Borovaya Uterus With Infertility

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Video: Borovaya Uterus With Infertility

Video: Borovaya Uterus With Infertility
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Borovaya Uterus With Infertility
Borovaya Uterus With Infertility

Borovaya uterus with infertility

Today, the "borovaya uterus" can solve the problem of infertility in married couples. According to statistics, about three million Russians could not feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.


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Review of the use of borax uterus for infertility

A useful article has been published on the Internet on how a miracle happened with the help of the boron uterus.

When I was still young, I suffered a miscarriage. After that, for seven long years, I could not know the joy of having a child. Doctors shrugged their shoulders, as they saw no reason for infertility. I cleansed the body three times, then started taking borax uterus. After just two weeks of treatment, I realized that the long-awaited pregnancy had come. At the age of 37 I gave birth to a wonderful little girl. Saw the boron uterus one-sided before giving birth. Pregnancy proceeded without problems, there was not even edema.

A young mother wrote a review so that childless families on her example do not lose hope. Having started treatment with the boron uterus, after so many years of waiting, she could not even dream of such a quick result. She wished the fulfillment of her cherished dream to everyone who reads her review and begins to make what they want. Here is such a wonderful article that gives hope to people. So what is this plant that has this power?

Women, looking for a way to get pregnant, turn to classical and traditional treatments. Medicines don't always pay off. A certain part of women manage to find the happiness of having a child, being treated with old methods of using traditional medicine, proven by more than one generation. Many people acquire the long-awaited motherhood using herbal medicine. In the arsenal of medicine there is a healer of female and male diseases - one-sided ortilia, in common parlance - a boar uterus.

Why can't you get pregnant and how does the boron uterus help with infertility?

Borovaya uterus with infertility
Borovaya uterus with infertility

In modern medicine, it is customary to diagnose the infertility of a married couple by a simple criterion: with regular intercourse from twice a week or more, pregnancy is not observed for one year. Thanks to statistics, it was found that the first year is decisive for conception, since 30% of pregnancies occur during the first 3 months of continuous attempts, 60% - during the next 7 months, and only 10% - by the end of the year. After this period, it is necessary to start looking for the cause of infertility. They usually include the following pathologies:

Hormonal disorders

To identify endocrine imbalances, you need to pass tests for the level of various hormones:

  • Analysis of the level of estradiol can show malfunctions in the work of the ovaries, since a particular increase in its concentration is observed during the maturation of the follicle. The corresponding procedure must be carried out in the first phase of the monthly cycle, since after ovulation, the level of estradiol decreases sharply.
  • An analysis of the level of progesterone is needed when there is a suspicion that infertility is caused by a lack of this particular hormone. As practice shows, a decrease in the production of progesterones can significantly reduce the chances of conception.

Phytoestrogens contained in the herb of the upland uterus are able to stimulate the female body to conceive.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes, adhesions

This pathology is one of the serious causes of infertility. Unfortunately, in the case of diagnosing adhesions and obstruction of the fallopian tubes, the boron uterus is not used, since its strong phytohormonal components can provoke an ectopic pregnancy.

Infectious diseases of the female reproductive system

At the moment, it is this category of diseases of the genital organs that is predominant among the causes of infertility. Particularly dangerous in this regard, doctors call adnexitis (salpingo-oophoritis), or, more simply, inflammation of the uterine appendages. Inflammation of any kind, if it is localized in the genital area, has a detrimental effect on the functions of the uterus and ovaries, which may cause disruptions in the monthly cycle, hormonal imbalance and other disorders.

If you have symptoms of infectious diseases, you need to adhere to this plan:

  • Consult a doctor for a complete examination to exclude hidden diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis and others If available, appropriate treatment is required.
  • Pay attention to such a specific disease as tuberculosis of the female reproductive system, which can lead to obstruction, and, as a consequence, persistent infertility. This disease most often proceeds without pronounced symptoms. A woman may be disturbed by recurrent pain, weakness and low-grade fever. In modern domestic medicine, there are certain problems with the diagnosis of female genitourinary tuberculosis. On the one hand, gynecologists tend to ignore this cause of infertility, since all diseases of a tuberculosis nature are included in the scope of tuberculosis dispensaries. On the other hand, there are not enough qualified phthisiatricians-gynecologists in dispensaries.

  • Use the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the borax uterus to treat infectious diseases of the genitourinary system of any kind. In addition, due to the immunostimulating properties and the effect of increasing libido, the boron uterus helps to increase the likelihood of successful conception.



This is a rather serious medical condition that is also a barrier to conception. Endometriosis provokes an increase in the amount of tissues and blood separated during menstruation, which is why the use of the boron uterus for its treatment is limited, since it has a blood-thinning property.

The modern version of the cause of endometriosis associates it with hormonal imbalance: an excess of estrogen in the first half of the menstrual cycle and a lack of progesterone in the second. Its treatment is associated with the use of hormonal pharmaceuticals, which also excludes the use of the boron uterus.

