Glucophage - Instructions For Use

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Video: Glucophage - Instructions For Use

Video: Glucophage - Instructions For Use
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Glucophage - Instructions For Use
Glucophage - Instructions For Use

Glucophage - instructions for use


Glucophage tablets produced by the French company Merck Sante belong to the pharmacological group of drugs for the treatment of diabetes. This drug is intended to lower blood sugar levels and is not marketed as diet pills by manufacturers.

Composition of the preparation:

  • The main active ingredient is metformin hydrochloride.
  • Excipients - magnesium stearate, povidone;
  • Substances of the film shell - hypromellose, macrogol.

Glucophage is available in round (500 mg, 850 mg) or oval (1000 mg) tablets. The tablets are film-coated.

Glucophage and Glucophage Long are drugs that are used to treat type 2 diabetes. In endocrinological practice, they are used quite often. After reading the article, the person who was assigned Glucophage or Glucophage Long will find answers to all the questions that he did not ask the doctor. Here you will find information on the characteristics of taking the drug, its contraindications and side effects, the possibility of taking it with alcohol and other drugs, and much more.

How does it work? Glucophage is a drug that lowers fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels. The drug also helps to reduce the level of glycemic hemoglobin.

Taking the drug prevents the excessive absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract and delays the production of glucose in the liver.

The drug does not stimulate insulin production, so there is no risk of hypoglycemia.

Taking Glucophage allows you to lose weight. Weight loss is stable and moderate.

What happens in the body after ingestion? At the heart of the drug Glucophage is an active substance called metformin. It is excreted by the kidneys.

If a person does not have problems in the work of the urinary system, the drug will not stay in the body.

Glucophage Long has a long exposure time and is absorbed in the body more slowly.


  • Indications for use
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Contraindications to use
  • Dosage
  • Overdose
  • Glucophage and Glucophage Long - what's the difference?
  • Benefit and harm
  • Slimming application
  • Side effects
  • Interaction with other drugs
  • Slimming application
  • Side effects
  • Reviews

Indications for use

Indications for use
Indications for use

Glucophage is prescribed for people with diabetes. In addition to taking the drug, the patient will have to follow a diet and play sports.

The doctor may also recommend Glucophage and Glucophage Long in a complex diabetes treatment regimen or during insulin therapy.

Some people take drugs for weight loss purposes and also as a cure for early aging.

Women are prescribed Glucophage for polycystic ovary disease.

Important notes: When a drug is prescribed to a person who has contraindications to taking it, the likelihood of developing lactic acidosis increases. This condition poses a threat not only to health, but also to life, as uric acid begins to accumulate in the blood, and the blood pH level drops below 7.2. Lactic acidosis will be indicated by such signs as: nausea and vomiting, severe weakness, shortness of breath, pain in the abdomen. A person can fall into a coma. If there are no contraindications to treatment and the person is taking the drug, then there will be no harm to health.


Glucophage reduces elevated blood sugar without causing hypoglycemia. In this case, insulin is not produced, hypoglycemia does not develop in a healthy person. Glucose that enters the body is utilized by its cells, and its absorption into the digestive tract is inhibited. Under the action of the drug Glucophage, the liver reduces the production of glucose, stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

At the same time, the metabolism of fats from food is normalized, the indicators of total cholesterol, LDL, TG decrease. This feature of the pharmacokinetics of the drug makes it possible to maintain normal weight or gently reduce it.

Glucophage is completely absorbed from the digestive tract. This process can be delayed depending on the food intake. The drug is distributed in tissues, excreted by the kidneys.

Contraindications to use

Contraindications to use
Contraindications to use

The drug is not recommended for use in the following diseases and conditions:

  • Renal and hepatic impairment;
  • Acute forms of inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Acute alcohol poisoning;
  • Diabetic coma and precoma, ketoacidosis (lactic acid and diabetic);
  • Low calorie diet;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Condition after severe injuries and surgical operations;
  • Cardiovascular failure, condition after myocardial infarction;
  • The time period is 2 days before and after studies, accompanied by the introduction of an iodine-containing contrast agent;
  • Advanced age after 60 years (take with caution);
  • Heavy physical activity (due to the risk of lactic acidosis).

The effect of the drug on the liver and kidneys

Glucophage is not prescribed for patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency, regardless of the severity of the pathological process.

