Enterosgel For Body Cleansing: What Results To Expect?

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Video: Enterosgel For Body Cleansing: What Results To Expect?

Video: Enterosgel For Body Cleansing: What Results To Expect?
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Enterosgel For Body Cleansing: What Results To Expect?
Enterosgel For Body Cleansing: What Results To Expect?

Enterosgel for body cleansing

If a toxic substance has entered the body, then it triggers self-cleaning mechanisms. They boil down to developing diarrhea and vomiting. If the intoxication is strong, and the immune system is weak, then the body needs to be helped to cope with the problem. In this case, you can use the drug Enterosgel.


  • About the drug
  • Drug action
  • Indications for use
  • Method of administration and dosage
  • Enterosgel for body cleansing
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Analogs
  • Comparison of drugs
  • Reviews, opinions of doctors, results

About the drug


Enterosgel is an adsorbent that works like a sponge. Once in the digestive tract, it absorbs harmful substances and removes them outside.

Enterosgel has the ability to adsorb the following pathogens:

  • Food allergens and toxins.
  • Bacteria and products of their vital activity.
  • Poisons.
  • Medicinal substances.
  • Alcohols.
  • Heavy metal salts.
  • Excess bilirubin, urea and cholesterol.

The drug, having collected all unnecessary, leaves the intestines in a natural way. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream and has no systemic effect on the body. At the same time, the drug does not absorb vitamins and minerals that a person needs for normal life. Reception of Enterosgel allows you to normalize the digestive system as a whole.

The basis of the drug is a substance called polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. This polymer, like a sponge, absorbs all the toxins in the intestines.

The drug is produced in the form of a gel or sweet paste. The paste can be found in a dosage of 15, 45 or 225 g. It has the form of a thin suspension of 30% water. In fact, it is a molecular sponge that absorbs medium molecular weight toxins. The metabolites absorbed by it have a molecular weight of 70 to 1000.

There is no smell from the preparation. Its color ranges from pure white to white. The gel can be found in sachets with a dosage of 22.5, 45 or 225 g. The gel looks like jelly. There are small transparent lumps in it. The gel has neither taste nor smell. The main active ingredient in the gel and in the paste is identical - it is polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. The main difference between pasta and gel is its sweetish taste and white color.

Drug action


Enterosgel is rightfully recognized as a new generation drug. It works differently from its predecessors. Common sorbents, such as activated carbon, together with harmful substances remove useful trace elements and vitamins from the body. Enterosgel absorbs only toxins, toxic substances, preventing them from entering the bloodstream.

Therapeutic effects of Enterosgel:

  • Elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Decreased intestinal motility, stopping diarrhea.
  • Cleansing the body from toxic substances.
  • Colon cleansing without the drug entering the bloodstream.
  • Excretion of excess bilirubin, lipids and cholesterol from the body.
  • Removal from the body of allergens, alcohol-containing compounds, salts of heavy metals and poisons.

Reception of Enterosgel allows you to get rid of dysbiosis, normalize the intestinal microflora, improve the functioning of the kidneys and liver, and increase immunity. The quality of the blood is getting better. The intensity of inflammation in the intestines decreases, and then completely disappears. This prevents the formation of ulcerative defects on its mucous membranes. 10-14 hours after taking it, Enterosgel will be completely excreted from the body unchanged.

Indications for use

Indications for use
Indications for use

Disorders in the work of the digestive tract often become the basis for the development of various diseases. Therefore, it is not surprising that Enterosgel is used in their practice by allergists, nephrologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, toxicologists and gastroenterologists.

Specialists prescribe a drug to solve the following problems:

  • Intoxication that accompanies severe inflammation in the body.
  • Food poisoning, poisoning with salts of heavy metals, alcoholic beverages, drugs, etc.
  • Allergies, including toxicosis of pregnant women and diathesis.
  • Diseases of the kidneys, accompanied by a violation of their cleansing function.
  • Hepatitis A and B.
  • Gastritis with low acidity.
  • Intestinal dysbiosis.
  • Colitis.
  • Nephrolithiasis.
  • Burns.
  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Toxic hepatitis.
  • Enterocolitis.