If it is necessary to become pregnant, despite endometriosis, the boron uterus can be used to increase the likelihood of successful fertilization, but only as directed by a doctor.

Immunological cause of infertility

Such a rare situation is possible, although even its very concept looks a little fantastic. Antibodies, normally secreted to protect the body against bacteria, and abundantly contained in the mucous secretion of the vagina, turn out to be opponents of the spermatozoa of the man with whom conception is planned. To confirm this reason, a specialized postcoital test is taken. Unfortunately, the boar uterus turns out to be useless for solving this problem.

The psychological component of infertility

As it turned out, the state of mind of a woman can affect the ability to conceive a child no less than physiological reasons. Psychologists believe that infertility diagnosed in women without health problems is based on a conscious or subconscious fear of bearing and having children. Suspiciousness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and other negative conditions are predisposed to the occurrence of such fear.

The reproductive system is physiologically very hardy, therefore, for a woman to become infertile, any one reason from the list presented is not enough. Almost all women who are incapable of fertilization, who underwent a comprehensive medical examination, were found to have several pathological conditions that could disrupt the functioning of the reproductive system to the extent that conceiving a child is not possible.

Why does the boron uterus help to get pregnant?

There are many reasons why there is no long-awaited pregnancy: hormonal disorders that cause disruptions in the cycle, a complete lack of ovulation. There are enough pathologies that cause infertility. The properties possessed by the boron uterus, unique in their action and due to their chemical composition, help in the cure of these ailments.

For a long time, the boron uterus has been featured in the treatises of healers and herbalists, as well as in folk recipes for treating diseases, as a plant that promotes the conception of a child. Of course, to use it, it was necessary to contact an experienced person, but no one gave any guarantees. Modern advances in biology and chemistry allow doctors to determine exactly what herbs are useful for, what substances in them are responsible for the therapeutic effect, and what processes take place in the female body.

Remember! You can't just cure infertility by taking a decoction or tincture on the boron uterus. Herbal medicine is a lengthy and rather subtle form of therapy that requires consultation with an experienced doctor. It allows you to achieve the desired effect in a natural way without harm to the body, therefore, in most cases, the desired conception occurs in the period from a month to three. As soon as the fact of pregnancy is recorded, the reception of the boron uterus is immediately stopped.

On the Internet and in various reference books, you can learn a lot about the properties of upland grass. It is no secret that with its help such diseases of the female reproductive system as erosion and polyps of the uterus, ovarian cysts are treated, they prevent adhesions and achieve the normalization of the monthly cycle. Such a wide range of influence looks fantastic, but the boron uterus really has such properties - you need to be able to choose the right moment and dose for use.

It is necessary to use the boron uterus correctly for infertility according to the following principles:

  • Be sure to get tested for progesterone and estradiol levels. Ask your doctor how to correct, and do not forget to monitor the state of hormonal balance throughout the treatment.
  • Before deciding to use upland grass, study the list of contraindications and possible side effects. It is better to identify in oneself an individual intolerance to the boron uterus before starting therapy, than on practical experience.
  • Borovaya uterus has proven itself as a reliable remedy for endometrial hyperplasia, that is, it is best suited for women with high estrogen and normal progesterone levels. In a similar case, but with a lowered progesterone, Dufaston and Utrozhestan are also recommended.
  • Women with estrogen levels below normal should not take medications based on upland grass in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. In such a situation, if necessary, the boron uterus can be taken in the second phase, but with constant monitoring of the hormonal balance.

  • It is better not to combine treatment with borax uterus and any hormonal pharmaceutical preparations. They can unpredictably change the effect of each other, so if the beneficial effect of both artificial and natural remedies is required, the doctor may prescribe alternate treatment with stages of 2-3 cycles.
  • At the time of using the boron uterus in order to treat diseases of the genital organs, it is necessary to protect against pregnancy.
  • It is unacceptable to take upland grass during menstruation due to its blood-thinning effect.
  • One of the most categorical contraindications is the diagnosis of obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Preparations from the boron uterus with obstruction can cause an ectopic pregnancy.
  • In the case of low estrogen levels and the absence of ovulation, a combination of sage is used - in phase 1, and boron uterus - in phase 2 of the menstrual cycle.
  • The duration of the course of taking funds based on upland grass does not exceed 3 cycles. If there is good tolerance to the drug, it is possible, if necessary, to repeat the course after a month's break.

Boron uterus infertility treatment

Boron uterus infertility treatment
Boron uterus infertility treatment

The use of the boron uterus for infertility, or one-sided orthylium, in the treatment of female and male ailments is extremely necessary. It contains many trace elements, vitamins, hydroquinone, coumarins, acids and resins.