However, the drug can be taken with fatty liver hepatosis. If the patient adheres to a dietary diet and leads a healthy lifestyle, then this will get rid of the existing problem and improve well-being.



Glucophage tablets are taken during or after meals as part of complex therapy or as the only remedy.

Dosage for adults:

  • 500/850 mg 2-3 times a day - initial dosage;
  • 1500-2000 mg / day - maintenance dose of the drug, divided into 2-3 doses;
  • 3000 mg / day - maximum dose, divided into 3 doses;
  • 500-850 mg 2-3 r. / Day - with combination therapy with insulin.

The exact selection of the dose of the drug is carried out, focusing on the level of glucose in the blood.

Dosage in children and adolescents:

  • 500/850 mg once - the initial dose, adjusted 2 weeks after the blood sugar test;
  • 2000 mg is the maximum dose, divided into 2-3 doses.

Dosage in the elderly:

  • It is selected individually, taking into account the functionality of the kidneys, monitoring creatinine 2-4 times a year and more often.

The drug Glucophage is taken daily, without interruption, under the supervision of the attending physician. Symptoms of hypoglycemia are not observed even with a significant excess of the dose, there is a risk of developing lactic acidosis.


There are known cases of exceeding the dosage of Glucophage by 40 times or more. At the same time, a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels in such people was not observed. However, lactic acidosis developed if patients did not receive timely medical attention. Overdose requires hospital treatment. Moreover, a person must be hospitalized on an emergency basis. For the early removal of the drug from the body, dialysis will be required, the rest of the treatment depends on the symptoms that occur in the victim

Glucophage and Glucophage Long - what's the difference?

Glucophage and Glucophage Long
Glucophage and Glucophage Long

Glucophage Long is a long-acting drug. The drug contains an active substance that starts to work a little later, but the time of its effect is increased.

It is impossible to answer the question of which drug is better: Glucophage or Glucophage Long. Each of them is prescribed for a specific purpose. The long-acting drug is taken before bedtime so that there is no sharp jump in blood sugar in the morning. The drug Glucophage is more capable of controlling glucose levels throughout the day.

Glucophage Long should be taken with minimal dosages. If this method of treatment still leads to the development of diarrhea, then it is necessary to switch to taking the drug Glucophage.

What to choose: Glucophage, Glucophage Long or Siofor?

Glucophage is an original drug based on metformin. However, many of its analogues can be found on sale, one of which is the drug Siofor. Glucophage has an affordable price, but Siofor is even cheaper. Therefore, if the question of price is of decisive importance in the choice of a medicine, then preference should be given to analogues.

As for the drug Glucophage Long, it has a prolonged effect. Therefore, if Glucophage and Siofor cause severe diarrhea in a person, then you can switch to taking it. The tablets are drunk before bedtime, which helps to reduce the severity of side effects from the digestive system.

Benefit and harm

The drug can harm the body only if a person takes it with contraindications. When they are not there, you don't have to worry about your own health.

As for the benefits of the drug, it is undoubted. The drug allows you to keep type 2 diabetes under control and fight overweight. In addition, taking Glucophage makes it possible to lower blood cholesterol levels, which protects a person from cardiovascular diseases.

Another advantage of the drug is that it reduces the likelihood of developing severe complications of diabetes, which makes it possible to prolong the life of such patients.

The drug is time-tested. People have been using it for 50 years. This makes it possible to judge the absolute safety of the drug.

Long-term use of the drug can lead to the development of B12-deficiency anemia. Knowing this, the patient should drink vitamin B12 in courses. This is done for preventive purposes.

Slimming application

Slimming application
Slimming application

Glucophage, like other metformin-based drugs, can be used to treat obesity. It helps to get rid of excess weight not only for patients with diabetes, but also for healthy people. In this case, weight loss will occur without harm to health. At the same time, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels are improving. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of people who have used metformin drugs to treat obesity.

You should tune in to the fact that the weight will not start to go away instantly. The first results can be evaluated only after a few weeks from the start of treatment. Also, you do not need to rely on the fact that Glucophage will radically solve the problem of excess weight. With its help, it is possible to lose only a few kilograms. Diet and an active lifestyle can improve results.