Method of administration and dosage

Method of administration and dosage
Method of administration and dosage

Depending on the goal that the person pursues, the ways of taking the drug will differ.

However, there are always a few basic rules to follow:

  • It is recommended to dissolve the gel in water, and the paste can be taken in pure form, but washed down with water.
  • The drug is taken 1.5-2 hours before meals, or an hour after approaching the table.
  • The dose of the drug should not be exceeded.
  • If a person develops constipation, flatulence, or a feeling of nausea, then the dose should be reduced, or the drug should be completely abandoned.
  • The dose should be adjusted according to the patient's age.

The dosage can be as follows:

  • A teaspoon of gel (5 g) - for children from birth to one year old.
  • Two teaspoons (10 g) - for the treatment of children 1-2 years old.
  • A teaspoon of the drug (5 g) - for the treatment of children 2-7 years old. The daily dose should not exceed 15 g.
  • Dessert spoon (10 g) - for the treatment of schoolchildren. The daily dose should not exceed 30 g.
  • A tablespoon (20 g) - for the treatment of adolescents and adults.

If indicated, the doctor will adjust the dose depending on the individual needs of the person.

Enterosgel for body cleansing

For prevention

For prevention
For prevention

For prophylactic purposes, the following doses are prescribed:

  • For the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, 1 sachet of the drug is prescribed three times a day. Frequency rate of the course - once every 30-45 days.
  • For the prevention of chronic intoxication of the body, 1 sachet of the drug is prescribed 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days.
  • To cleanse the body, 1 sachet is prescribed three times a day for 10-14 days. The course can be repeated 3-6 times a year.

Enterosgel is not able to remove from the body such toxins as:

  • Alkalis and acids.
  • Solvents.
  • Cyanides.

If poisoning occurs with one of these substances, you must call an ambulance.

For acne

For acne
For acne

Enterosgel can be taken to cleanse the skin. It contains organic silicon, which allows the dermis to better absorb vitamins and minerals, as well as remove harmful substances from it. It's no secret that toxins can accumulate in the skin and provoke the appearance of acne and acne.

Internal and external use of the drug is possible. Inside it is taken for 10 days, 1-2 hours before meals. The daily dose is 3 tablespoons,

You can also apply the gel to your face as a mask. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 15 minutes. Before using the gel, the skin is cleaned with soap and water and rinsed with chamomile decoction.

To combat acne, 2 treatment regimens are effective:

  • Every month for a week you need to take a tablespoon of the drug per day.
  • Twice a year you need to drink Enterosgel for 14 days. The dose is 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.

To suppress the pathogenic flora and when symptoms of endotoxicosis appear, the drug is drunk for a month.


Enterosgel was developed to cleanse the intestines, not to reduce weight. However, the peculiarities of using the drug make it possible to take it for weight loss. This is actively used by people adhering to diet and fitness.

Adults and adolescents over 14 years old need to take 4-5 tablespoons of paste (67 g) per day. They are divided into an equal number of receptions. The drug can be diluted with water (100 ml), or consumed in pure form.

The scheme of taking the drug depending on the food:

Taking the drug Time of receipt Food intake (one hour after taking the drug)
On an empty stomach in the morning Breakfast
2 hours after breakfast Lunch
2 hours after the second breakfast Dinner

1-2 hours after lunch

Afternoon snack
five 1.5 hours after an afternoon snack Dinner
Two hours after dinner (before bed) Do not eat

Do not exceed the dose. You can take the drug for a long time, since it does not remove useful substances from the body. If it is impossible to take the drug 5 times a day, then the frequency of administration is reduced to 3 times (before breakfast, lunch and dinner).

For allergies

For allergies
For allergies

Allergy is the body's reaction to proteins foreign to it.

The provoking factors can be:

  • Poor development of the digestive system in children under one year old.
  • Binge eating.
  • Constipation.
  • Excess vitamin D and calcium deficiency.
  • Hereditary predisposition.

Reception of Enterosgel allows you to remove toxins outside, restore the work of the intestine, preventing poisons from destroying its mucous membrane with antibodies that the body itself produces.

