. Particular attention should be paid to sanding when it comes to painting. If the paint is applied to an uneven layer, it will simply fall off over time.


How to patch a hole in drywall

Holes occur most often as a result of mechanical damage - shock or getting wet. If such a problem occurs, in order to avoid further destruction of the entire sheet, it is necessary to quickly repair the hole in the drywall with your own hands.

First, inspect the site itself. The fact is that when wet around the formation itself, the material begins to deteriorate and becomes soft, respectively, it is not possible to work with it. If there is an impact, as a result of which a depression is formed, the perimeter can be "infected" with cracks, which is also not very good.

After the condition has been assessed and the areas of damage have been identified, it is necessary to reach the harder edge. Indent 5-10 cm from the edge of the hole, depending on the degree of rigidity. Using a ruler and pencil, draw a rectangle that will fit the size of the piece you are going to embed. It is best to cut out a cracked element with a mounting knife or a special file.

Further, the repair of drywall continues according to a well-known scheme. You need to first clean the edges of the hole and only then insert the workpiece. Be sure to prime the surfaces. Strengthening is done with mortar and mounting tape.

The most important stage in the repair of drywall with your own hands - putty

You've probably noticed that when repairing damage, putty is always used. This is actually a very important preparatory stage for renovation and decoration. The period of the operational period will depend on how well the preparation for further processing will be performed. The video will show in detail how to repair drywall damage with your own hands.

Video for sealing a hole in drywall



Choosing a putty

In hardware stores, a fairly wide variety of this finishing material is offered at the choice of the consumer. We strongly recommend paying attention to dry mixes. Firstly, they can be stored for a long time without losing their qualities, and secondly, they can be used in portions. In addition, pay attention to the fact that there are certain types of mixtures for wall decoration, ceiling or renovation. In our case, the right choice is the repair putty.

Dry mixes are of several types:

• polymer;

• gypsum;

• cement.

The choice depends on the type and conditions of the room in which the drywall will be repaired. If we are talking about repair work in a bathroom or kitchen, with a high moisture content, then it is better to pay attention to cement mixtures. Gypsum is more suitable for dry, warm rooms, but polymer ones are universal. They are more flexible and can be used anywhere. And although their price is slightly higher, the cost of repair work is much less than that of the rest.

Regardless of what actions are carried out, repairing drywall cracks, sealing chips or holes, a layer of primer must be applied before puttingty. It contributes to better bonding of the finishing material, while not penetrating deep into the sheet itself, thereby not destroying it. The putty process itself is carried out after the ground layer has dried.

The main finishing process after renovation is carried out in several stages. The first step is to apply fiberglass mounting tape to the renovation site. It is important that the seam of the damage itself is in the center of the serpyanka. After that, you need to prepare the putty. It should be noted here that the preparation of the mixture is carried out in accordance with the required amount. Remember that the diluted dry mixture loses the qualities of storage duration and after 30-40 minutes it becomes unsuitable for further use.

After that, the very process of applying the component to the restored area is carried out. For this, two spatulas are used at once: thin and wide. Wide is necessary for applying the bulk and repairing damage, thin for cleaning. Do not leave large streaks and streaks - after drying, they will be very difficult to remove. Try to apply the filler evenly without depressions or bulges.


Do-it-yourself drywall repair, regardless of the degree and severity of damage, is possible even if you have never held a tool in your hands. The main thing is to fulfill the requirements that were indicated above. The most important stage in the repair is putty, the correctness of which will determine not only the aesthetic component of the treated area, but also the service life.

A way how you can fix an incorrectly drilled hole in drywall under the socket


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