The metabolic processes of a woman's body are stimulated with the help of flavonoids. They also enhance immune status. In addition to these properties, ascorbic acid also strengthens blood vessels and suppresses inflammatory processes in the female genital area. Vitamin C and hydroquinone have an antioxidant effect. Due to the synergism of these properties, planning a desired pregnancy and taking a boron uterus, a woman copes with benign neoplasms, cervical erosion, and restores the menstrual cycle.

But the main value, which lies in the therapeutic effect of the herb, is that it affects the hormonal status of a woman, since the boron uterus contains plant hormones: phytoestrogen and phytoprogesterone.

It is used in pharmacology stem, flowers and leaves of the upland uterus, the entire ground part.

Boron uterus tincture. Preparing a tincture of borax uterus is as follows: you need to take 50 grams of dry chopped potion for a half-liter bottle of vodka. It should be infused in a dark place, shaking the contents of the bottle, for 3 weeks. It is filtered. Take 25 drops three times per hour.

It is possible to purchase a ready-made pharmacy tincture. It is recommended to use 30 drops three times.

Important: It is necessary to observe the periods when the boron uterus preparations will be taken. Before starting the application, it is necessary to undergo an examination for the level of estrogen because taking the drug lowers its level. At a normal level of estrogen in the blood, Orthilia one-sided is taken, starting the next day after the end of the cycle and no later than the seventh day, regularly. If the level of the hormone is low, admission is permissible only in the second half of the menstrual cycle. This should be closely monitored.

How long to take? Long-term treatment. The minimum course is 3 months. Treatment depends on factors:

  • the patient's age;
  • the duration and stage of the disease;
  • hormonal background.

It is not recommended to take Ortilia on your own, without consulting a doctor. The maximum duration of the drug is taken up to six months, then a break follows. For the purpose of prophylaxis, taking the boron uterus for no more than 3 weeks periodically for three years. Preventive courses are carried out with the infusion of ortilia.

It is not difficult to prepare an infusion. Take 250 grams of boiling water per 10 grams of crushed plant. It is necessary to insist an hour. Take 15 ml 60 minutes before meals. The infusion is also used when douching if there are any inflammatory gynecological processes.

Boron uterus decoction. Preparing a decoction of the boron uterus is not difficult. Take: 3 dessert spoons of finely chopped plant in 300 grams of water, simmer over the fire for about a quarter of an hour. Insist closed for 30 minutes, then strain. Reception: before meals for half an hour, 15 ml up to 4 times a day.

Another useful quality of orthylium is one-sided. If painful menstruation is present, it quickly relieves vascular spasms, improving well-being, the cycle also normalizes, bleeding is eliminated, and helps with menopausal manifestations.

What can happen during infertility treatment while taking a borax uterus?

It is better to take medications with a borax uterus before meals, but with gastritis this is accompanied by discomfort. In this case, you can postpone the intake for half an hour after eating.

Do not be afraid if the reception of the boron uterus at the beginning of the course provokes a violation of the menstrual regime, as well as the abundance of the corresponding discharge.

Borovaya uterus, especially when combined with a red brush, accelerate metabolism, which causes chronic sexual diseases. At this time, you can notice the symptoms of hidden genitourinary diseases, so you can take a moment and pass the appropriate tests.

With upland grass therapy, it is considered normal for the appearance of jumps in basal temperature during the cycle, which will soon return to normal.

According to the reviews of women who took the boron uterus, you can draw up a plan: first, chronic urinary diseases become aggravated, then the number of days in the menstrual cycle changes, at the same time the negative manifestations of the premenstrual syndrome decrease, after which the stabilization of the basal temperature and ovulation are recorded, which ends, in the end, the long-awaited pregnancy.

Boron uterus with male infertility


It is also used in the treatment of male pathology. Spectrum of action of ortilia:

  • prostatitis;
  • hemorrhoidal manifestations;
  • the presence of male infertility.

Often male infertility is caused by changes in the quality or quantity of sperm. This could happen due to previous inflammatory processes of the man's genitourinary sphere, infections or chronic diseases.

With all the problems, the boron uterus copes well with male infertility. There are generalized recommendations that a man must follow. It:

  • taking vitamins;
  • correction of endocrine diseases;
  • treatment of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • sedatives according to indications;
  • prevention or treatment of inflammatory processes in the urogenital sphere.

Borovaya uterus, among other advantages, contains flavonoids that have a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and choleretic effect. Flavonoids also have an antioxidant effect, thereby preventing aging in the body. Has a plant and anti-tumor effect.

It has been proven that the boron uterus activates the speed of sperm movement and significantly improves sperm quality.

Men are recommended to take a pharmacy extract for the treatment of prostate adenoma: dilute 5 ml of the extract in a third of a glass of water. taking medicine half an hour before meals three times a day. For the course of treatment, 450 ml is recommended.

With inflammatory processes of the genitourinary sphere in men, tincture of the boron uterus is taken. Recipe: for 700 grams of vodka, 70 grams of chopped grass is taken. Infused for half a month, shaking daily. Take within 3 weeks, one hour before meals, 3 times a day.


The author of the article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist

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