Why Do My Eyes Itch? What To Do?

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Video: Why Do My Eyes Itch? What To Do?

Video: Why Do My Eyes Itch? What To Do?
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Why Do My Eyes Itch? What To Do?
Why Do My Eyes Itch? What To Do?

Why do my eyes itch? What to do?


  • Why do my eyes itch? What are the reasons?
  • What to do if your eyes itch?
  • Folk signs

Why do my eyes itch? What are the reasons?

It is possible to single out a huge number of factors due to which the eyes itch:

  • Applying eye drops;
  • Ingress of infection;
  • Eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, barley);
  • Wearing lenses;
  • Seasonal allergies;
  • Dry eye syndrome;
  • Reaction to dust, pollen;
  • Use of cosmetics: mascara, powder;
  • Blepharitis (inflammation and redness around the edges of the eyelids);
  • An eye mite that lives on the eyebrows and eyelashes of many people. The disease that occurs for this reason is called demodicosis. It should be noted that it can be diagnosed in any person, but this phenomenon does not cause any problems until, for whatever reason, the parasite begins to multiply very actively;
  • Healing of small wounds or cracks that are nearby. This is due to the fact that substances produced by the body to heal injuries provoke itching.

Eyes can itch due to the fact that they got into:

itchy eyes
itchy eyes
  • Foreign body (speck of dust or grain of sand) - they provoke the formation of small damages;
  • The substance, which is corrosive in nature, can also act as an irritant and, unlike dust, can cause serious problems.

Depending on what exactly caused the itching in the eye area, irritation can affect not only the mucous membrane, but also the eyelids. In some situations, itching in the eyes is triggered by allergic components that are in the air. Such substances or agents can be feathers of birds, particles of hair of domestic animals (cats or dogs, especially long-haired ones), ordinary household dust or pollen of various plants that bloom not only in summer, but also in spring.

Discomfort in the eyes may be due to a specific cause, namely dryness of the mucous membrane. For many, a very real danger is the chemicals used in everyday life. Including laundry detergents, bleaches and conditioners, as well as dishwashing and cleaning products. In such a situation, it is recommended to use much more natural "grandmother's" products, consisting of more than 50% of herbal ingredients. They will not cause harm or provoke allergic reactions and, at the same time, will most effectively cope with the tasks in terms of maintaining cleanliness.

What to do if your eyes itch?

itchy eyes
itchy eyes

Eye itching should not be ignored. The way to restore optimal eye health is in direct proportion to the causes of the irritation. You can check the skin in the eye area for the presence of demodicosis by visiting a dermatovenerologist, and the eyes and eyelids themselves - by an ophthalmologist. Treatment of this stage is carried out in two stages, namely antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory therapy, and after that a complex of hygienic procedures.

In order to reduce irritation, ophthalmologists recommend taking breaks as often as possible during work, changing the focus of the eyes, and using special glasses for prolonged work at the computer. In addition to all this, you should definitely monitor the degree of acidity of gastric juice.

To reduce itching, a specialist may prescribe drops and special procedures. According to the studies, most often the eyes itch as a result of allergic reactions, and therefore, for effective treatment, the symptoms and factors of allergy should be neutralized. In the event that a foreign body turns out to be in the eye, it is not recommended to remove it yourself, it would be most correct to consult a doctor.

Treatment of itchy eyes that have been caused by ailments should be symptomatic and should be started as early as possible.

For example, dry eye syndrome stops after:

  • Long rest - more than 10 minutes every hour;
  • Using drops of the so-called "artificial tear";
  • Rest your eyes while working at a computer or laptop for every 60 minutes. It will be an ideal preventive measure for all eye problems, not just itching;
  • Indoor applications such as humidifiers.

At the very beginning, when barley appears, it is cured by applying dry heat. However, after the abscess has matured, nothing of the kind can be done, because the process of infection with an infection can spread to the conjugated tissues. The opening and disappearance of itching occurs later, at most, a week after the onset of the primary signs of the disease. It is possible to prevent the formation of barley if you achieve an increase in general immunity and observe all the norms of personal hygiene.