For obesity, the treatment regimen does not differ from the treatment regimen for diabetes. The dosage of the drug at the initial stages of therapy should be 500-850 mg per day. You need to increase it smoothly. The average plummet is 2-3 kg, provided that the person continues to eat as before, and also does not increase his physical activity. The maximum weight loss is equal to 8 kg. To maintain the achieved result, the drug should be taken on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will come back. For best results, a low carb diet is recommended.

Insulin is a hormone that allows glucose to be absorbed faster by the body. When a person has high insulin levels, it blocks the breakdown of fat cells, causing them to gain weight. The tissues themselves take insulin with difficulty. This condition is called insulin resistance.

Glucophage allows you to partially eliminate this violation, accelerating metabolic processes. As a result, the level of insulin in the blood returns to normal and the person begins to lose weight. This effect allows the drug to be used to combat obesity and type II diabetes. The closer the insulin level to normal values, the faster a person will get rid of obesity.

You need to understand that only by taking the drug Glucophage will not be able to achieve significant weight loss. The best results can be obtained by combining the diet with drug correction.

Side effects

Side effects
Side effects

The period of bearing the child and the period of breastfeeding. The drug Glucophage and Glucophage Long should not be taken during pregnancy. They are also not prescribed during lactation. However, at the planning stage of pregnancy, this drug can be used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome.

Sometimes it happens that a woman becomes pregnant, but until the moment she found out about it, she continued to take the drug Glucophage. There is nothing dangerous in this, but taking the drug during gestation should be stopped.

At the beginning of therapy with the use of the drug, the following symptoms are felt:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Metallic taste in the mouth;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Flatulence;
  • Vitamin B 12 hypovitaminosis;
  • Skin rash;
  • Megaloblastic anemia;
  • Lactic acidosis.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Danazol - development of hyperglycemia, you need control over the level of glycemia;
  • Chlorpromazine - the development of hyperglycemia, a decrease in the amount of insulin;
  • Hormonal agents - the risk of ketosis, the development of hyperglycemia;
  • Diuretics - risk of lactic acidosis;
  • Insulin, acarbose, salicylates - increased hypoglycemia.

When the drug is combined with alcohol, lactic acidosis occurs. The situation is aggravated if a low-calorie diet is additionally applied, fasting is practiced, and there is a history of liver failure.

Features of taking the drug Glucophage

Features of taking the drug
Features of taking the drug

Before starting treatment, you must read the instructions for the medicinal product. Be sure to make sure that there are no contraindications to taking it. It is recommended to pass tests in advance, which will make sure that taking the drug is possible and will not provoke the development of serious side effects. This is especially true of the condition of the kidneys and liver. You can buy Glucophage at the pharmacy without a prescription.

The main side effect that develops while taking the drug is diarrhea and other disorders of the digestive system. To prevent this from happening, you need to start therapy with the lowest dosages. During this period, the daily dose is equal to 500-850 mg. It is imperative to take the medicine with meals. The first time the dose can be increased no earlier than 10-15 days after the start of therapy. This is done only when the patient is feeling well. For the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity, the drug Glucophage Long is taken at a dosage of 2550 mg per day, and Glucophage at a dosage of 2000 mg. Exceeding these values is strictly prohibited.

If diabetes mellitus is difficult to correct and has a severe course, then it is possible to combine it with insulin injections. In this case, the dose of insulin is reduced by 20-25%. If the dose of the hormone is not reduced, then the person may develop hypoglycemia. Therefore, you need to carefully combine Glucophage and insulin. The dose is increased smoothly and under medical supervision.

Diet is a major component of diabetes management. If you do not follow the principles of low-carb nutrition, then the effect of treatment with sugar-burning drugs and insulin injections will be minimal.

Does Glucophage addictiveness to the body?

After some time from the start of taking the drug Glucophage, the blood sugar level returns to normal and the person begins to lose weight. The drug makes it possible to keep weight and diabetes under control. The person begins to feel much better.

You need to understand that Glucophage only allows you to eliminate the symptoms of diabetes, but it cannot be cured. Therefore, it is required to combine treatment with diet and an active lifestyle.

If a person does not change his habits and continues to eat harmful foods, then over time the reserves of the pancreas will be completely depleted. As a result, sugar will begin to rise even while taking the drug. Many Lyuli perceive this fact as an addictive organism. However, the reason is completely different. Man destroys his own health. Ultimately, even the most effective drugs stop working.