With the help of Enterosgel it will not be possible to cure allergies, but it is quite possible to speed up the healing process. Detox is important for allergy sufferers, especially in the case of poisonous snake and insect bites, food intoxication, and acute infectious processes in the digestive system.

Enterosgel is prescribed for drug and food allergies, since it allows you to remove triggers from the body that irritate the immune system. Polymethylmyloxane polyhydrate is a substance that is odorless and tasteless, but does not cause disgust even in children. For allergies, it is recommended to take the drug for at least 14 days without interruption. Between the use of Enterosgel and other drugs, at least 1-2 hours should pass.

With a hangover

The main substance of Enterosgel binds alcohol and its decay products, which are deposited in the digestive tract. This helps to lower their blood levels.

Taking the drug for alcohol poisoning prevents it from destroying the liver. The body recovers faster, the concentration of attention is less disturbed in a person, the speed of reactions does not suffer.

It is recommended to take the drug before a meal. It will absorb alcohol that has not penetrated the bloodstream and absorbs toxic metabolites from the digestive system. As a result, your morning hangover will be much easier.


The drug has the following contraindications for admission:

  • Ulcer of the stomach and duodenal ulcer.
  • Intestinal obstruction.
  • Lack of peristalsis.
  • Hypersensitivity to drug components.
  • Gastric bleeding.

Side effects

Side effects from taking Enterosgel:

  • Constipation.
  • Flatulence.
  • Nausea.



Enterosgel can be purchased at any pharmacy. A package of 225 g will cost 350-400 rubles. If a person uses Enterosgel for weight loss, then this amount will be enough for him for 5 days. The course of treatment is 4 weeks. During this time, 5-6 packages will be consumed. Thus, a monthly course will cost 2,000-2,500 rubles.

Drug analogues:

  • Polysorb. Its cost is 160 rubles.
  • Polyphepan at a price of 47-785 rubles, depending on the form of release.
  • Sorbex at a price of 150 rubles.
  • Lactofiltrum. Its cost is 380 rubles.
  • Smecta at a price of 160 rubles.
  • Activated carbon for 39 rubles.
  • Enterofuril for 340 rubles.
  • Filtrum STI at the price of 130 rubles.

Comparison of drugs

Enterosgel or Polysorb

Enterosgel or Polysorb
Enterosgel or Polysorb

The basis of the drug Polysorb is silicon dioxide. It comes in the form of a powder, which can be taken orally or treated with pustular rash.

Polysorb, like Enterosgel, does not injure the mucous membrane of the digestive system, but it is more often used for external treatment of the skin, for example, with mastitis, abscess, phlegmon. Patients tolerate Polysorb well.

Possible side effects from taking Polysorb: constipation, dysbiosis, impaired absorption of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it can provoke an exacerbation of ulcers and gastritis.

Enterosgel or Smecta

Smecta is a preparation based on aluminum-magnesium silicate, which is of natural origin. The drug does not injure the mucous membranes of the digestive system, but it can cause constipation. If you take Smecta for a long time, then hypovitaminosis may develop.

Enterosgel or Polyphepan

At the heart of the drug Polyphepan is a substance called hydrolytic lignin. Cleansing the intestines with it is gentle, the walls of the organ are not injured. However, Polyphepan can cause some side effects, including: stool retention, impaired absorption of nutrients in the intestines, vitamin deficiency in the body.

People who have taken both drugs indicate that Enterosgel is much easier to drink. However, the undoubted advantage of Polyphepan is its low cost. It is almost 2 times cheaper than Enterosgel.

Enterosgel or Enterofuril

Enterofuril allows you to destroy the pathogenic flora, but at the same time, the beneficial intestinal bacteria retain their ability to function.

The main active ingredient of Enterofuril is nifuroxazide, which is harmful to bacteria and some parasites. Therefore, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea. Which medication to choose for a particular patient depends on the indications.

Enterosgel or Activated carbon

Enterosgel or Activated carbon
Enterosgel or Activated carbon

Enterosgel has several advantages over Activated Carbon. The gel has the ability to absorb only toxins into itself, while coal removes from the body not only harmful substances, but also beneficial flora, as well as vitamins and microelements. During its passage through the digestive tract, coal can "lose" the collected toxins in the lower intestines.