Eye ailments such as cataracts and glaucoma are treated exclusively by an ophthalmologist, a specialist will be able to choose the most effective medicines based on the age category of the patient and concomitant diseases. However, is it possible to fight itchy eyes with traditional medicine?

On the subject: Vitamins for the eyes - which are the best?

Folk remedies

Recipes used in traditional medicine can be extremely effective when ocular itching is noted:

  • Special eye water is prepared from dill: half a tablespoon of powder made from dill is boiled in one glass of distilled water and the eye area is washed with the described broth twice or three times a day (depending on the severity of manifestations). Even more effective will be steam baths for the eyes of dill decoction or its powder.
  • Rinsing the eye area with pink, non-perfumed water helps well. To do this, add no more than five drops of purified rose water to 30 ml of filtered water. Then they are stirred and washed with the resulting solution of the eye. It is very important that the temperature readings of the mixture remain as comfortable as possible, that is, not excessively hot or cold.

  • Experts consider castor oil to be an effective remedy in the fight against itchy eyes, which should be instilled in each eye before going to bed, but only one drop at a time. Also, eating fresh fennel seeds can help keep scabies to a minimum because it opens up blockages. The grated lily root, which should be applied to the eyes, can help, as a result of which it not only improves vision, but also relieves itching.
  • In the process of restoring the cornea of the eye, problems with which also provoke scratching, instilling the juice of plantain leaves two drops three times a day is an ideal remedy.
  • With itching and inflammation in the area of the mucous membrane of the eyes, lotions from tincture of blue cornflower flowers will be effective. To prepare this remedy, use one glass of boiling water, several teaspoons of flowers, which are infused for no more than one hour and filtered. It would be most expedient to use only fully blossoming cornflower fruits without baskets.

  • When itching appears, wash the eyes every day with an infusion of such a composition, for the preparation of which agave leaves should be brewed in half a glass of boiling water. Then the mass is infused for at least 60 minutes and one dessert spoon of honey is added and mix thoroughly.
  • It will be useful to rinse itchy eyes with filtered toadflax broth or a collection of toadflax grass, cornflower and elderflower flowers. To do this, use no more than 20 g of each type of grass, mix, pour the collection with two glasses of boiling water and insist for eight hours. After that, the broth is filtered and used in the form of special lotions or drops. This not only relieves the constant urge to scratching, but also relieves any inflammation.

For compresses or rinses, it is permissible to use plantain infusion:

  • 10 g of crushed seeds are poured with one glass of boiling water;
  • Insist no more than half an hour;
  • Use every day before going to bed.

Also, do not forget about the eye wash solution, which is used in the same way as the infusion presented above. One part of the discoid chamomile herb is poured with 20 parts of boiling water and infused for one hour.

The last recipe is as follows: you need to brew two tablespoons of dried chopped blue cornflower in half a liter of boiling water. After that, they are boiled over low heat for 10 minutes and infused for 30 to 60 minutes. Then filtered and used to wash the eyes and compresses. Thus, itchy ocular itching can be treated with traditional medicine. However, it is advisable to do this only after consulting an ophthalmologist, who will help you choose the most effective methods of exposure.

Folk signs

itchy eyes
itchy eyes

There are many signs that indicate to which event the right or left eye itches. About each of them further.

Why does the left eye itch?

According to the signs, the left eye is itchy:

  • To tears if it itches for several hours;
  • To quarrels with intense scabies;
  • Unfortunately, if the right eye itches at the same time;
  • Money, when the wrist or palm also itches;
  • To unexpected good news, if it itches in the morning or on an empty stomach.

Why does the right eye itch?

Based on popular belief, it should be noted that the right eye itches:

  • To joyful emotions or laughter if the tip of the nose itches;
  • To an unexpected, but, nevertheless, long-awaited meeting, when the itching is accompanied by itching of the heel;
  • To a date with a loved one and at the same time the back should itch;
  • To tears or chagrin if the left eye also itches.

Believe in beliefs or not, everyone decides for himself. However, it is very important to treat this phenomenon if it becomes permanent. At the same time, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist, and not engage in self-treatment. Such an approach will help not only to quickly cope with deviations in health, but also help prevent this in the future.


The author of the article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist


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