Why take Glucophage Long before bed?

Taking Glucophage Long before bedtime allows you to control fasting blood sugar. As a result, the medicine will work throughout the night.

Glucophage is not suitable for these purposes, since its effect will end earlier than morning. Therefore, Glucophage Long is prescribed to those people who have a sharp jump in blood sugar precisely in the morning. If during the day its effect weakens, and the state of health begins to deteriorate, then the treatment is supplemented with insulin injections. Compliance with this recommendation will allow you to maintain health and prevent the development of complications of diabetes.

Diet and treatment

Patients with diabetes and obesity are advised to follow a low-carb diet. It should be adhered to already at the stage of development of prediabetes You need to avoid foods that are sources of fast carbohydrates, sugars and preservatives. The menu should contain only correct and healthy food.

Treatment with Glucophage allows you to consolidate the results of dietary nutrition. If necessary, the therapy is supplemented with insulin injections.

It is important to take into account that it is not enough just to limit yourself in fat and calories. It is the reduction of carbohydrate foods that is of fundamental importance. This is the only way to reduce blood sugar levels and get rid of the problem of obesity.

Glucophage and blood pressure

Glucophage does not lead to an increase in blood pressure, it even slightly enhances the effect of taking diuretics, ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers. It is these drugs that are prescribed for hypertensive patients.

As practice shows, taking Glucophage allows you to keep blood pressure within normal limits. However, this cannot be achieved without a low-carb diet. It allows you to remove excess fluid from the body, eliminate edema and enhance the effect of taking antihypertensive drugs. Often, treatment with Glucophage allows you to completely abandon therapy with drugs that reduce pressure, since there is no need for them.

Is it possible to combine the reception of Glucophage with alcohol?

Glucophage does not imply a complete rejection of alcohol. A person can sometimes afford to drink a small portion of alcoholic beverages, but only if he has no other contraindications to this.

It is important that alcoholic beverages are taken in small doses. Failure to comply with this recommendation leads to the fact that a person develops lactic acidosis. Therefore, getting drunk while taking metformin drugs is prohibited. If a person is unable to control himself, then alcohol should be abandoned altogether.

If the drug does not work - what to do?

If the drug doesn't work
If the drug doesn't work

If a person takes Glucophage for 1-2 months, but the blood sugar level does not return to normal, then you should consult your doctor. It is possible that he will recommend taking an analysis for thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism is often found in these patients. This will require additional treatment.

If the sugar level does not drop anyway, this can only mean one thing - type 2 diabetes has a severe course, and the pancreas has completely exhausted its resources. The body no longer produces insulin, which requires injections. Otherwise, the person will simply die.

It is also known that Glucophage does not help lower blood sugar for low-body weight diabetics. Such patients are advised to start insulin therapy immediately.

The main goal of treatment is to keep the sugar level at a stable level of 4.0-5.5 mmol / l. If this norm cannot be achieved with the help of Glucophage, then insulin must be administered. You cannot refuse to use it. After all, serious complications of diabetes mellitus begin to develop after its blood level exceeds 6.0 mmol / l.



Most patients who are being treated with Glucophage leave positive reviews about it. They point out that this drug does indeed help lower blood sugar levels. Comparing the effect of taking Glucophage and its analogs, patients prefer the original drug.

Glucophage allows you to reduce sugar levels to normal and keep them at these levels. In addition, the drug made it possible for some patients to lose weight by 15-20 kg. Although such a plumb line is not observed in all patients.

You can also find reviews of patients who were disappointed in the drug, since it did not relieve them of excess weight. The effect occurs no earlier than 2 weeks after the start of treatment. Weight loss occurs smoothly, which allows you to consolidate the result. An immediate effect should not be expected. To combat excess weight, it is recommended to use the drug Glucophage Long, which less often provokes diarrhea.

Negative reviews are most often left by people who pinned incredible reliability on the drug. However, during treatment, they continued to eat harmful foods and lead a sedentary lifestyle. None, even the most expensive drug, will allow you to lose weight and keep blood sugar levels under control, if you do not change your thinking, do not stick to a diet and do not exercise.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist


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