The structure of the gel is such that the size of its pores is not designed for the size of the useful flora. He is only able to absorb toxins.

Another important advantage of Enterosgel over Activated Carbon is that it does not stick to the intestinal walls and does not injure them. Therefore, it can be taken even for a long time.

Enterosgel, unlike Activated Carbon, does not stain the stool black. This is dangerous because a person may not notice intestinal bleeding in time.

Enterosgel or Lactofiltrum

Lactofiltrum contains not only hydrolytic lignin, which is an adsorbent, but also lactulose, which allows you to restore your own intestinal microflora. With its help, lacto- and bifidobacteria begin to multiply more actively.

Therefore, if a person is diagnosed with dysbiosis and he needs to cleanse the intestines, then it is better for him to choose Lactofiltrum. However, it is more expensive than Enterosgel.

In addition, Lactofiltrum has a significant drawback. This drug is not selective. Together with toxins and poisons, it brings out vitamins and useful microelements.

Enterosgel or Filtrum STI

Enterosgel or Filtrum STI
Enterosgel or Filtrum STI

Filtrum STI is a latest generation drug that contains exclusively natural ingredients. It is based on hydrolytic lignin. It quickly binds and removes harmful substances that poison the human body. If you take the drug in a course, you will be able to increase the immune system.

The drugs differ from each other in the main active ingredient. Enterosgel contains gel-like silicon, and Filtrum STI contains lignin. Both of these substances, once inside, pass through the digestive tract, cleanse it and are excreted unchanged. The drugs do not penetrate into the blood, do not cause dehydration, do not have a negative effect on the qualitative composition of the intestinal microflora, are not able to provoke vitamin deficiency.

Both Enterosgel and Filtrum STI can be taken by pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

Reviews, opinions of doctors, results

The opinion of doctors

E. Rodicheva: “Enterosgel is an excellent sorbent that effectively cleans the intestines. In the complex treatment of diseases of the digestive system, it gives excellent results. It can be taken for allergies, including in children. Patients tolerate the drug well. However, if you take the drug for a long time, then this threatens the development of constipation. The problem can be solved with the help of laxative drugs."

Illarionova T. V.: “The drug has excellent sorption capacity. It is convenient to take, and the price is not too high. Enterosgel can be prescribed for pregnant women and children. Although, in my opinion, the cost of the drug could be slightly lower. I prescribe it to my patients with food poisoning, liver disease, skin diseases."

Vinogradov V. S.: “Enterosgel does not smell and has no taste, therefore neither adults nor children refuse to take it. This is an excellent drug that I prescribe for poisoning, for gout, for alcoholism, for liver damage, as well as in urgent narcology. However, I notice that patients develop constipation after 2-3 days from the start of taking it. In addition, the cost of the drug has increased 2-3 times."


Natalia: “I think Enterosgel is one of the safest and most effective sorbents. Our pediatrician always prescribes it. In one year, the child had a diathesis, we drank Enterosgel as part of a complex therapy. Only antihistamines were of no benefit. By the end of the 7th day of taking anti-allergenic agents in combination with Enterosgel, my baby's skin cleared up. After another week, there was not even a memory of the diathesis. Later I found out that the drug is in service with allergists. Therefore, I always have it in my home medicine cabinet. Besides allergies, we use it to cleanse the intestines."

Julia: “I read so much information about Enterosgel that I decided to try it on myself. I drank the drug in the smallest doses for 5 days. The horror of what happened. The extra pounds not only did not go away, but even began to increase. I don’t know, maybe it happened to me alone.”

Sergei: “In the past years, there was always Activated Carbon in our home medicine cabinet, and now I have replaced it with Enterosgel. We give it to the children at the first sign of diarrhea, and the wife takes it to cleanse the body. I also take the drug, if I suddenly go over with alcohol. This is an excellent tool, I recommend it to all my friends."


Author of the article: Alekseeva Maria Yurievna | Therapist


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